Guest Commentary

Sightings at the Sanctuary

By: James A. Gilliland (

Due to the cloudy, rain, snow and sub zero temperature conditions at Mt. Adams, there have not been any sightings lately. We were graced by two awesome clear nights and despite the subzero temperature we stood underneath the clear starlit skies for around an hour. At approximately 8:30 PM on Sunday night (Feb. 25th) a very large, red colored object flew in from the South West at around 2000 ft. It was silent, brilliant red and when we signaled it, the object vanished directly over the main lodge. Not a good sign. The brilliant red craft from our understanding are the ones to avoid if possible. There were real strange energies all that night and things did not feel right.

On Monday night, again around 8:00 PM, we went outside due to a telepathic signal or feeling a benevolent presence was in the area. We looked straight up over the main lodge and a very large golden white object, larger than the first, came in from the North directly from MT Adams. It was at a lower elevation around 1500ft. lit up directly over the main lodge and then disappeared at the exact location the other object vanished.

Cannot determine whether the UFO activity is picking up again or they have always been there, yet due to weather conditions, there was no one to observe them. We need more investigators, scientists and observers and equipment to document the ongoing events. Be sure to check out our latest Investigative Report from PSI APPLICATIONS, now featured on the Jeff Rense website "Headlines" section under "Man Claims Ongoing Sightings Over His Mountain Retreat".



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