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Member Commentary--Return Engagement by Schafer & Burkes

On this Saturday, CAUS invites back two former contributors to share a few insights with us...about contact, ETs, UFOs & pancakes:

1) Marcia Schafer ( [] writes:

Late last summer, CAUS posted an excerpt from my upcoming release, "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist." The book, now available, was written to help people prepare for the experience of being in the presence of other forms of galactic life. It includes information about consciousness, space-time travel, the nature of reality, genetic mutations & cosmic radiation, how other species communicate and why many different extraterrestrial species are visiting us.

The selection excerpted last year described my encounter days after the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident, when UFO sightings were reported throughout the city. It was then that alien visitors revealed they were going to step up the time line for global disclosure. They said they planned to accelerate evidence of extraterrestrial involvement with Earth.

Our cosmic visitors seem to have followed through with their intention to make their presence more known. Over the past two years, countless people have had some type of contact with a being or a vessel. Even more are receiving telepathic communications.

During the March '97 visit, our friends said they planned an incident that would take place simultaneously throughout the world. Airships from many species would fill the skies en masse globally so there would be no denying the occurrence. They communicated it would happen during a June, July or August date. I do not know what year, if it has changed, if it is even true and or whether it will ever come to pass. Back in '97 they emphasized it would be soon and I felt we were not ready for it. Obviously, the supposed showing has not yet taken place, and I don't know if it ever will.

Now that the book has been released, Peter asked if I would share new information about what is happening to us and go beyond what is in "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist." First, the majority of people have no idea who I am -- and why I should even be considered as remotely credible. Let me stop here for a moment and share part of my background.

I am a business consultant who helps individuals and organizations prepare for the future. I teach how to develop intuitive faculties and integrate them with intellectual reasoning. I have a professional background in business, science and medicine and have taught corporations about research, statistics and data. I have executive level experience (both entrepreneurial and corporate) and my credentials include a master's degree in business and a bachelor's degree in nursing. I also have undergraduate background in anthropology. I have been a guest faculty for a university project and am currently affiliated with the Kaiser Institute (the one in Colorado).

Along with this I have over 40 years of contact experiences that have taken place since birth. My education and knowledge of science, genetics, quantum reality, social structures, psychology, physiology, etc., helps me to share with others many aspects of what I experience when in the presence of non-human life.

As for my credibility, that is for each person to judge. I don't ask that you believe me, only that you use your personal discernment to decide what you think about all this. It will be come increasingly important that you retain your ability to determine what is the truth as we enter into the next phase of extraterrestrial contact. I am not talking about the government's truth, an alien's truth or my truth. I am referring to your truth. It is important that you are not afraid, do not give away your power and do not accept someone else's reality as your own. You should question what I say and accept only what feels right.

OK, back to what is happening now. I am not going to recap what else took place in March of '97 (it's in the book if you want to know). Instead, I will address a little bit of what is possibly going to happen in the near future. Because of probably realities and alternate destiny paths, these things are only potential occurrences. I am also choosing to speak here not about events but about information that will facilitate our transition into a different way of life.

Supposedly, we are now being prepared for the next phase when extraterrestrials will materialize openly in public, in front of witnesses. My rational side says it will never happen. My "other" side says get ready. (Sounds a little Star Trekky, doesn't it?) I am under the impression that one of the species has less consideration for taking the time to acclimate us to them and is trying to openly walk our planet. Think of this race as a dissenting committee member who tries to take things into their own hands.

They say our understanding of what we call physics will take on whole new dimension as we gain greater knowledge and release our limiting truths that are not accurate. There is information about the genetic codes of the universe, how consciousness descends into a material world, how the torah and Sephiroth are part of the coding key and much more to come forth. The previously lost art of sonic resonance will take on an important role in healing as we once again reclaim our understanding of how to recalibrate cellular processes. Our current evolution past the stage of Homo Sapiens will not necessarily take place on Earth, even though we have already started the changes within our populations. Many of the life skills people are acquiring now will be used to facilitate new social structures here on Earth and in another life in different star system. (This does not infer time is linear.)

