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The Creature from the Lagoon Nebula (M8)

Chuck Thonen ( writes:

Just surfing, looking for some desktop images I ran across the Hubble Studies the Hourglass Nebula in M8:

Like most I thought This is pretty cool... Made It my desktop image or Wallpaper if you will and left to get something to drink.. (none alcohol drink, just in case you are wondering.)

When I sat back down and looked, the image just leaped out at me. I like most of my friends I had shown say, man it is just what you want to see, that is until they look for themselves... Granted you can make images in the clouds but if you zoom in the picture losses structure and definition... This creature did not... In fact it gained in definition and symmetries... I ask anyone of the pixel people to take this image and do analysis if you like.

Some states....

Right Ascension ----------- -18 : 03.8 (h:m)
Declination ------------------- -24 : 23 (deg:m)
Distance ----------------------- 5.2 (kly)
Visual Brightness ---------- 6.0 (mag)
Apparent Dimension ------ 90x40 (arc min)

David J. Eichler gives the value of 5,200 light years in his article entitled "Plunge into the Lagoon" in Astronomy Vol. 24, No. 7 (July 1996).

The Hubble Space Telescope has been used to study the Hourglass Nebula region in the Lagoon Nebula M8. This is the section that has the creature in it...

You be the judge, to me however it looks like a cross between a Pharaoh with its beard and the like and the big black eyes of a gray..... Think about this... if that thing is real, could it have been here a long time ago, could it be the face that the face on Mars is modeled after....?

Links to creature.....

Some images I think are like the cloud syndrome are the skull over looking the creature and the dragon it appears to be riding on..... but none are as defined as the face of this being....... If the face on Mars has some substance I feel this has at least a sliver of merit...


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