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A Matter of Ethics

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Last night I saw the film Star Trek Insurrection for the first time.  Lo an behold a scene with Gilbert and Sullivan with the song I often quote in these messages  "A British Tar is a Soaring Soul" between Picard, Whorf and Data as they reenter atmosphere in a propellantlessly propelled craft (e.g. anholonomic field technology that Jim Corum is working one).

Note how Gilbert and Sullivan is a recurrent theme in my own writings, indeed Herb Gold notes it in his book Bohemia when he writes about me - and in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. Like Picard and Data (a conscious computer) I am an accomplished G&S performer, or was in my youth, at Cornell, Oberlin and San Diego State in many productions. Both Gene Roddenberry and I were part of the Puharich-Uri Geller-Einhorn-SPECTRA scene in the 70's, though I did not meet Roddenberry personally. Curious.

Apropos of the ongoing debate on the meaning and morality of the UFO/ET abductions reported by Bud Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Mack, Pamela Stonebrooke et-al, the story of Insurrection is about an attempt to forcibly abduct 600 people from a planet with the argument that it's for the good of all. There is a key scene between Picard and a Star Fleet Admiral in which Picard makes exactly the same argument I made with Abby, who made the case that maybe abduction is OK when it's for our own good like when a child is forced to get an injection, when he asks something like "How many does it take before the forced abduction becomes immoral, six hundred, a thousand, a million?" Picard's implication of course is that abducting, or in this case, forced relocation, of even one person is immoral and against the Prime Directive.

Of course, any argument condoning or rationalizing forced abductions of people not given an initial choice, people who did not freely volunteer, even if later they are brain washed by the therapist into thinking it was an uplifting spiritual experience, because it is "for their own good" is morally wrong. This same argument was used to justify slavery that "The blacks were better off on the plantations." It is a standard Imperialist Colonial argument and it will be seen that way by Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition, NAACP, Bnai Birith, Simon Weisenthal, by every Human Rights Organization on the Planet like Amnesty International, by the UN etc on the day that the UFO/ET Contact Reality and the Abduction Phenomenon is recognized as a reality by say the President of the United States in a public disclosure like what Steve Greer is attempting right now. Carol Rosin has asked me to appear on a TV Show about this. I am considering it. Carol was a former assistant to Werner Von Braun, a military consultant/lobbyist of some influence on Capitol Hill, and a close associate of the late George Koopman, whose organization, Insgroup of Huntington Beach, financed our Physics Consciousness Research Group at Esalen in 1976 with money from the US Army Tank Command and the USAF. George did the military scenes in the film Blues Brothers and provided information about our work to Dan Akroyd when he was writing Ghost Busters. George became Tim Leary's agent-control officer after Leary was released from prison. George later became head of the American Rocket Company in Ventura, CA when he brought out Carol Rosin from the East Coast to work for him. Koopman was killed in the wee hours of the morning in a freak car "accident" on his way to Edwards AFB.

Bottom line, any argument condoning, or even seeming to condone, UFO/ET Abductions, on the basis of "it's for our own good", or "they mean us no harm" etc is morally unacceptable and political suicide. It will incur the wrath of the majority of the world's population and the opposition of the above important organizations as a clear violation of the UN Charter and Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Declaration of Independence on which America was founded. Let there be no ambiguity about this.



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