Alien Choir Photograph Revisited

By: The Sage (

It was claimed that biophysicist Dr. Levengood attributed the appearance of glowing aliens to "a very significant Doppler shift in a highly active energy form". Didn't anyone teach Dr Levengood that a doppler shift only occurs when an object is moving and not standing still, as the alleged aliens are doing on the roof top? I'm telling you folks, this is one of the many reasons why the UFO community apparently has no respect. I mean this isn't science, this is sci-fi. Dr Levengood goes on to state that the glow is the result of an energy that, " beyond our ordinary methods of monitoring electromagnetic energy. The final state from this Doppler shift appears to be in the 'actinic region' of the spectrum where it stimulates photo-luminescence in the green region of the visible spectrum". Dr Levengood could tell all that from just a photo? Wow! He could actually see the x-rays or ultraviolet radiation being emitted by the alleged aliens? Where? Show me!...or did he mean that was the only explanation he could think up? Well it isn't even a good guess. For one thing, ultraviolet radiation is invisible and air does not noticebly fluoresce in the presence of ultraviolet light, and definitely not in the green portion of the spectrum. Ditto for the x-ray radiation claim unless the radiation is so intense that the air becomes ionized...but then again, a radiation intense enough to ionize the air would certainly be intense enough to char the roof of the garage where the alleged aliens were standing. So scratch the ultraviolet or x-ray claim because it doesn't hold water.

If I were going to make up stories, I might say that the glow was being caused by Cherenkov radiation...but then again, the rooftop of the garage would have been radioactive afterwards and no mention was made of radiation damage or radiation sickness of any of the occupants of the owners of the garage. No, no, about this: someone had a camera with a thermal imaging attachment (the kind like you can buy at the Price Club or Best Buy) and took a picture of some friends sitting on a rooftop? Nah, that would make too much sense now, wouldn't it?

Remember my New Year resolution about using logical and rational thinking abilities? Well, take a second look at the picture. What do you *actually* see? Do you see any aliens? No. What you see is something that you could interpret that way if you wanted to, but why would you want to? Objectively speaking, there are no "aliens" or "interdimensional doorways" or "flying saucers" in the picture, just some blobs and blurs. Often, psychologists will ask their clients to interpret what they think they see in a random blotch of smeared ink called a Rorschach test -- not because there is any design in the random blotch of smeared ink, but rather because their interpretation of whatever design they think they see in it reveals whatever is hidden in their personality. Likewise, to look at a poorly taken photo with no significant details to it and claim that you see aliens in it, merely reveals that you only wish aliens were here. Please, from now on, try and see reality for what it really is and not what you wish it were.


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