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Extra-terrestrials: What are They Waiting For?

Aymonier ( writes:

Extra-terrestrials: what are they waiting for?

Two elderly people sitting on a bench, looking at the sky. "Why do UFOs always disappear, they never come down to see us? - Maybe they are looking for intelligent life" says the other. If this joke makes us smile it is because we know it could well be true. Most people who question the extra-terrestrial origin of the UFO phenomenon argue that they could well come down at any moment and show themselves openly to everyone. What are they waiting for? To answer we need to consider the matter from the Extra-terrestrials' point of view. What would be the conditions for an extra-terrestrial race to make an official contact with the intelligent life of another planet?

There are 3 conditions which seem critical for any interplanetary contact to take place.

The first condition is a matter of scientific maturity. There is no point arriving in a primitive world which has not developed a scientific understanding of the universe. If coming from the sky causes fear or religious beliefs there could not be a proper understanding between the two races. One has to have developed the concept of a universe populated with stars and planets on which other living forms may live.

The second condition is a matter of political maturity with the need of a planetary government or representation. There is no point arriving in a world that is made of several separate entities and is not unified under a planetary body. One cannot favor one country or one race above the other. For an interplanetary contact to take place, one must wait until all the different parts of the planet communicate with each other and a planetary civilization has developed.

The third critical condition is that both parties must be willing. We are speaking of an interplanetary contact here, not an invasion. How do you think the landing of a huge spacecraft in the middle of a big city will look like. It could be very disruptive and turn what should be a friendly meeting into an indescribable chaos. We must be prepared and expect their coming and in one way or another we must show them our willingness for them to come.

But that is not enough. They also need to be willing to come down. If they feel threatened, they just won't. How could they meet with a humanity which doesn't even respect its own race? How could they want to meet with people who oppress and kill each other for a difference of religion or skin colour? If we cannot even accept our own differences, how could we accept theirs? Therefore it is not enough to be willing to welcome them, we need also to demonstrate that we are peaceful and loving, that we have reached a spiritual maturity. Out of these three conditions, two are already fulfilled. We are now "technically" ready for an official contact. We have reached the scientific maturity when it is possible to welcome people coming from the sky without mystifying them for Gods, angels or other supernatural beings. We could now meet with Extra-terrestrials and understand who they really are.

With the creation of the United Nations in 1945 we fulfil the second condition. We have now the necessary planetary representation we need for the contact. All the different cultures that compose our world and were once separated are becoming unified and our planet can now be seen as a single entity. 1945, the year of the atomic bomb and the creation of the UN, marks the date of our scientific and political maturity. Curiously enough, it is also since 1945 that the UFO phenomenon has started to make the headlines. It has generated an enormous interest. Which leads us to the third condition, to show our desire to welcome peacefully another civilization from space.

But for our humanity to be willing to make contact with an extra-terrestrial race, we need first to have been informed of their presence and their desire to contact us. The problem is how could an extra-terrestrial race make themselves known to us without making official contact? To be willing to welcome someone, we need to know who they are and what are their intentions towards us. How can they do it without having direct contact beforehand? And this is the fascinating story of the remarkable psychological preparation of our humanity by Extra-terrestrials.

When a country wants to establish some links with another it first sends a messenger, an ambassador. Someone has to be given the power to speak in the name of the country and be its spokesperson. Can we find in human history possible spokesperson of an extra-terrestrial race? The answer is clearly yes. Moses who spoke face to face with Elohim on the top of Mount Sinai (Elohim is the Hebrew word for God and one can notice that Elohim is not singular but plural, the original Bible doesn't speak of a God but Gods). Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and many other great prophets have claimed to be the spokespersons of a higher entity from Heaven. The messages they transmitted were of an incomparable wisdom, so powerful that our civilizations were built upon them. They have survived the milleniums. How peculiar! Today, at the age of scientific understanding, the heavenly creatures in our religious scriptures, legends or mythologies could only make sense if they are interpreted as extra-terrestrial beings. They contain numerous descriptions of an advanced technology (chariots of fire coming down in the noise of thunder or great water, trumpets that could destroy the walls of a city…). We can even find all over the world archeological constructions and artifacts proving that the ancient had access to a knowledge superior to ours.

