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Dear CAUS Members:

Welcome to the Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) free e-mail list known as causlist.

Three times a week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, CAUS sends out its CAUS HIGHLIGHTs.

Included in the weekday CAUS e-mails are:

1) Highlights from the e-mails to CAUS;
2) Highlights from the ParaNorml News Network (P3N);
3) Highlights from the past 52 years of UFO sightings;
4) Highlights from the daily postings on the CAUS Web Site.

Other features include CAUS Commentaries, CAUS Announcements and CAUS in COURT.

And on Sunday, I take off my director's hat and present my "Non-UFO Sunday" messages.

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) and I thank you for your interest.
Our journey for the truth is continuing. When you have some time
please re-visit the CAUS website for some ideas on how you can support
the CAUS.  I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback as well as
learning about your personal contact experiences. We always
encourage your financial support through contributions.

Our address is:

P.O. Box 2443
Sedona, AZ 86339

Thank you and of the skies!

Peter A. Gersten, Esq.
Executive Director

How to Join

To join the CAUS Highlights Mailing List, send an Email message to: with a one line message in the BODY of your email: subscribe caus-list

How to Leave

To leave the list, send an Email message to: with a one line message in the BODY of your email: unsubscribe caus-list

Administrative Comments

From time to time, we'll have to perform certain mailing list administrative functions and sometimes we'll be asking certain groups of people to rejoin the list after such a process. Here's why...

As it happens, people who have joined the list, may eventually change Internet Providers or Cancel accounts. If these people do not UNSUBCRIBE from the list BEFORE they cancel their account, we get BOUNCE messages every day from their ISP, notifying us of the closed account. We can remove them from the list normally, and it's not a problem.

However, when people use MAIL FORWARDING systems like or, they generally have another account that they use to read the CAUS mailing list with. They setup an ALIAS with Bigfoot or Iname which FORWARDS all the mail to their REAL account.

The problem is when one of the members who use these forwarding services, drop their ISP or close their normal email account, services like BigFoot and IName cannot forward the mailing list any longer and a BOUNCE message comes back to us. The message comes from their now closed email account provider, but they are subscribed on our list using the ALIAS email address. Guess What? We do not know who to remove from the list, because the BOUNCE message does not say what bigfoot or iname account it came from! We get addresses that are not on the list. But we know they are Bigfoot or Iname accounts, but their mail servers DO NOT inform us of which address it was sent to, but only the end resulting forwarded account. Aarg!

So to keep the flooding of our email inbox to a minimum, the fix is to periodically PURGE all Bigfoot and Iname accounts from the list. And then send one announcement to all of these ALIAS addresses, letting them know that they need to RE-SUBSCRIBE to the list. Any of the CLOSED accounts will not receive the message and therefore, the CLOSED accounts that Bigfoot and Iname cannot send to, are removed from our list.

Alternatively, if you do not want to go through this process every week, you can rejoin the list using your REAL email address.

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