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In re: CAUS v. USA

Thomas, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, writes:

It seems to me that the government boys and girls are more than a tad bit afraid to see this (CAUS v. USA) case come to trial. They're jumping through every legalistic hoop they can find to avoid a day in court. They don't even deny that what you assert is true! They've gone so far as to say that, because you can't prove that what's happened in the past will definitely happen again, you haven't got a justiciable action! As I've said before, my good man, I think you haven't quite come to grips with what you're up against. And as I've also said before, I fear that there is but one way to put an end to all these lies (I know how much you must abhor violence, as I myself do, but...). I hate to say it, but the international courts appear to be the only legal place to get a fair decision on these matters and, you know as well as I that, they will never cooperate with any decisions against them. Which leaves us right back where we started. In short, sir, one is left with the conclusion that we have reached the point in a Republic's history that Julius Caesar fought so hard against: an oligarchy.

As you know, there is but one way to end such a state of affairs. It has become clear to me that we have reached a crossroads. There are but two choices left to us: 1) Accept slavery; or 2) Rise up and destroy our oppressors to the last man. I, personally, would rather suffer the most gruesome of deaths as a freeman than languish away unto decrepitude as a servant of the most vile, evil group of would-be feudal lords to ever darken the Earth with their presence. My family's noble bloodline survives to this day because they remained on the side of justice throughout the French Revolution, regardless of the powers-that-be dubbing them traitors. As such, this shall be my last communication with you, sir, because I now embark on a mission of my own design.

So, keep a few of things in mind as you seek the truth through your own, righteous means: 1) Your enemy is evil, and therefore capable of the most despicable acts, beyond your imagination; 2) You will, forever, be denied your goal by a wall of bureaucracy that has been erected over the past 100 years to insulate the true power from the people; 3) The easiest way to destroy that wall is from within; 4) Many great men have been killed for seeking the truth through peaceful means; and 5) All men die and it is not when, nor by what means, a man dies that is important; but, rather, in defense of what principles that is truly important.

For now, I go to sleep, with one eye open, amongst the enemy. I bid you luck, kind sir, with your endeavor and pray that the Creator will be with you on your journey. Hopefully this shall not be the last time you hear from me; but, if it is, I'll see you on the other side of the veil.

As always, and for even more obvious reasons than in the past, I ask that you keep any and all indications of my identity in the utmost confidence if you choose to post this email.

I thank you, again, for your tireless efforts and ask that you keep me in your prayers,


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