It's Happening: Cryptic Messages

By: Lynne (

I'm not sure where this is going but I know there is something of importance to share. This feeling began yesterday when I received another cryptic message. I knew there was more to come, so waited before sharing. I'm asking my guides to help me communicate to you what they want shared at this time.
I have been told that the Space, Spirit, Terran Alliance is comprised of those with an intent for the highest benefit of humanity and the planet. They are from what are considered the Space and Spirit realms. The Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, The Spiritual Hierarchy, The Divine Feminine Energies of the Elohim, the Ashtar Command, The Group of One, The Galactic Federation, the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians.....(too many to mention) - those who have been involved with humanity and the Earth Experiement since its inception and who are in service to the Master Creator/Universe - are those involved in the SST Alliance group. They are our brothers, sisters - family and workmates. They are here at this time to assist with the ascension plan for Gaia and Humanity and all associated with Earth. The planet's vortexes, portals, energy triangles and structures, and grids are all being used by the Alliance at this time to support ascension. A plan has been in place for some time which is being carried out very quietly. The group consciousness is being 'tested' constantly to gauge when is the best time for global sharing of what is happening.
For the past several days I've been feeling great activity around me on many levels. I shared already about becoming aware of a 'landing' of sorts two nights ago. I felt and saw in the fourth dimension, members of the Space, Spirit, Terran Alliance in and around my home. They seemed to be setting up a home base or base camp in anticipation for some event that would happen in the near future. (I have been told that these landings have happened simultaneously all over the planet.) My connections with those of the summit conference and the SST Alliance during the New Year's Eve. weekend had continued and become even stronger during ensuing days. I knew that the results of the conference would be long-lasting, world changing. I wasn't sure at the time how or when the changes would come about or even exactly what form they would take, but I knew with all my knowingness, in my God-spark and soul, that something very important was in the offing. I now know that it has begun.
Several weeks ago during a sci fi TV show in which a 'summit meeting' involving those of Earth and beyond was mentioned, I received the first cryptic message - The time is now to put it together. 
I had no idea at the time that a summit meeting would actually be held on Orcas Island a month later OR that the first cryptic message would have such a galvanizing effect on the people in our WWW of Light group. During the weeks in which our group communicated, two more messages were received:
Live in the Now and Expect Miracles.
Last night I received: We're Ready
With the final message came a powerful euphoric feeling of hope and a wonderful energy like Spring had arrived. There was an incredible expectation, a feeling of rebirth,  which has stayed with me all day no matter what was happening at work. I've also received an overwhelming knowingness, since the 'landing', that the illusion of my 3D life is about to change dramatically for the better. All that I've been co-creating with Spirit for the highest benefit of all concerned is manifesting at lightning
Now is the Time.   We have earned it.   We are Ready.
My new contract is beginning and I'll never look back.
For many of us brought together by that first cryptic message, this is the case. The troops of Light have landed. Their presence is being felt. There will be events, sightings.... related to both the Spirit and Space realms happening world-wide that will make people sit back and wake up - or at least make them take notice. We have entered a time that we've worked toward for eons. A time that we have long deserved. As Lord Sananda said at the Orcas conference,
                                "Sit back and enjoy the ride of your life".


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