2001: So where is the Monolith ?

by Ivan Van Mieghem

2001 It sounds a bit like magic. My interest in the possibilities of Extraterrestrial life and intelligence started after seeing Mr. Stanley Kubrick’s movie picture ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey ‘ It stimulated me in reading Arthur C. Clarke’s novel. That’s the way I got really stuck on this issue and started to study the UFO phenomenon. I guess many of you started off this way and that's why 2001 sounds a bit like magic in our ears

33 years have past since Mr. Clarke wrote his already legendary novel. Only one year after publishing his novel Mr. Clark and the rest of the human race witnessed Neil Armstrong taking a ‘giant leap for mankind’ by setting the first human footstep on the Moon as the result of the Apollo program. We all half expected he would discover our Monolith. You know what I mean, the alien object  - a kind of a burglar alarm waiting to be set off by mankind’ s arrival. Though the historic Apollo 11 mission landed safely without discovering our Monolith. What the heck I thought, they first have to build their moon base. However on a cold and windy night on 7 December 1972 a Saturn V rocket launched the Apollo 17 mission towards the moon. This was the last visit any human has made to our moon. No Monolith had been found at least according to NASA.

In the late 70s I really expected we would build our moon base. I was convinced that in 2001 our Monolith would have found its last resting place in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Was Mr. Clarke wrong? I did (and still do) consider him to be the Jules Verne of our generation. Who could believe in the late 60s that one day there would be a computer being able to control an entire space mission and be able to speak? At this point in time given our work into the artificial intelligence field we all know that there will be a day a computer will say : ‘ I think therefore I am ! ‘ Just look what the Belgian Speech technology company Lernout & Hauspie can do today in the field of ‘Computer Speech.’ Their course on NASDEQ and their creative bookkeeping skills are another story. So could Mr. Clarke be wrong about our Monolith? According to NASA he did.

Unless my friends, Unless! Why did we stop the Apollo project? The end of the cold War? Did we simply halt mankind's exploration of the moon for this reason? Or did we find our Monolith and it’s being held secret only to be known by a several chosen few? This elite ‘the bad guys in NASA’ according to Mr. Richard C. Hoagland, who’s work I so admire and respect, form the real secret NASA. Or did we perhaps discover our Monolith by the Photo reconnaissance mission of the Viking Mars project? Is our Monolith the well known ‘face on Mars’ standing there smiling to us in the Martian Cydonia region? It seems clear to all independent thinking minds that this structure is artificial and no trick of light and shadows according to the public NASA space agency. Did we perhaps find our Monolith already in 1947 on the Mac Brazel ranch in Roswell, New Mexico or during the Bentwaters incident in the United Kingdom some twenty years ago?

The conspiracy of silence is a proven fact my friends and I am totally convinced that our Monolith has been found already. Mr. Arthur C. Clark got it right and history will declare him one of the world’s greatest visionaries.

Its 2001 my friends in many ways then one.



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