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By: Asgeir Valur Sigurdsson (

My questions are as follows;

What numbers of law and articles concerning the law system in the United States are being broken whereas this violation is concerned if more people than I agree about that this is a violation of human rights and that it can be verified?

Do you have information regarding numbers of deaths involved whereas the coverup was concerned?

Do you believe like me that this was also a crime against the human race itself? Not only against Americans, but all nations, "every man, woman and child of this planet?"

I believe that it is possible to initiate a national acceptance between the people of the United States, and between the peoples of the world, and that negotiations of peace can be committed between us and those in charge of the coverup. The UFO's will be exhibited that are believed to be of extraterrestrial or nonhuman origin, given that such craft indeed exist. Bodies will also be exhibited under secure condition, given that they belong to nonhuman sources.

Further evidence will be kept under military and biological - research as well as otherwise required scientific research concerning physical proof to substantiate the reality of visiting extraterrestrial intelligence whereas the coverup was concerned


Those in powerful enough position will be given the permission to choose from the lines of those who committed the crime who is to be judged as responsible, family members belonging to those in charge of the coverup will be questioned by authorities under secure conditions - their identity will not be publicly exposed. The crime as a result will be dissolved through trials which is now already being committed. My questions are as follows - who was responsible? How many lives have we lost as a result?

Is it safe to connect ESB and NATO, as well as EES - related members to the coverup? As I asked before, can NATO be declared as responsible from a moral point of view?


The law system concerning the meaning and defination of the word absolute power has to change - before, it was possible for organizations and individuals to render themselves as above law - that is to me a violation against the rights of those who currently have to follow the law - this rule must be ommitted from the American and other world - wide law systems. A new law system must be developed as a result, where the individuals within the community concerning democratic states are at fundamental value - institutions and organizations come afterwards.

Liberalism is over - instead, we have social - democratism and various other interesting policies that adhere to matters related to human rights. Capitalism is over as well - George W. Bush and others refuse to face it. In my opinion, the official exposure of the UFO - coverup on june 12th last year proved that we have visitation by alien cultures - the next step is to bring forth the physical evidence to substantiate the factual material.


It must be added to the law system a clear and readable defination concerning the meaning of security and the handling of information that regards the entire human race and not just a small number of individuals. The whole community must take part in the system - for it is because of our belief in cooperation between one another that keeps us alive. Mishandling of information must be prevented at all cost - new laws must be authorized that prevent the abuse of information that otherwise required belongs to the public - misinformation or disinformation is not neccesary in a country where the cold war is over and there are no enemies.


Individuals cannot any longer erase their names from the outside world and continue to remain invisible, yet fully capable of functioning in our society. This has created fear - those who are not on file and keep a huge amount of possession fear most of all that their true identity is exposed. So they mask themselves with fairy tales and tell people that everything is OK and that nothing is going on. We must not give our possessions to people who "do not officially exist".


We must not acknowledge the rights of the extraterrestrials too soon but at first expose their existence and then try to figure out to whom we can by secure means liaise with. If races wish to share their existence with us, peace must be kept between both individual species as a result - and thus, they will become independent citizens of planet Earth as a result of the rapidly growing new law system. Laws that allow people to abuse their positions must be aborted - laws that enable large organizations, such as the medical community, to abuse their positions and halt scienticic progress, must also be put into action - if such laws already exist it is a violation against the rights of innocent Americans that they have not been put into action, thus allowing alternative medicine to be explored alongside other versions of traditional medicine.


Disturbing materials related to the coverup, such as abductions, must be handled by absolutely secure means - the identity of abductees, even under their own request, must not under any condition be exposed. Abductees must belong to the same line as other citizens - they are themselves in no way different. Various other types of disturbing material will continuously remain between the UFO - community, military and scientific community for analysis until the time is right for exposure. What the governments will discover, the citizens will eventually learn.......However, I do not believe that I will be around once human beings and alien beings will walk the Earth together and share the solar system and other worlds as well with one another.


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