Not only the prophets could be seen as the spokespersons of an extra-terrestrial race but many religions and traditions prophesy the return of the Gods. We have been prepared to expect their coming. The Biblical religions announce an Apocalypse which in Greek means revelation, the arrival of a Messiah, the return of the prophets who are now living in Heaven, the coming of a new Age when God will live among its people. There will be no more war, no more hunger and a long lasting peace will prevail. Everything will be revealed and the mystery of God will be over.

Some signs were given to recognize when the time has come. Religious scholars have recognized the signs and many would agree that we have entered the Messianic era, the age of Apocalypse or revelation. The religious people live in expectation of the coming of someone or something that will dramatically change the course of history. But our psychological preparation doesn't stop here. Today we witness the most bizarre phenomenon. Strange lights and what could be considered as spaceships are flying in our skies and have been seen by millions of people in every part of the Earth. Could this be the signs in the sky that were announced?

The UFO sightings and other crop circles have created an awareness of the presence of ETs nearby and a strong desire to make contact with them is building up. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about who they are and what their intention could be. Besides, we have no idea on how and where the contact could be made and how we can show them when we are ready and willing to invite them. Surely, if there is a time when a spokesperson is needed, it is now, to help us in the final stage of our preparation for the contact and be the link between us and them. Is there someone living on Earth right now that could match the description of a spokesperson? This person must speak in the name of the Extra-terrestrials responsible for the UFO sightings, he must come with some evidence that support his claim and must tell us how they expect the contact to happen and what they are expecting of us. Hundreds of people worldwide have claimed to be contactees and there is a lot of confusion happening here. Could they be the false prophets that were prophesied? However there is one contactee who fits perfectly the description of a spokesperson. His name is Rael. He claims to have had in 1973 and 1975 two physical encounters with Extra-terrestrials. The mission he was entrusted is to be their Ambassador, to reveal their identity and prepare us for their impending coming. The most astonishing information contains in the messages given to Rael during his encounters is their relation to our humanity. They created all life on Earth. They genetically engineered plants, animals but also the first human beings. They created us scientifically in their image, equal to them, capable one day of the same remarkable achievement, create life on other planets.

They are the Elohim of the Bible and the Gods who have visited the Earth. While respecting our choice for our own destiny, they guided us in our own development through their messengers the prophets. They love us as their own children and have been waiting for the day when they will be able to meet with us, the day when we will understand them and be willing to welcome them. They know we are "technically" ready for their coming, we just need a little more love between us. That's why they give us in their last message some new guidelines to complete our spiritual maturity. Their last message is a message of unification for all the religions, with new values to help us build the next civilization. A planetary civilization where war, disease, hunger will be suppressed. Man thanks to technology will free himself from work and money and will spend his time to do what he was created for, love, play, create, meditate and blossom. A new consciousness of the place of Man in the infinite universe will emerge.

Rael comes also with the practical instructions to establish the contact. He received the mission to build an Embassy with a demilitarized airspace above it. Today, there are no official channels they can use to establish a non-threatening contact. Legally, they would be breaking several laws by invading our airspace, airwaves and territory. We need to give them a place to land safely and meet with us officially. An Embassy is such a place. It ensures a foreign delegation both protection and official representation. Their requirement is perfectly adapted to establish the official contact. By having a place specially designed for it, their coming won't be interpreted as an invasion. The Embassy will be a sign of our willingness to meet with them. They will feel invited and expected. They will not land anywhere and take us by surprise. We will be able to give to the event all the splendor and the ceremonial required for this momentous occasion. The building of the Embassy will also focus the world attention and create an awareness of an imminent contact. It will reinforce greatly our psychological preparation and hasten their coming. Already 35,000 people of all races and creeds, from 85 countries support and take an active role in this endeavour. When it will happen is now totally up to us. How many more UFO sightings and crop circles will it take for us to acknowledge that there is an extra-terrestrial humanity out there waiting for us to build the requested Embassy and welcome them?

The Raelians have launched an appeal to all those who would be interested to be part of the project to build the Embassy or to contribute in one way or another to make it happen to manifest themselves. Contact them here.


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