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By George A. Filer

Last weeks article discussed the possibility that ancient writings concerning various fairy lore and abductions may be based in truth.  The Druids were a great, far-reaching priesthood who ruled over a people known as the Celts who probably originated Halloween.

Joni Ferris wrote, Researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee who has searched for logical answers states, "The 'medical examination' to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation," ---Joni said, "Vallee's characterization of the work being "sadistic" can only be the result of preconceived notions.  In my contact experience, I was saved.  I was in a hospital suffering from pneumonia for six weeks and NOTHING - absolutely NO antibiotics were working on me.  The specialists were trying Penicillin after Penicillin.  Then one day I was "taken up" through the ceiling and "blacked out."   When I came back I was in bed and my fever broke and the pneumonia was gone.  But then I have heard case after case of people being hurt, from abduction.  So there is both good and bad!  We don't know what the (ET?) researchers are trying to accomplish.  In other words, the work may appear to be "sadistic" in the way an emergency medical team, performing a lifesaving operation, if not properly recognized and understood, could be considered sadistic. 

Similarly, Vallee's statement, that many ET events are 'absurd' also strike me as an egocentric characterization.  "It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: Any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time and with fewer risks."  " Confrontations"  This statement is so tunnel vision and egotistical as to be utterly  unscientific.  Only by knowing the intentions of the actors, and the details of their system, can any such determination be made.  Joni has an email list for abductees/contactees/ support forum.  Contact Joni to join. 

Thanks to Joni at 
There is evidence  that the aliens conduct activities that appear either good and evil to the abductee.  Several persons have told me they have been healed during an abduction.  I have a hunch the aliens conduct their operations based on what is beneficial to them rather than for our benefit.  If they have healed you, they may feel you are important to them.  Dr. Valle was trying to point out that the UFO stories have a remarkable similarity to the fairy-faith of Celtic countries.  Halloween apparently goes back to the time of the Druids some 2000 years ago, when there was widespread belief among all peoples concerning entities whose physical and psychological descriptions are very similar to abduction accounts by aliens today.  The Roman conquerors of England at that time even carried shields with symbols that could be interpreted as a UFO with lightning striking out from its fuselage.  Since the Druids did not leave their own written records, we have only the Roman and later the Christian writings that tell what the Druids were like.



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