Guest Commentary

Torrential Rains, Increased UFO and Sun Activity

By George A. Filer

As I write this New Jersey is again being hit by torrential rains, flooding and poor weather. I have not seen this kind of weather since the Vietnam War. Many people are reporting strange weather that might be tied to contrails, disappearing aircraft and increased UFO reports. We had 14 inches or rain yesterday. Nothing similar to these rains are reported unless a hurricane comes through the area. When there are momentary breaks in the clouds at night, a Perseid meteor shower can be seen shining through the colorful Northern Lights. Auroras were spotted as far south as Los Angeles, California and New Jersey. On August 12, 2000, the Earth was hit by a shock wave from coronal mass ejection's from our sun as solar activity remained high. The colorful skies when visible through the clouds and smoke from Western fires has been spectacular. Perhaps the meteors, fireballs, and Northern Lights have encouraged people to report the flow of UFOs. If you can see the sky you might see some interesting sights.

I don't get easily worried but I'm concerned about what connection might exist between the vast wildfires raging out of control in much of the Western United States and many reports of fireballs, meteor showers, coronal mass ejection's, and the strange weather ongoing in recent weeks. We have more reports of low level contrails forming, hinting at some type of weather manipulation or virus control operations. The news media warns of the spreading of the West Nile Virus in the Eastern US and heavy aerial spraying to reduce the mosquito population carrying the virus. Eighty-two fires are burning in the West. I'm uncomfortable with all these reports. Living not far from Princeton, I wondered what the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein would say about all this? He said, "Science without religion is lame," Einstein also wrote, "Religion with science is blind." I take this to mean we better start collecting scientific evidence and praying for a little sunshine and help. When viruses start exploding and changing with all these weather changes, we need help where ever we can get it.


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