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The current lack of a formal, official confirmation of the existence of the paranormal or supernatural is no longer really a matter of lack of evidence, but an issue of fear only.  In short, we've been brainwashed, bamboozled.  And there's no shame in that.  We basically can't be what we've never been allowed to be.

I would like to elucidate what is known today as close encounters.  (This is so because of my own history of unexplained experiences that are apparently of that variety). There have been thousands of reports of contact with or abductions by apparent intelligent nonhumans.These a ccounts are consistent, well-documented, believable and emotionally accurate. There just isn't and never will be an old school, materialistic explanation that can account for the clearly intelligent precision and subtle complexities of these experiences.

As far as hard evidence, of course there is nothing that could as yet be considered a smoking gun, but there are some compelling facts.

Perhaps the best physical evidence is videotape that has been authenticated by experts.  And it's been right under our noses. The sheer mass of it ought to tell us something. Other evidence appears to include changes in soil composition where landings have been reported.  Samples of England's crop formations have marked genetic anomalies when compared to the unaffected control samples. And perhaps most significantly, mysterious objects that appear to be implants have been surgically removed from people who have histories of the aforementioned encounters.

Doctrine is a usually dangerous thing. It is absorption into absolutes that can make possible a negative, even suicidal, homicidal or God forbid genocidal reaction to the (inevitable) new knowledge that shatters or destroys the worldview. Whether one's schooling is in the limited, antiquated, materialistic Newtonian/Cartesian (scientific) model, or in Western organized religion that insists that all UFO/nonhuman activity is demonic, or in the various ultraconservative National Security apparati, the rule by fear is sadly universal; though certainly worse in the case of the latter 2. It wouldn't surprise me, though, if a certain (hopefully very small) percentage of people who today deny the close encounters reality on a supposedly purely intellectual, lack of evidence basis are the same ignorant fools who, when the inevitable Confirmation comes to pass, will grab their guns and go to war - or at least attempt to do so - with anyone who opposes their violent/evil philosophy.

To those who clamor for hard physical evidence only, I have to ask: Where's the evidence that the current power structure (in all its various forms) really works? I mean, we've overpopulated ourselves and poisoned our Host (Earth) to the (at least relative) brink of ecological collapse.  Let's get real, people!


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