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Member Commentary--The 'Need' for Hostile ETs

On this Saturday, CAUS shares with you the ideas, thoughts and insights of two of its members on the 'need' for hostile aliens:

1) Victor L. Stalnaker writes:

Hello,...Pursuant to my interest in Y2K, last week I listened to my first Art Bell broadcast ever, the interview with Gary North, via's archives. Last night, while web browsing, I decided to listen to another, and chose the broadcast on which Mr. Gersten appeared, to hear something further on the Phoenix thing from Richard Hoagland. The part of the program that served to justify my interest, and in truth, shocked me deeply, was the interview with Mr. Gersten.

I, as this letter while probably support, am not a very well educated man. I only attended two semester's of college, before the financial realities of my family's situation shuffled me into the worker's treadmill…and there I have been ever since. I cannot organize my thoughts very well on paper my strong point is flowing monologue, and unfortunately I write as I speak…so my punctuation is not to standard for either. However, I felt powerfully compelled to attempt to contact Mr. Gersten, because I do believe that I have something to contribute.

I have no access to secret government documents, have not government or military contacts, have not been abducted by 'aliens' nor ever seen anything that could by any stretch of the imagination be discerned to be an unidentifiable craft. I have no involvement with any 'new age' philosophy, group or doctrine…all I have is my mind, and the fruit of my intellectual pursuits. A fruit which I find has some very...unsettling and astonishing parallels with the fare at your table.

I am an extremely intelligent man, and have, for some years, taken great pleasure in a form of speculative analysis that I really have no name for. It is part deductive reasoning, part intuitive revelation. It is many times as if a good portion of the analysis and discernment takes place on a subconscious level and sometimes fully formed connections and revelations crystallize only as I talk about them. Suddenly manifesting, dawning on me with a surge of intellectual and visceral joy as fresh an idea almost as much to me as the people who are the seeming target or catalyst for my 'rantalysis'. *laughs*.

Given that I don't even know if anyone will ever read this, the waters of such heady and portentous issues unfortunately being muddied almost to opacity by the silt of the deluded and just plain silly, I suppose I should get to the point.

On subjecting the scattered evidence of plans being laid to prepare for the implementation of martial law on a wide scale in the US, among several other topics, to my special intuitive/deductive analysis maybe I do have a term for it after all my 'destructive analysis' or deconstructive analysis if you will...I ultimately came to several conclusions

a. Given the almost irreversible effects of taking such action, should a 'NWO' type Jackboot Plague come to pass…our country would never be the same, the perception of the American public of their government would irrevocably altered…and not in any good way. We seem to be able to overlook wide scale depersonalization of us as citizens, the erosion of once nigh holy personal liberties and our own acceptance that almost all of politics and government is the veneer of flag, God, country, liberty, democratic process, national anthem -- emotional appeal.

Should the collective perception of government be indelibly stamped with a brand of tanks in the streets, and troop movements in the aisles of the consumer playgrounds that are our cities, that veneer would be difficult, if not impossible to replace completely.

b. After a good deal of reading on the topic of conspiracies in general and specific case, and a good deal of thought and research into secret societies and the ideas on the 'shadow government' I had to conclude that there was most definitely truth in much of it, that probably none of it was completely accurate, and that more than likely…the 'truth' so to speak was hidden in between the lines, as is usually the case. .

c. Should this next statement not be acceptable as a given I would be glad to go into detail as to why it is so,…but for the sake of brevity I will assume it is a given. Since large corporations govern American politics, government, and foreign policy, and the UN has the capability to pretty much govern the world for the most does not seem to make much sense that either they or the 'shadow governments' or whoever 'the man behind the curtain' is...would need to take such steps in order to establish worldwide dominion…they already have that. And taking such steps, would only threaten the stability of their house of cards , (see a.) possibly ruining it for them

There were other considerations,…but the resultant conclusion I reached was…that something is coming…something is going to happen…that, given 'their' pure access to all data...both from the usual, overt channels that are not diluted, filtered or just plain shut off as they are for us…and channels that we know nothing about…'they' have the capacity to reach conclusions and formulate hypotheses and projections of potential situations that are completely denied the rest of us other words...such parties could have a much clearer picture of what might be coming down the pike. And whatever this particular projection is scares the shit out of them.

