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Contacting the ETs Directly

By Bill Hamilton (

Over the past 20 years or so I have listened to some startling stories of military involvement with UFOs and aliens.  Some of these stories sounded very credible, and others proved to be tall tales.

In the light of criticism that so many researchers have received for disclosing some of these stories, the critics of the ET explanation for Roswell, the critics of Dr. Steven Greer for his Project Disclosure, the critics of Bob Dean for his Project Stargate, and all the skeptical statements that have been made to date I have withdrawn from discussing the details of my own research which has its own ups and downs but I have kept interesting confidential notes and files.

Now, new individuals have come forward to contact me and add their stories to these files.  Most of these people are not part of Greer's Disclosure Project and did not wish to have any publicity or attention.  In some cases I was able to view military records and authenticate the background of some of these people and in other cases I was not.

It is not an easy task to conduct a full investigation of these testimonies and I do not have the resources to do so. 

One of the most intriqueing facts to emerge from this research is that the U.S. Government had/has in in its possession one or more living alien life forms and that it has established communication with said life forms and has learned much more about the origin of "us", "them", and their purpose for being here.  For reasons that are not yet entirely clear, this information has been kept very secret.  The result is that skeptics and scientists think such tales are unbelievable (even if they come from very reliable sources) and thus reject them and go on with attempts to find proof of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. This has become a dilemma for many of us who have witnessed these aliens or alien craft. 

One way to bypass the need to have a congressional investigation and obtain truth and honesty from government (don't roll over with laughter now) is to establish that truth directly for ourselves, to make contact directly with the aliens and establish a dialog, something that it has been  difficult to accomplish on a public basis even if some have succeeded only through circumstance and happenstance.  We may have to convince the aliens to make a disclosure of their own and reveal their presence to the world in some indisputable way.  And, perhaps that will happen in this new century.  Let us hope it happens before things get out of control and someone decides to start WWIII.  



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