UFO Agenda for the New Millennium

By: Philip C. Mock (

Why do we feel we need the govt..and national press organizations to verify what we as the general public accept as truth?  The Internet has made it possible to bypass network television news as the Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, and History Channel (to a degree) have been providing a gateway for the mainstream populace to be exposed to the idea of the presence of UFO's in the Earth's atmosphere.  Beyond T.V., radio and the Internet have given us a worldwide network to keep current with the actual situation regarding UFO sightings and opinions dealing with the nature of this contact.  This is more than enough to ensure that this issue will be exposed to those with the intelligence and courage to accept it.  Problem #1 solved.  The next issue is competent researching of sightings and abductions. 

The next issue that needs to be addressed is a nonprofit committee setup to establish industry standards for the methods used to record data and to oversee that all accepted standards are adhered to by any organizations wishing to provide serious information that is useful in achieving a better understanding the UFO issue.  This committee should have the power to issue some sort of inexpensive certificate to show that the groups of privately formed field researchers meet a uniform standard of quality that allows acceptable comparison between data instead of providing a solid reason for disputing data and fostering in-fighting among people who have a common goal.  This committee must stay away from any negative comments regarding organizations that do not meet the standards that have been established and focus their efforts on showing that quality of standards set to acquire data in UFO research are just as rigorous as those used for traditional avenues of research therefore qualifying it as acceptable information.  The members of this committee must be elected and not be earning income from any organization that it certifies in order to ensure impartiality.

In the past decades numerous private organizations have been formed to provide the standard evaluation methods that are necessary in researching that which is previously unknown.  We, as a like minded group of people, must accept these standards as a foundation of any progress we wish to make in order to prove that we are doing more than just developing theories but are actually recording and compiling data.  From this data we need ways to organize it into charts, graphs, models so that we may find quantifiable similarities between events.  From this beginning we can refine methods and recording instruments to better exemplify how these UFO contacts deviate from baseline readings that will also have to be recorded to provide the control in our research.  This we need to work on.
Finally we need to deal with this issue globally.  Petitioning and pressuring governments of nation states is truly unnecessary and in truth, other than defense issues, doesn't outweigh the need for government resources to be concentrated on social security reform, national health care, welfare reform, campaign finance reform, and national debt reduction.  These people have problems in front of them and until they can handle these issues we don't need them.  We have the freedom of information act to comb through their records even if it is a puzzle to use.  The governing body we need to address is the United Nations.  This is a global issue and we should deal with it as such.  If we can pique the U.N. into looking at the UFO issue seriously it will in turn require the united states U.N. delegate to deal with the issue and we can then prove that our government has had to deal with it openly and overtly.


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