Guest Commentary

On the Threshold Of A Dream

by Beverly Shientag
CAUS Marketing Coordinator

The Moody Blues (1969)

When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead The browns, reds and golds of autumn lie in the gutter, dead. Remember then, that summer birds with wings of fire flaying Came to witness springs new hope, born of leaves decaying. Just as new life will come from death, love will come at leisure. Love of love, love of life and giving without measure Gives in return a wonderous yearn of a promise almost seen. Live hand-in-hand and together we'll stand on the threshold of a dream.

Dear CAUS Members:

What was only a dream yesterday, today has become reality. Together, we have accomplished the seemingly impossible. CAUS has not only had its day in court…but has gained the support of the U.S. court system. We stand poised at the precipice of truth…toward breaking down the wall of secrecy that the government has carefully maintained for so many years. Now, more than ever, as court costs continue to escalate, we need your assistance to make our objectives a reality…for the safekeeping of our families and future generations.

CAUS has never asked for membership fees. What has been accomplished, thus far, has been done through the primary and humanitarian effort of our director, Peter Gersten, who has exhausted his savings in the process. Additional revenue has been gleaned through the generous contributions of our members…on an individual basis and through our Gift Shop and the various services and programs we offer. In this regard, we are always looking at services that will benefit both our members and CAUS. is a wonderful opportunity for our members to help CAUS continue its efforts to end government secrecy and to reap the benefits of a program that puts money in your pocket. AllAdvantage, which pays $.50 per hour (up to 25 hours) just to surf the web , at the first level, $.10 per hour, at the second level (your direct referral), and $.05 per hour (for each of your referral's referrals…up to five levels), is a program that pays real money to its members. Even if you just want to join AllAdvantage JUST to assist the CAUS…by surfing the full 25 hours, you have almost enough money to pay your internet provider. If you want to be more enterprising, you can make a small to substantial monthly income. I have already received my first check from them…and this month's check will triple that amount!

We wanted to find a way to reward our members for joining AllAdvantage and helping CAUS. At the end of each surfing month, we would like our members who have surfed a full 25 hours to send us an e-mail. The first member to reach us will be profiled on the CAUS website. We are interested in knowing who you are (you may supply only your first name if you so choose) and some background info (again your choice), e.g., where you are from, how long you have been a member of CAUS, about your interest in UFOs, how AllAdvantage is working for you, etc. It will be your special moment…and our privilege to put you in the spotlight! As well, for members who maintain the 25-hour surfing requirement for a period of 6, 9, and 12months, the first e-mail to reach us will be given a gift from the CAUS gift shop. It's our small way of saying "thank you". As of March 1, please send your e-mail to bshientag@hotmail .com. Good luck to all!

Today, we "stand on the threshold of a dream." Tomorrow's reality will be one that we can create, and with your continued support we can make it happen. On behalf of CAUS, thank you.


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