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Showdown at the OK (la.) Corral: UCGJP v. IAPCOD

By Larry W. Bryant

CAUSians residing in the states of Oklahoma and New Mexico, especially be they Larry W. Bryant clones, have a rare opportunity to make judicial history in the worldwide effort to end official UFO/E.T. secrecy.

You see, those two states stand as the only ones in the nation that offer their citizens a constitutional provision by which, upon their gathering of several hundred registered-voter signatures on a petition in a given county, they can compel the convening of a state grand jury to investigate and report upon governmental malfeasance, misfeasance, failure of justice, or other wrongdoing.

Some time ago, I had pursued the notion of having such a petition drive mounted in Roswell, N.M. -- so as to provide a safe forum for smoking out additional whistleblowers on the UFO/E.T. coverup surrounding the Roswell crash-retrieval operation of July 1947. Alas, no-one volunteered to step up to the plate and lead the home team to victory over the forces of IAPCOD -- Ignorance, Apathy, Political Correctness, and Official Deception. So the Roswell grand jury project faded for lack of a local leader.

Perhaps I'd chosen the wrong focus: why beat the Roswellian UFO dead horse, when a whole herd of UFO stallions has been running amok in our skies and neighborhoods for the past few decades? I'm referring, ofCAUS, to the mass of documented cases of Flying Triangles and the even more invasive episodes of UFO/E.T-abduction activity -- both volumes of evidence that have been duly recorded on the website in the form of witness/victim affidavits.

Evidence, indeed. Information that, if presented to a special grand jury, might well result in a finding tantamount to an indictment. The grand jury's investigative-and-reporting function, which dates back decades, remains a valuable tool for exposing and resolving violations of the public trust. We, the "sheeple" of our grand republic, have been (and remain) duped by officialdom into accepting that our government, in its vast paternalistic wisdom, has the UFO/E.T. problem well under control.

No longer bound directly by that duplicity, the declared F.T. witnesses and the on-the-record victims of the UFO/E.T.-abduction experience now look to you and me for a way to counter the IAPCOD mentality. So let's now rise to the occasion by focusing on what we can do in Oklahoma and New Mexico. First, I'm posting here relevant excerpts from the two states' constitutions:


Section II-18: Grand jury.

A grand jury shall be composed of twelve (12) persons, any nine (9) of whom concurring may find an indictment or true bill. A grand jury shall be convened upon the order of a district judge upon his own motion; or such grand jury shall be ordered by a district judge upon the filing of a petition therefor signed by qualified electors of the county equal to the number of signatures required to propose legislation by a county by initiative petition as provided in Section 5 of Article V of the Oklahoma Constitution, with the minimum number of required signatures being five hundred (500) and the maximum being five thousand (5,000); and further providing that in any calendar year in which a grand jury has been convened pursuant to a petition therefor, then any subsequent petition filed during the same calendar year shall require double the minimum number of signatures as were required hereunder for the first petition; or such grand jury shall be ordered convened upon the filing of a verified application by the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma who shall have authority to conduct the grand jury in investigating crimes which are alleged to have been committed in said county or involving multicounty criminal activities; when so assembled such grand jury shall have power to inquire into and return indictments for all character and grades of crime. All other provisions of the Constitution or the laws of this state in conflict with the provisions of this constitutional amendment are hereby expressly repealed. The Legislature shall enact laws to prevent corruption in making, filing, circulating and submitting petitions calling for convening a grand jury.


Sec. 14. [Indictment and information; grand juries; rights of accused.]

* * *

. . . A grand jury shall be convened upon order of a judge of a court empowered to try and determine cases of capital, felonious or infamous crimes at such times as to him shall be deemed necessary, or a grand jury shall be ordered to convene by such judge upon the filing of a petition therefor signed by not less than the greater of two hundred registered voters or two percent of the registered voters of the county, or a grand jury may be convened in any additional manner as may be prescribed by law.

Next, here's my suggested text of the proposed petition:


Number: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Date of Filing: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


1. By our signatures below, we, the undersigned registered voters of _ _ _ _ _ County, Oklahoma, hereby petition this court to order the immediate convening of a grand jury for the express purpose of investigating, and reporting upon, the events, principals, and impact of any Oklahoman encounters with the invading "Flying Triangles" and with the phenomenon known as UFO/E.T. abductions.

2. In particular, we seek the grand jury's collection, analysis, and reporting of any and all evidence discoverable in the form of sworn testimony and subpoenaed documentation as regards any official government action or inaction in response to this clandestine invasion of Oklahoma air space and private space. Accordingly, we implore the grand jury to focus its deliberations and subpoena power on such elements of the invasion as --

-- The non-consensual contact between the UFO/E.T. abductors and their victims (said contact to include false imprisonment, brain-washing, invasive medical procedures, and sexual exploitation).

-- The continuing failure (and apparent unwillingness) of Oklahoma's elected and appointed officials to acknowledge and to help repel the invasion;

-- The woeful lack of law-enforcement/military preparedness and readiness to cope with the threat of further UFO/E.T. invasion;

-- The ongoing federal/state conspiracy to conceal from public view (and, ultimately, from informed public debate as to available remedies for protecting the citizens' general welfare) certain hard-core evidence of UFO/E.T. reality and its invasive, harmful nature.

These wrongful, harmful acts of commission and/or omission fall within the jurisdiction of this court because of their having occurred in the state of Oklahoma.

3. We hereby solicit support for this petition from such public-interest organizations as Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, Inc. (P.O. Box 2443, Sedona, AZ 86339), whose Internet website of contains numerous affidavits documenting the invasion.

4. By the weight and constitutional authority of our several hundred signatures below, we hereby seek support from all interested parties in (1) determining what laws governing Oklahoma's public safety, commerce, and the public trust may have been (and still are being) violated by the invasion; and (2) acquiring evidentiary material critical to the grand jury's role as a court of inquiry into what the invasion portends for our current and future society.

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Finally, I ask that you support this quintessential grassroots effort on behalf of the public's right-to-know and the government's duty-to-tell. If you as an Oklahoman or New Mexican consider yourself among the new breed of UFOIA warriors (UFO Freedom of Information and Accountability), please contact me immediately, so that we can coordinate planning and strategy. If you'd like to volunteer as your state's chair of the UFOIA Committee for a Grand Jury Probe, please send your resume to me at the following address: 3518 Martha Custis Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302; e-mail:; telephone: (703) 931-3341.


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