College Student Suggests Protest at Area 51

By: Matt Rice ( )

I have been concerned about the UFO phenomenon for a long time. I am 19 years old and am a student at the University of Illinois. From what I have read CAUS has made numerous stands against UFO secrecy in court. This is one form of protest but I would like you to consider another. I know I am young and naive but I have been toying with an idea recently. What I suggest is a protest. This will be no ordinary protest however. We will take the fight right to the conspirators doorstep. I would like for CAUS to organize a protest outside the Groom Lake facility in Nevada, a.k.a. Area 51. I think this will be extraordinarily effective for a number of reasons. Whatever authority is stationed their is stationed so illegally. This can be verified by congressional meetings on the topic. They have posted signs that authorize the use of deadly force but do not state where this authorization comes from. At the very least we will find out this information through our protest.The other thing that comes to mind annoying them. As you may or may not know, the government took a piece of land called Freedom Ridge just so the public could not see into the facility. I suggest we bring a simple cherry picker or similar device and simply "peer into" the facility constantly. They will have to respond to this and they will not be able to use conventional scare tactics because we will be there in mass. If the men and women gaurding this facility are truely Americans I dont believe they would fire on us. I propose that we walk right up to gates sit outside till they tell us what is going on and at least admit the damn place exists. By doing so we will not only send a strong message that we the people will not sit silently by pretending not to see what is plainly there, we will also rally popular support to our cause. Through the media and film the public is aware of the mythical and romanticized Areat 51.  

Im certain at least local news would be sure to cover it and poles show that there is a large percentage of people that want to know the truth. I invision it as our own Tienimen Square protest. I myself am willing to risk imprisonment and death to get the truth out. I am only one man and and I know I cant do this alone. Please consider my idea and make any additions or subtractions as you like. I believe in my heart that this would work. You can


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