Sage is Incorrect: Bubba is Real

By Mike Fortson (

I would like to comment on The Sage's conclusions on the small red orb nicknamed, "Bubba".

First of all, my name is Mike Fortson. I live in Gilbert, Az., which is app 25 miles east/southeast of downtown Phoenix. I have to this date 7 Bubba videos, that I shot, beginning on October 12, 2000 thru the last sighting on January 4, 2001.

Bubba is not a plane. Bubba is not a  red flying saucer. Bubba is a ufo. Bubba is an unknown object. Period.

Planes do not hover over one position for 8-10 minutes at a time. Planes make noise. The only part of Bubba that resembles a plane would be Bubba's color. It is almost identical to the starboard light on aircraft. That's it.

Bubba, to me, is a red light without structure.

If you were to have a Bubba sighting, as we have, and watched it rise to 10,000-15,000' and then rapidly descend straight down (without crashing), you would immediatly accept the fact that planes cannot and would not do this.

Sage, in order to be on Tom King's "hotlist", you must give someone your phone number and hopefully a name so you can be speed dialed when a sighting occurs. How could you possibly expect him to e-mail you during a sighting? If you want on the list, give him your phone number. What's the big deal? No one is that "special".

I think if you were to see this object, you would change your opinion. It's too bad we didn't get to speak at the last MUFON meeting. I would have convienced you differently.

One thing that everyone seems to miss about Bubba is that "it" almost always interferes with east valley Sky Harbor commercial aircraft. There are videos and pictures of this. So, IMHO, if Bubba is human controlled, then would there not be severe FAA air violations in a controlled air space? We (my wife and I) have seen and videotaped Bubba go right up to incoming commercial planes. To me, this is the most intriguing part of the Bubba sightings. And by far the most serious.

To this date, Bubba has been claimed to be a plane, a stealth helicopter, a TRW test balloon, and a secret unmanned military probe. These are opinions without a shred of proof. Only debunking mode tactics to make serious skywatchers look foolish.


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