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Lee Cherry ( writes

What I'm about to say I cannot back up with any kind of proof. I think they can control the weather. that's how big this is. If it's a question of being out gunned, we don't stand, not even a small chance. But ultimately it's not about that because it doesn't serve a purpose to anybody. Of course the military is keeping it a secret. They can't defend themselves. Not even a little bit. The big catch 22 here, is the military is seemingly in control, yet they do not, by their very defintion, possess the mentality to deal with the situation. Which is why they keep running into road blocks, and keep running around in circles chasing their warlike tails. they are spending too much time trying to "defend " us from invaders. They, and all military's throughout the world, fail to see , that they themselves, are the threat.There's a point being made here that, as a whole, we are failing to get. Are they out there? yes. Is it being hidden? yes. Everyone has there place and I do believe you have found yours Peter. But, everyone has to find their own place. I think people are spending too much time trying to figure out "the truth" about UFO's. They're spending so much time trying to figure out "the Truth", that they are avoiding the real point. Themselves. Your own personal truth. We as people can't even handle THAT. How are we supposed to handle an alien race, that not only has advanced technology, but has advanced mentality to boot? Our problem is we are advancing with what we can build, but our minds are not advancing. We are still bickering over silly things like "King of the mountain" and " My God can beat up your God",. Our "Modern" society can't even get their shit together with a basic, natural thing, like sexuality. More people, especially recently, have gotten in more trouble, because of who they do or do not have sex with. There's actually an issue on Gays in the military and stupid stuff like that. The scary thing is, that the very people who make things like that issues, also have really big bombs. People are concerned with technology and whether they have more "technology". More, less, irrelevant. We have the greatest technology that was ever manufactured and it is built in. It can't be taken away. There's no fee, and it's completely indestructable by an outside party. Our hearts. Our souls. That's the big conspiracy. We are being distracted from ourselves and we are falling for it. Hook, line, & sinker. And don't give all those Illuminati, and the "Powers that be" folks so much credit. Just cause they THINK they run things, doesn't mean they're smart or enlightened about anything. When you know who killed Kennedy will you're life be complete? No. But that very mentality is what keeps you distracted from the issue with the biggest priority. YOU. THEY only control you as long as the ignorance of your SELF is in tact. People are spending so much energy trying to figure out what's "out there". Fact is they're completely avoiding themselves as individuals. Aliens are not a threat to us. WE ARE A THREAT TO US. People are so concerned with "hard evidence", and I'm not just talking about UFO's here. I'm being general. When are our hearts ever wrong? Proof, no proof. It's really just a question of, Are we listeming? and, Are we acting on it?. If we spend as much time, energy, and money on advancing the technology of "Self" as we did on the technology of "Stuff", then our species would be so hooked up, that it wouldn't even be funny. Then the aliens would land, Say whatever it is they need to say, and we could all party together. That is all I have to say for now. Time to get off the computer and get back to advancing the technology of ME.


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