Confirmation: Another Point of View

By The Sage (

To claim that "a formal, official confirmation of the existence of the paranoramal or supernatural is no longer really a matter of lack of evidence" and then turnaround and admit that "as far as hard evidence, of course there is nothing that could as yet be considered a smoking gun". Either we have evidence or we do not and, as have heard many confess, we do not. All we really have are storytales.

In regards to the assertion that the confirmation of the existence of the paranormal or supernatural is "an issue of fear", who specifically are we going to claim is afraid of the paranormal or supernatural? And what specifically is there to be afraid of in regards to the paranormal or supernatural? These are both questions that won't be honestly answered because they can't be answered, they are just mere unfounded accusations instead of objective reporting of known facts. I am not afraid of the paranormal or supernatural or nonhumans, but I am afraid of irrational, illogical, hysterical, and gullible people.

As for the claim that thousand of reports of contact or abductions by apparently intelligent nonhumans being "consistent, well-documented, believable, and emotionally accurate", that is purely wishful thinking. John Mack's version of the nonhumans is different than David Jacob's version of the nonhumans is different than Budd Hopkin's version of the nonhumans is different than Whitley Strieber's version of the nonhumans. Each of these people give their own different version of the nonhuman people's agenda, modis operandi, specific appearance, and so on. Obviously, the storytales abductees tell are as varied (and thereby inconsistent) as the individuals who tell them. And none of the above mentioned are what I consider "well-documented". Due to doctor-patient confidentiality, we can never really have the freedom to confirm the documentation of the story behind the story, we merely have the word of the doctors/authors themselves to go by and nothing more.

But the real clincher is the objective observation that millions of people can come forward and verbally claim that nonhumans exist, but that won't make them exist anymore than the millions of people who came forward 2000 years ago to claim that the world was flat, meant the world really was flat. We need more than a verbal claim, we need a smoking gun, but as we saw, there is no smoking gun.

Then there is the issue of indirect evidence. There happens to be no such thing as "authenticated videotapes" and I challenge anyone to provide me with a videotape that (1) is clearly and distinctly visible, and (2) that has been authenticated by more than one actually qualified person outside of the UFO community as definite and legitimate proof. It won't happen because it doesn't exist. Same thing for the allegedly UFO altered soil samples. Anyone can claim to have UFO altered soil samples, but if you cannot even prove that UFOs exist, how can you even begin to prove the assertion that some UFOs altered your soil samples? Again, it can't be done, all we have is their word that it was altered. Then there is the claim that ET is trying to communicate with us via graffitti in a barley or wheat field...ha! Can't the nonhumans figure out what voice or radio or simple pen and paper is all about yet? As for the alleged genetic anomalies, those are simply misinterpretation of the facts because genetic anomalies, like all mutations, can be passed down from one generation to the next but that isn't what has happened. No, what we really have is genetic damage -- but what else would you expect from barley or wheat that has been damaged?

No one can truly rule us unless we choose to let them rule us and I have made the choice to let no one rule me in regards to my freedom of thought. All my ideas are my own and no one else's. My beliefs are based on whatever smoking guns anyone can demonstrate for us and the fact is there are no smoking guns, therefore to believe in the absence of legitimate and valid evidence where much evidence is expected would be believing in a fantasy and not reality.

And speaking of reality, the reality is that we as a collective species are slowly destroying Earth, so maybe we don't deserve to inhabit it, but certainly going to war against anyone isn't the answer to this problem, it is just more of the same problem. Maybe the nonhumans have more respect for the Earth because maybe they want, need, and love the Earth...unlike us. At least I can take comfort in knowing that the nonhumans are not thinking violent and barbaric thoughts such as arming themselves and going to war against us because if they had wanted to, they could have done so many many years ago. They have the techonology, materially and psychologically, but obviously they have choosen to not harm us. If there really are nonhumans out there visiting us, then I have more respect for them as a group than I do for the vast majority of humans groups so if there are any intelligent nonhumans out there monitoring the internet, I hereby give notice that you are welcomed anytime to my home as a friend, even if you don't feel welcomed anywhere else.
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