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Whither "Jane Doe's" UFO? by Larry W. Bryant

Larry W. Bryant writes:

A probable "UFO/E.T. abduction" case may prove to be too much evidence for Virginia Gov. Gilmore to ignore in his continued stonewalling of my request that he do his constitutional and statutory duty in repelling the "UFO invasion." Or, at least the Virginia court system may find his stonewalling too hard to ignore, once this evidence takes its place as part of my proposed "Petition for Writ of Mandamus" against Gilmore.

As now fully investigated by the Mutual UFO Network of Virginia, the June 27, 1999, case did engender serious treatment from the sheriff's office of Fauquier County, Va. Accordingly, I chose to e-mail that office on March 17, 2000, as follows:

"Under terms of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request that you send me a copy of all your department's written reports detailing any and all cases of citizens' encounters with 'unidentified flying objects' during the past 24 months (including accounts of alleged 'UFO/E.T. abductions' and of sightings of large, silent 'flying triangles.' Please mail this documentation to me at the following address... . I also ask that you send me a copy of your department's standing operating procedure for the logging/investigation/dissemination of UFO-encounters reported by anyone (including your own personnel) within your jurisdiction. Thank you for this coordination."

On March 21st, Sheriff Joseph Higgs, Jr., wrote me:

"In accordance with the provisions provided for under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, I have provided you a copy of the only report we have documented during the past twenty-four months.

"In compliance with Virginia Code Section 2.1-342.2G the information concerning the complainant is protected and has been deleted.

"Concerning the last part of your request, we have no separate operating procedures pertaining to investigation, logging or dissemination of UFO encounters and/or E.T. abductors.

"If we can be of further assistance feel free to contact me."

Higgs' enclosed incident report included a one-page, hand-printed "Confidential Supplement" statement from the investigating deputy sheriff, J. P. Lamper, as follows:

"On June 27, 1999, I responded to Vint Hill Fire Department and spoke with [name deleted] about a suspicious incident. [Deleted] advised that she left the Woodbridge area [of Prince William County] at around 0200 hrs and something compelled her to drive to the Vint Hill area. [Deleted] advised that she pulled into Vint Hill Park in the 6600 block of Kennedy Rd. [Deleted] advised that she looked across a field at Vint Hill and observed a U.F.O.. [Deleted] noted that the time was 0250 hrs. [Deleted] described the U.F.O. as egg-shaped, bright blue in color (like blue Kool-Aid), and very shinny [sic]. [Deleted] advised that the U.F.O. was not moving but just hovering in place. Under the U.F.O., [Deleted] observed three unidentified beings. The beings were described as green in color, approx. 3'-4' tall, with a humanoid body type (body with two arms and two legs), and only four fingers on each hand. [Deleted] advised that she exited her vehicle to try to investigate further. [Deleted] remembers standing outside her car and hearing her watch chime at 0300 hrs. The next thing she remembers is waking up in her vehicle at 0600 hrs. [Deleted] does not remember getting back in her vehicle or seeing the U.F.O. leave. [Deleted] advised that it looked like the beings may have been collecting soil samples but she was not sure.

"[Deleted] advised me that she was not intoxicated, on drugs, or mentally ill. [Deleted] also advised that she had seen U.F.O.'s in the past while she was in the military. [Deleted] did not seem to be a threat to herself or others. Nothing further to report.

"Case Closed/no crime."

Appended to Lamper's statement were two sketches drawn on lined, 8.5- by-11-inch paper, presumably by the witness, "Jane Doe." The first sketch shows the "blue egg" hovering behind the fenced area of Vint Hill Farms Station, a recently deactivated Army-operated communications-intelligence facility. The second one shows a frontal image of the garden-variety UFOnaut -- big eyes, subdued nasal/mouth area, small stature.

On March 25th, armed with this information, I sent the following appeal to "Jane Doe," in the form of a letter-to-editor for publication in the "Potomac News" of Prince William County, Va.:

"On Sunday, June 27, 1999, a Northern Virginia woman filed a formal report with the sheriff's office of Fauquier County, which report carries the offense name 'suspicious event.'

"What occurred that day between the hours of 2:50 and 6:00 a.m. now has become another entry in the annals of formal UFO research. For the woman involved, it certainly raises more questions than answers. For example: what are the origin and purpose of the bright-blue, egg-shaped craft that allegedly dispatched three small humanoids to explore the area near the Vint Hill Park off Kennedy Road? And what can account for the woman's 3-hour block of lost memory as to what occurred next?

"If you happen to be (or know) that woman -- or happen to have experienced a similar encounter during the night in question -- would you please contact me via the website of, where you'll find an explanation of how important your case may be in helping resolve the worldwide UFO problem?

"If you can agree to record for me your possible 'UFO/E.T. abduction' case in affidavit form (even as a 'Jane Doe' sworn declaration), I'll be able to use it as direct evidence in my forthcoming petition for writ of mandamus -- to be filed in Alexandria Circuit Court against the Virginia governor for his failure to help account for and to repel this pattern of invasive activity on the part of persons unknown. By so cooperating, you'll have said no to the UFO status quo -- and in the process will have helped prepare future victims to resist and combat such encroachment upon their right to be let alone."


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