Guest Commentary With over 2000 eyewitnesses here at the Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake,
Washington, some of which are Astro/Nuclear/Plasma physicists, 14+ hours of
video of ships stopping, lighting up on command, accelerating, making right
angle turns, landing and morphing into as many as four brilliant lights then
back to one, appearing with pre-knowledge right on schedule, and with
pictures taken by UFO investigators etc., it seems this is not enough. This
case, if the evidence presented in a court of law, would win hands down as
proof UFOs are real. People are executed on less evidence.

There are even pictures of ships stepping down in vibration and becoming
physical. Scientists, and we use this term loosely, such as Jim Todd at the
Omsi Planetarium say these are nothing more than satellites.  We are at a
complete loss as to how a scientist with any ability to reason or apply
scientific method could make such a statement after viewing the footage.  We
could understand him saying this is faked, or equipment problems, yet what
do we do with all the eyewitnesses?  To say they are satellites or the space
station or shuttle is an open display of ignorance or another agenda.  Who
are these scientists we put into positions of authority to educate our
children and the masses?

These objects are coming in every size shape and color, are seen by multiple
eyewitnesses operating within our atmosphere. They are shown maneuvering,
responding to requests by people on the ground to light up, landing on the
mountain, and flying behind trees. And now for the grand finally, they have
opened up a portal, materialized, and allowed us to photograph them with
pre-knowledge of the event. Any reasonable mind would come to the conclusion
that these are unknowns, they do not fit into any know parameter and indeed
need further study. Unless we am misinformed, NASA is not our neighbor,
there is no landing strip in the nearby forest and satellites do not change
directions, stop, and land.

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