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Chad M. Raught ( writes:

I hope that you or your team will take the time to read this, because it might shed a little bit of light on some of your subjects or maybe even guide you in a different direction entirely. I just finished watching the news concerning your upcoming lawsuit with the Military concerning the "unidentified lights over Phoenix." This has inspired me to write this little piece of information that I have received a second time. I wrote it to a site that I found about 6 months back, but had no response. Please read the following, no matter how ridiculous it may sound...

My name is Chad Raught, and I live in Buckeye Arizona. Back in 1993 I encountered a very interesting person by the name of John Erdos. He was a new preacher that had come to Buckeye to take over a small church where I was in attendance. I had gotten quite close to the preacher and some of the guys would get together after church and discuss different aspects of "other possible life." After several months of getting together, the guys started really bringing out "evidence" of what each of them believed to support their theory of UFOs. Such as a copy of the Air Force "BlueBook". About test flying recovered UFOs. Now you will have to forgive me if some of this is not stated entirely properly, this was however 7 years ago.

It has however stuck with me for this time and probably will forever. This preacher finally came out in one of these late night discussion and told us about his being in the coast guard and the military prior to becoming a preacher. He was in some special military group [don't even ask me to recall what type of division of the military he was in because I wouldn't even begin to remember that part that was ordered to actually go into the earth to encounter human life forms that actually lived there, before Russia or another country did so.

He was so terrified that this last order ended his military career which he got out and wanted to search this aspect scripturally. So he did. He said that his military classification was so high that his military records are red flagged. Any way he said that there are several locations in the world where there are these tunnels that lead to the center of the earth or at least way the hell down there. There is one of these in New Mexico. A military base that is so top secret that if you drive into it or even fly over it, they will return fire to keep you away. Since he got out of the military and into preaching he believes that in the book of Genesis chapter 6 there is a story about the sons of God and the daughters of men getting together and bearing children. These "Sons of God" are Angels. Well, if you know the Bible and have studied different aspects of this theory of his might make some sense to you. He believes that our present day UFOs are actually the offspring of this half human race. Since they have been around for so long their technological devices are a lot more advanced than ours. There are scriptures that give evidence of life inside the earth. And of UFOs. Since that encounter I have read several books regarding the Hollow Earth and even the flight of Admiral Byrd. I don't know if any of this makes sense to you, but I believe that there is other life, however on another planet I doubt. Since the first crash at Roswell was soon after the nuclear blast of Hiroshima.

This is however their planet too, and if we were going to destroy ourselves we would be destroying them as well. If this just all sounds like gibberish, forgive me I am trying to cram all that I can remember into one little letter. I have however started writing a screenplay concerning these events. If anything else, it would make a hell of a movie....


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