Guest Commentary

Our Crowded Sky

by George A. Filer (

Since the successful intercept of a ballistic missile over the Pacific Ocean on July 14, 2001, the aircrews of UFOs have been putting on spectacular shows. Strange bright pulsating lights, discs, plasmas, and Flying Triangles are being reported around the United States. 

During the summer months a tremendous amount of electrical energy is being pumped into the atmosphere. This electrical energy comes from multiple sources such as aircraft, automobile engines, radar's, electrical transmission lines, communication devices, and even sun flares.  Numerous reports of plasmas, orbs, and electromagnetic energy similar to ball lightning have been reported.  Project HAARP is also pumping huge amounts of energy into the atmosphere.  Dr. Nick Begich the author of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP," claims the government is dumping a billion watts of electronic radiation into the upper atmosphere. "One way to visualize this power level is that 10-billion watt generator, running continuously for one hour, would deliver a quantity of energy equal to that of a Hiroshima size atomic bomb.  (Page 112) The US Air Force's scientific advisory board on weapons for the 21st century states,  "One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set."  " It may be possible to "talk" to selected adversaries "in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them." 

Our atmosphere is so filled with energy that this may result in various displays of plasmas in our skies or help make the UFOs more visible.  Arthur C. Clarke, author of "2001: A Space Odyssey" said, Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And here it is 2001.



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