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Member Commentary--An Experiencer's Frustration

On this Saturday, CAUS presents the frustration of an Experiencer. CAUS thanks Ted ( for sharing his thoughts and concerns with us:

"I haven't shared my previous observations with any one. It is difficult to find community in this experience. These are extremely sensitive and difficult matters for me. While my family intellectually understands my predicament, with the exception of my son, none of them are experiencers. As I watch this latest matter unfold, like several before, I find myself increasingly isolated. On top of that I am having experiences now that seem to be part of an overall pattern of experiences. They are increasing in intensity and the sensation is anything but comfortable. My family accept that psi/UFOs might be real (though we all know they are real). They don't ridicule me when I speak to them of this but the nature of the topic isolates me. Further, though they understand what it is I allege to have experienced, they are distancing themselves. My son and our recent siting have only compounded matters. The fact is that on the average I see a bona fide UFO every two years. That is a verifiable siting made in daylight from less than 100yds. These have been objects like a black ball the size of a Volkswagen floating past my balcony, two metallic balls attached by a bar and moving erratically over my son and I (an f-18 appeared immediately after it "left", seeming to search for it), singular red lights whizzing past (off the Alameda beach in SF Bay) about 20 ft up and 50ft away, three times in my life I have been within 100yds of a saucer (that I know about) and twice I believe abduction is the best attempt to explain what happened to me and the friends of mine who were with me when it happened."

"I have done everything I can think of to maintain the appearance of someone who has an open mind about these matters, and I have always been willing to listen if an explanation is offered. None of them seem to be of any help and in the end, my life remains focused on finding a solution or proof that what is happening to me is happening to others and that something can and should be done to stop it. This is the only topic I know of where the more experience you have the less credibility you have. If I said I found a new fish and showed you a video, I would have presented proof. Do it twice and I would be considered a fish-hunting Indiana Jones."

"I don't even own a camcorder because video tape doesn't seem to help UFO matters at all. In fact, I could show a stack of data around a UFO siting, spectrometer, audio, video, Geiger counter, soil analysis, witnesses, etc., and I would have no hope of convincing anybody it was anything at all. My interest and motivation around the topic would instantly make any tape useless."

"For the majority of these experiences I have gone it alone (research and dialogue-wise), believing that I could be confused or turned off the trail by outside influence. I avoided movies and psuedo-documentaries regarding UFOs and abduction, trying to avoid polluting my own memories. I don't feel so vulnerable now. Peter, is there anyone out there you could connect me to that I could find some commonality with? Right now its just you and me."

Well Ted, I am sure you will have all the connections you need in the next few days. CAUS members are a supporting group.


Ted (


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