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A Call for a New Understanding


Notice that those trying to keep you from inspiring others (about ufos and aliens and creation) as well as trying to keep you from talking about other things of a similar awareness (such as the cover-ups about knowledge and technology gained).....are the ones that try to make us all believe that these things don't exist. But, you are obviously aware of this.

If these things and situations don't exist, then what's the point in discouraging people from talking about these things and situations?

Surely there's no reason for them to be defensive or offensive if what we are discussing doesn't even exist.

If it does exist, and if it is assumed to be of great value (such as the technology or the knowledge), what is its value?

Has not its value changed because of its existence........because of what the source represents?

Cannot this new understanding satisfy the needs of both parties opposed to each other?

Instead of using it to destroy your opponents would in not be more wise to use it to satisfy the desires of both parties. Would that not profit the whole of mankind?

Mankind is part of the whole of creation. Therefore individual humans really have no differences when looked at from a larger view. All of mankind wants the same thing. Should not they all work together for the same thing. Instead of the few using knowledge against the ignorant for leverage. The needs of the few do not out weigh the needs of the many because the few are part of the many. Likewise the needs of the many do not out weigh the needs of the few. The human naturally shares its understanding, unless it is in fear. All can profit from the discoveries of the few.

Does not the advancement of mankind (technologically and knowledge wise) ease the burdens of mankind and allow for greater freedom of individual choice without impositions by any other component of mankind?.....shouldn't it?

Cannot this hidden awareness inspire all of us? And eliminate that which separates us?

Shouldn't the awareness of ufos, aliens, and creation's process make us even more aware of the relationship between men and women of all nations?

Is there still a reason to claim "National Security" when it is our brother on the other side of the curtain?

For whom would the technology or knowledge be used against?

If it be against a threat by off-worlders then would it not be logical to utilize all the capabilities of every man woman and child on this planet?

Would not it be of great value to have every human giving their concern to solving such a huge problem?

Is not the "real" problem with the fears one has about the day of that not what the few have been concerned with?

Fear disallows the ability to overcome what seems to be huge obstacles. Fear has made the few cowl at the future and keep the rest of us in the dark, wasting time that could be used more effectively!


......did you get the message, surveillance dude?


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