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Monetary Rewards for Disclosing UFO Secrets

Source: Larry W. Bryant (

TO:  Archivist of the United States
     National Archives and Records Administration
     700 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
     Washington, DC  20408

FROM:  Larry W. Bryant
       3518 Martha Custis Drive
       Alexandria, VA  22302

DATE:  December 5, 2000

The National Archives' opening its doors to a presentation on Dec. 14, 2000, by UFO researcher Dr. David M. Jacobs, contributor-editor of "UFOs and Abductions:  Challenging the Borders of Knowledge" (Kansas University Press), signals a new opportunity for federal officials to help expand the horizon of UFO freedom of information and accountability.

Accordingly, I ask that you help me coordinate the funding and publicizing of a monetary reward for information exposing the current whereabouts of ALL photographic records of a "flying saucer" touch-down at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., in May 1957, as recounted by former astronaut L. Gordon Cooper in his memoirs "Leap of Faith" (see enclosed excerpt).

Besides confirming Col. Cooper's published account, some recently acquired "insider" information reveals that a jet-interceptor chase ensued at the base, resulting in gun-camera photography of the saucer before it zoomed out of sight.

Such "essential evidence" -- kept from public view for more than 40 years -- deserves special efforts for its recovery, preservation, and display.  No-one realizes this fact more than a certain private citizen who recently has stated his willingness to put up $2,000 of his own money toward establishing the proposed "Edwards AFB Saucer-Film Disclosure Fund."  In a nutshell, his proposal would originate as a press release containing the following passage:

"NARA officials have agreed to provide matching funds for any amount generated by this records-search campaign.  They also endorse the fund's founder's intent that this reward be used in no way to encourage violation of any statute, to promote unauthorized release of properly classified defense information, or to induce employees to violate their national-security oaths.  Information received from informants will be directed, through the NARA point-of-contact, to the FOIA manager at Edwards AFB, who will process it in compliance with his duty to fulfill related FOIA requests.  Under predetermined guidelines, the reward's recipient(s) (and its ultimate monetary amount) will be decided by a citizens panel convened by NARA officials."

At this point, I ask that you have your general counsel contact me promptly, so that we may proceed with further coordination and implementation of this proposal.


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