Guest Commentary

Beyond the Nuts & Bolts

By James Gilliland

Modern day physicists agree that we can measure and experience less than 1% of the multidimensional world in which we live. We are not equipped through the standard five senses or through test tubes, beakers and machines to understand or document the other 99%, yet we continue to use these standards to verify the authenticity or validity of an event.

When applying these same methods to the UFO phenomenon, we can verify less than 1% of the phenomena. A phenomena that often goes far beyond nuts and bolts into interdimensional and sometimes spiritual experiences. The ancient Vedas speak of vimanas, ancient ships that have many different qualities. Some are physical, others are energetic or plasma ships, while some are spiritual vehicles of the Gods. These ancient texts speak of over 400,000 other humanoid races that exist in different worlds or lokas with their own planetary systems. These lokas consist of levels, or what we might call dimensions.

This being the case, how do we through standard measure validate these other realities? The answer is you can't use standard measure. One has to have an interdimensional mind to truly grasp the big picture. We are all truly interdimensional beings, existing on a vibrational continuum. We are much more than a personality and a body. Those who believe they are nothing more than a body and personality and those who rely on the 5 physical senses as well as standard measures are engaging and aware of less than 1% of the universe! These same individuals, many of which deem themselves highly educated authority figures often demand you fit the other 99% of the universe into the 1%!

The problem is the UFO phenomena goes far beyond nuts and bolts, often breaks all the known laws of physics and is often a multidimensional or sometimes even spiritual experience.  It includes time travel as well. So what we have here are craft capable of time, interstellar and interdimensional travel and beings coming in from another time, another universe, another dimension, not to mention the nuts and bolts reverse engineered black-ops vehicles.

In the UFO community there are the nuts and bolts people, the abduction groups, and those aware of the higher dimensional or spiritually and technologically advanced ETs. What if they are all right? What if the UFO phenomena includes time travel, abductions, interstellar and interdimensional craft as well as energetic plasma vehicles? What if some of the craft are spiritual merkaba vehicles?

I believe to get the big picture one has to have all the puzzle pieces because the puzzle contains all the above and below. We can't pigeon hole these events and hold a piece of the puzzle acting as if it is the whole puzzle! It is a big multidimensional universe in which we live. The universe is only as big as the mind that perceives it. When we expand our  minds we expand our awareness of the universe in which we live. Believe me, it goes far beyond the nuts and bolts.


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