Whatever it is...would have to be, by definition, unavoidable, undeniable, and almost completely disruptive to the fabric of modern society. Whatever it is, it would have to be so potentially disruptive that the implementation of martial law would be preferable as a cure or stop gap measure.

It would have to be so conclusively a threat to their little playhouse, that wholesale martial law, which as I pointed out in a. is an almost sure threat to the stability of business as usual, would be a preferable alternative. Whatever it is given the way that human beings operate, if such actions are seriously being planned…they more than THINK they are going to happen…they must KNOW that they are going to happen.

Now..given the old maxim..that in order to unite disparate, even hostile only need one thing. A common enemy or threat. If someone with sufficient power and resource wished to achieve a one world government, that would be the almost the only way to accomplish it.

The question asked on the Art Bell program by a listener.."What purpose could a government that has denied the existence of extraterrestrials have for staging a fake alien landing or contact?" I believe I may have an answer for you.

Why, After they have denied it so long? They have no choice, oh well,..their masters command it. Why stage it? To give us a common enemy or threat to focus on.

Once again, given the conclusions reached by The Brookings Institute in a study done for NASA back in the 60's......if the general public were to be faced with contact with alien would cause widespread panic, disillusionment, and the possible erosion of our collective sense of worth and place. So, as with martial law,...such a tactic's inevitable side effects and drawbacks would have to be preferable to the alternative...whatever that is.

2) Robert Dinse writes:

I'm inclined to believe that any (alien) race with tendencies such as these (abductions) would have eliminated themselves from their respective gene pool before they had the opportunity to interact with us. But I am also convinced that the government wants us to believe aliens are hostile.

The stories about underground bases, and human body parts floating in fluids, the greys using parts of humans dissolved in hydrogen peroxide so they can bring nutrients in through their skin and excrete secretions, the idea that they "need" human secretions and so travel across the universe to do this, all very absurd. In every case where I've encountered this story and been able to trace the source, it ends up at some midlevel military officer which to me spells disinformation.

Even if one doesn't consider the source it's nonsensical. We need human secretions for some people that can't produce them themselves, secretions such as insulin, human growth hormone, etc. And we are able to produce these things by taking the genetic sequence from a person to produce these things and splicing it into bacteria which then churn it out in large quantities. Surely, a much more technologically advanced civilization has mastered at least this level of genetic engineering. We can clone mammals now; surely if the greys or reptoids or whatever needed human parts, they'd clone them rather than traveling light-years to abduct humans.

And hydrogen peroxide for the solvent, that makes NO sense. Hydrogen peroxide is very reactive. If they really needed some human "secretions," anything of any complexity would be oxidized and destroyed. Someone left the "science" of out science fiction.

And then these huge secret underground bases; the Manhattan project was one of the most secret projects undertaken and yet, the Soviet's had a working clone of the Hanford-N reactor before we had our own operational. There is no way in hell or on earth that anything of that magnitude would be kept close to secret.

Why would they want us to believe the aliens are hostile? So that they can continue to justify the huge defense budgets in the absence of an ongoing cold war with the Soviet X-Union. Gotta have a perceived enemy, and if it's not the soviet's, then space aliens.

Benevolent aliens would be bad for the defense industry, because if we started to interact with them, people would begin to see themselves as a global community and not individual countries and races, and this has a rather detrimental effect on the demand for defense industry products.

I have not much doubt that we're headed for global catastrophe, but I think it's of our own making rather than nature's or alien's. We're paving over all our arable land, we're burning up a limited supply of fossil fuels rather than developing sustainable environmentally benign energy resources, we're irrigating what farmland we haven't paid over so badly that we're leaching all of the minerals from it and turning rivers downstream into saltwater rivers. Then we dump nitrogen and phosphorus on the fields to make things grow, and that flows down stream and creates algae blooms near the surface of the sea depleting all oxygen below them and creating huge dead zones. We are creating a nuclear mess, Hanford's radioactive plumb has now reached the Columbia River and radioactive material is flowing down into the Pacific Ocean. England pipes nuclear waste including plutonium out and dumps it 200 miles out under water; but enough plutonium dust comes back to cause significantly increased rates of leukemia amongst children living near the sea.

Why are people so damned worried about aliens given what we are doing to ourselves and our planet?



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