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The Eras of UFO Research

By Bill Hamilton

There seems to be eras of UFO research and for me they are marked by decades that have passed from the 50s to the present. When I started speaking to the public about my personal experiences and those of the contactees I met I was only 15. Now I have found an old photograph that shows this as I addressed an audience in Long Beach, California many years ago and have posted in on my website under the more unflattering picture of me these days.

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We were discussing UFO crash-retrievals, mysterious objects in orbit, the sightings of cylindrical mother ships ejecting saucer-shaped or bell-shaped scout ships, contact with humanoid occupants, life on Mars, structures on the Moon and just about all the same topics we discuss today except for abductions. There was only one case of abduction we ever heard about in the 1950s - that of Villa Boa in South America in 1957. All encounters in the 1950s were conscious encounters with human or humanoid beings. There was a wave of such encounters in France in 1954. None of these reports contained anything of a threatening nature. It seemed like we were under study by beings from other worlds. Frankly, I thought this would all be revealed openly by the 1960s and that many of us would get a ride in a flying saucer. Young and naive I was but the force was with me.

In the 1960s, I still had sightings. I was in the Air Force during that period of time and some of the airman would discuss this subject with me, but no one knew what to think.

In the 1970s we started hearing the abduction stories. These usually happened to individuals on lonely roads at night. On a very few occasions, we heard of multiple abductions such as the 3 women from Kentucky who were taken from their moving automobile as reported by Len Stringfield. We also first heard about cattle mutilations and mysterious black helicopters.

In the 1980s we started to hear about bedroom intrusions and grey aliens (not much of Greys before this era) coming directly into abduct people from their homes. In the late 80s, we started to hear the familiar refrain of cover-up, conspiracy, secret operations and MJ-12 as well as black projects and undeground bases.

In the 1990s the abduction phenomena seemed to be widespread and the strangeness of these incidents seem to increase. More whistle blowers came out of the closet. The interest in Area 51 built to a crescendo and more documents came to light and the fights between UFOlogists, previously mild spats, got downright dirty. There was a race to know the secrets the government had been hiding from us for over 50 years. Bogus stories put wary Ufologist on alert and the mass sightings of unusual aerial objects increased. Gone were the daylight disks and immense cigar-shaped mother ships replaced now by huge boomerangs, triangular-craft, and mysterious orbs of light!

Now we are in the year 2000, the last year of the twentieth century, and still pursuing all that we have pursued in the past looking for answers to the mysteries of those lights in the sky which, after all these years, has not been acknowledged by official agencies of the U.S. The policy of denial continues.

So, what is next? What will we see develop over the coming decade? Will the UFO mystery be solved? Will officialdom acknowledge its existence? Will these mysterious craft and entities do something that really gets everyone's attention?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but I do know that since I have spent all this time finding more questions to ask, I might as well spend the remainder of my time on Earth pursuing this elusive mystery. Why? Because it has touced my life in a very personal way and is so interwoven with all I have done over the decades, and has led me to pursue studies of allied phenomena, associated mysteries, and to pursue knowledge of science, history, mathematics, and all areas of relevant knowledge.

Maybe it has changed your life too.


Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.


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