Combat Development Experimentation Command

Source: Milford D. Grindstaff

In 1972, I reported alien contact to medical personnel in Omaha, Nebraska. After a series of video taped interviews , I was allowed to proceed with my entrance exam for a duty location with the US Army training and joint DoD defense project titled Combat Development Experimentation Command, Task Force Support Battalion, Combat Engineers, located at Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation, Headquartered at the Presideo in California.

The # 1 copy of my record was sent to Edgewood, Maryland not far from the NSA facility at Ft. Meade. This is the facility famous for heading up a human research unit also known as Operation Mind Control.

Before my TDY with the CDEC unit at Hunter-Liggett, I completed Basic Training as a squad leader and a successful graduate of the US Army -DoD program called simply Special Leadership Preperation Project.

My advanced individual training was at Ft. Polk, La.

My initial MOS was 76 Alpha, supply specialist. At Hunter-Ligget I was assigned to the Task Force Support Battlion, Combat Engineer Co.

In the interest of world peace I must say that I am interested in the ongoing policy of disarmament of chemical, biological and nuclear devices. National security restricts me from presenting the most convincing evidence in public.

The purpose of this commentary is to help open dialog and to inform. This issue of ethics is one which has some consideration here. If anyone has any intentions of coming forward with information from Hunter-Liggett or any military installation formerly associated with mind control drugs, alien experience/abduction or human experimentation as a witness, or just to talk, please do so.

There is evidence that the miltary participated either overtly or covertly in experiments until the early seventies. The DoD has recently sent additional reports to the VA administrators regarding certain tests conducted on over 100 occasions. Many drugs were considered at that time, to either be safe or predictible in effects. Long term problems have been reported.

As far as the Alien/UFO situation, they are somehow involved. From what I have been seeing, the UFO/Alien involvement is a genuine phenomena- several sightings have been made on or near military installations, flight test areas and populated civilian locales.

When I questioned an Officer about the military's involvements with aliens and my own duties at CDEC,****** I was told that " who would ever believe your stories? The Enquirer?" Underground facilities, daylight flights of disks and remote sensing probes as well as rumors of research labs injecting manipulated RNA/DNA into human subjects, the readiness status of biological warfare all act to create a new feeling of cooperation. Then there are the storiess about the high level meetings between certain Presidents, corporate leaders and the public, with aliens. This seems to indicate a complex new relationship for humanity.


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