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Secret Military Entity

John Streeter ( writes:

There is a sophisticated secret military entity that is hidden even from our own U.S. government/political arena, probably at no surprise to you. The projects that have been developed dwarf NASA's technology. This entity went underground during the development of ridged Zeppelin type airships in the 30's. They now have developed multi-mile high & wide airships, a better description would be spaceships (This may sound crazy, but please continue reading). These ships are built in the deep pacific with cell/cubicle like compartments filled with distilled water and an electrolysis solution. They are assembled together underwater into the desired shapes. The distilled water and solution are then subjected to electricity, which separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The oxygen is released into the ocean and the hydrogen is retained in these cells/cubicles. The science and design of these cells/cubicles to avoid the hazards of a hydrogen ignition was achieved in the 50's. The ships will rise above the ocean and into the air like any ridged airship, except these ships can go into space once completed. Many of the cells/cubicles are turned into compartments or removed/hollowed out.

These spaceships in the beginning were comparable to that of an aircraft carrier or cruse ship, and into the present multi-mile high & wide cities in space hosting smaller spacecraft. They now build groups of these cubicles and deliver them into space to be assembled. The speeds of the 300' ships and smaller are so fast that no radar can pick them up. They are manned and have no problems breaking away from the earth's gravity. These ships are in constant retrofit to include seamless crystal display type tiles for cloaking. Since the 30's a society/community (Now Approx. 250,000) has grown from this secret military complex, and completely operates freely of any governmental boundaries. I don't know how long it will take, but a coup never before seen is on the horizon.

This is not to take away from the fact that there are two other entities outside the human race, one of the entities existed on this planet before man. This entity has joined forces with this secret military society. There is another ship/city that is 1500 miles square, this is the good entity and in opposition of the other two. There is a war going on behind the scenes and now man has been brought directly into it.


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