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Blue Alien's History Lesson

by Blue Alien (


Back in 1947 the lie was officially given birth. That was a UFO near Roswell my friends, no matter what this government? might tell you. You could take all the evidence into a court of law and win. The Air Force "officially" changed their story several times. Did it work? Sure 'nuff. DENIAL and worked in the 40's and still works to this day, even with all our technological advances and learning.

There were unaccounted disappearances of people back during Truman's "reign" and after a while, good ole Harry (the buck stops here) put two and two together. He seriously considered it a "strong" possibility that UFOs and missing persons were related. Then in 1947 the Roswell newspaper said the Air Force stated that they recovered a crashed disc.....They should have a history book written beginning in that era (1947) because that is where everything changed. One of the most, if not the most, historic events in the history of humanity occurred in July 1947 in the desert of New Mexico.

Now how could Harry tell the American people that "little grey men" were taking us away...many never to return, and our great and powerful military, that just devastated Japan with the "ultimate weapon," could not stop these intruders? So after many powerful "men" jockeyed for position to take over this event, Admiral Hillenkoetter convinced ole Harry to keep this a secret from us poor ignorant folk.

Secretary of Defense Forrestal backed the decision but later changed his mind and it cost him his life...(oh, he jumped out of a window and committed suicide, officially.)

We have been taught lies for so long that the truth must surely be distorted at the very least. The truth is for ALL of us, not just a select few (and they are not that bright either). But they are running the show. The truth must prevail no matter who it may hurt or help, and prevail at any cost.

From 1947 to 1953 there were more crashed discs and more recovered bodies. Truman (a democrat) passed on the lie to good ole Ike (a republican). So you can see, it does not matter whether your a democrat or a republican..they're all liars.

The CIA, MJ-12, NSC, etc. were created to deal specifically with the alien presence. There was no Communist threat...there never was. Now that's hard to swallow, isn't it? The Cold War was just another diversion to keep eyes off of the biggest "secret" ever.

So back in 1947 Truman was a TRAITOR to the people and should be historically remembered as such. Eisenhower also and on and on. JFK tried to tell America what was happening. Where is John now?...taking a dirt nap.

These people in control are very serious and they have killed and will kill to keep this secret from us. Truman did keep the Soviet's informed of the alien presence but surely was not going to "share" alien technology. No button was ever going to be pushed. But if the world was kept focused on this apocalyptic scenario, they had little time to wonder about their disappearing neighbors or the alien presence on Earth.

MJ-12 was and is real. Disinformation is like a bad hit of LSD. You don't know what is real and what isn't. DENIAL & RIDICULE. Their programs of denial are so good that some people STILL do not believe that UFOs are real...duh.

What kind of government would sell out their people to an extraterrestrial race for technology? What rocks did they crawl out from under?

Clinton said that if he was elected, he wanted to know 2 things: Who killed JFK and the truth about UFOs.

Thanks Bill.

Keep your eyes to the sky



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