Guest Commentary

Invisable Residents

By George A. Filer (

It should be realized that about half of UFO reports involve oceans, lakes and rivers. UFOs are frequently seen going to and from water, entering and leaving the water or traveling under the water. For example, Ivan T. Sanderson writes, "The trawler Star of Freedom (70 tons) from Fleetwood, Lancashire, struck an unidentified object in the early hours of February 3, 1965. She was steaming at the time at nine knots in 80 fathoms, 15 miles E.S.E. of Barra, Scotland. The crash lifted the bow out of the water. A distress call was sent out, and the crew manned the pumps. Eventually the badly holed trawler was beached in Castlebay harbor. Skipper George Wood is convinced that he hit a surfacing submarine, but both British and American naval authorities denied that any of the their submarines had been involved. "Invisible Residents" The book has hundreds of accounts of underwater craft not believed to be operated by humans.

It is interesting to note that the Russian Navy and government is still insisting that the most likely cause of the Kursk sub disaster was a collision with a foreign submarine. The Norwegian Seismic Institute indicates that explosions were detected at 11.28 AM and 11.39 AM Russian time on August 12, in the vicinity of the sub. The second was a powerful explosion that registered 3.5 on the Richter scale. It is possible that some type of underwater collision could have caused events that led up to the second large explosion that apparently blew a hole in the front of the sub. The Russians claim the last contact with the vessel was on August 11, when the Kirsch's commander Gennady Lyachin, successfully test-fired a missile during a military exercise. He asked permission to fire again on Saturday morning. The missile that may have exploded in its launch tube is a rocket-propelled anti-submarine weapon an SSN15 or an SSN16. The missile is fired like a torpedo but its rocket launches it to the target area where it reenters the water and destroys the enemy sub. This offensive action may have caused the unknown foreign sub to respond by taking offensive action against the Kursk. If the sub accidentally hit an underwater object the torpedo rocket may have exploded causing heavy damage to the sub. We may never know what exactly caused the accident in relatively shallow water not much deeper than the length of a football field.

We should not forget almost three quarters of the Earth is covered by water that averages two miles in depth. That is 280 million cubic miles of water. Most of this area has never been explored by humans. We know that life forms lived in the oceans hundreds of millions of years before life came to land. Human embryos go through development that infers we were fishlike at one time in the distant past. It is possible a civilization millions perhaps a billion years older than our own developed with intelligent aquatic creatures. I'm writing this story from the New Jersey shore whereas far as I can see is the ocean. I went swimming this morning and found strange creatures in the water. At least they were strange to me. One I photographed had the shape of a disc and was made of a type of a hard clear plastic like substance. Apparently it was from the jelly fish family but enlarged hundreds of times this material could be made into a unique underwater city. It could withstand tremendous pressure without collapsing. Close by was a small crab with pinchers holding a small fish. Porpoises and whales are said to possess intelligence equal to man. Equipped with pinchers or fingers they would have the ability to manufacture objects. Those who live under the sea may be either air breathing or liquid breathing. Looking at these creatures from the ocean I wondered if over millions of years an underwater civilization could have advanced to build flying objects. UFOs may be from this planet or from somewhere in space but they are frequently seen plunging through our atmosphere and diving into the ocean. We actually know very little about what is beneath the sea and if someone lives there they may not want to be found.


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