Full Blown Contact Has Happened

Source: James A. Gilliland (

Well, here goes another redundant UFO report. There are so many sightings here at the Sanctuary with hundreds of witnesses one has to wonder if anyone cares. Have we become so dumbed down, asleep, and unconscious that we cannot realize one of the most fantastic events in human history is unfolding right in front of our very nose?

Contact is happening around the world, yet here it is fully documented with over four hours of day and night footage with sound, not to mention over 700 witnesses and photographs taken by UFO investigators.

So where is the Press, NASA and SETI? It is a well known fact that covering subjects like UFOs and free energy are taboo in the main stream press. Every once in a while one gets lucky like we did when ABC and Fox went national with the sightings here at the Sanctuary. Seattle's "Evening Magazine" show also covered the event, yet each time they had to put their twist on the story like we are filming street lights or meteors.

This is ironic because there are no street lights anywhere near the ranch and meteors do not hover, make right angle turns, turn blue and purple even pink, become 5 times their normal size then fly below the mountain and then turn up back into the sky. This also rules out satellites as one UFO reporting center would like to believe.

How do you get 60 people at a time along with children to come on record? Do you drag them over to a street light and say okay this is a UFO. These are astrophysicists, air force design engineers, pilots and people in the aeronautic industry.

Lets get real. The evidence is overwhelming. It is getting no press or verification from NASA, "never a straight answer" and SETI.  "Lets use a radio to find life out there rather than in our own back yard."

Hello, they would have to reach hyper light speed to get here. Why the heck would they use a radio? By the way, for the scientists that say it is impossible to get here, our own scientists have accelerated light over 300 times its speed.

So now that I have finished my soap box rhetoric here is the latest sightings.

At 5:30 PM, I was driving down Little Mountain Road which is adjacent to the Sanctuary. A very large luminous object caught my eye on the face of Mt Adams which is approximately 13 miles away. It was not yet dark and the object was so bright one could not miss it.

The only possibility would be a large snow cat with a bank of halogen lights or a helicopter. The light was far more brilliant than any landing light, yet one has to dismiss all possibilities. It was pulsing going on and off and moving from side to side. It also moved up on the rocks, a large lava flow that was not covered by snow. These boulders are enormous and there is about 8 feet of snow up there. The location is also in the wilderness area where no motorized vehicles can go.

I told myself until this thing goes airborne it could be anything and not worth getting excited about. I continued to film it when all of a sudden it turned off and another brilliant light appeared directly above the mountain. It looked exactly the same only now it was rising rapidly and moving towards the East.

Shortly after it rose up into the air and began to move East, a small jet, most likely military, was vectoring in on it. When the jet became close it picked up speed and vanished. This was caught on film. As the jet continued on the course of the UFO the light reappeared on the mountain.

This light could fly visible to the naked eye or just appear. Then the light appeared again overhead lit up brilliantly and dimmed out again. I caught the tail end of it on film due to the slow response time of the camera going from standby to record. There were three witnesses present who watched the event.


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