Our friends have helped me to perceive blueprints for social structures and system changes that will benefit us. They also want us to have greater understanding that death is an illusory veil and if we retain consciousness through the passage we can participate more powerfully in the diagram of our soul's evolution.

I have been asked to bring the above information forward but my life needs to be restructured to provide the time to do this. I have begun the studies in these areas, however. This is where my background in science, medicine, physiology, psychology and organizational analysis is beneficial. I guess this "stuff" is going to be the second (and maybe third) book.

As I wrote in my first release, they say we are "evolutionary adolescents and this is our puberty." What an analogy! If any of the information I shared feels acceptable to you, then you can see we may be in for some wild times ahead. As for me, I'm still waiting to see whether Gaia decides to hiccup, sneeze or toss her cookies at us.

Finally, I want to publicly thank Peter Gersten and CAUS. His daily postings have been instrumental in my coming forward with the book to tell what I know. The accounts of worldwide sightings and contact experiences substantiated information I had been given by our galactic friends. Despite all my experiences, the scientific part of me hesitates to accept a lot of the knowledge I have access to.

In closing, I ask that we respect each other's viewpoint while knowing we do not have to embrace it as our own. As a friend of mine says, "Celebrate your shared spirituality." It goes far beyond this planet.

2) Joe Burkes, MD ( writes:

Saturday Morning Pancakes and the UFO
Copyright 1999 Joseph Burkes MD

As a lad growing up in Manhattan, Saturdays always brought a special treat to the breakfast table. It was pancake day. Mom worked in an office weekdays, and so breakfasts Monday through Friday were rushed. My ritual of Saturday pancakes continued on into adulthood and now middle age.

For the last seven years I covered the work of contactee groups in Canada, the US and Mexico. I have observed that when one person in a couple starts going out to interact with anomalous craft under field work conditions, occasionally the spouse will have a totally separate, unambiguous individual sighting of a UFO. Although I have witnessed many UFOs in the course of my contact work, my wife up until recently never had a sighting. Her attitude towards my usual hobby might be characterized as begrudging acceptance. More than once, when I tried to get her more involved with UFOs she has remarked, "When the "whatever-they-are land in my garden, I'll be interested."

Her indifference was the source of some frustration on my part. I had observed the beneficial effect on couples when both members shared this unusual avocation. I too desired the kind of marital UFO bliss. And so in the spirit of New Age counterculture, I repeatedly "asked the universe" for my wife Yael to have a sighting.

What has this got to do with Saturday pancakes you might ask? Well, on Saturday, January 2, 1999, my wife made plans for my morning breakfast delight. Unfortunately no pancake mix at home could be found. She did however have a UFO sighting. As Yael went out shopping for just the right brand of mix, I made an important phone call.

On a recent trip back East I had uncovered yet another independent network of contactees. While I spoke on the phone to the group's leader, Yael was out to the store for some pancake mix. It was about noon when she called me from the Trader Joe's Market on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica. I had just finished by cross continental conversation with my contactee friend.

"Joey, Joey!" her voice shouted through the cell phone. " You won't believe this, I'm watching a UFO!" Keeping my priorities straight I first inquired about whether she found the desired pancake mix, and only then did I take her sighting report. The object was large, rectangular shaped and glowing white with very sharp edges. It was located in the southern sky, 30 to 40 degrees up from the horizon. The weather was typically Southern Californian, clear and warm. The UFO was elongated, its length being five to ten times the width. The image reportedly covered about 10 degrees of sky. With her arm fully extended she estimated its length as being at least two, possibly even three, fists' breath wide. Yael stated that the UFO was pointing downward and at first glance Yael thought that it might be a plane that was going to crash. According to her description however there were no wings and no fuselage. Yael also stated that she was certain that it was not moving for the several minutes that she watched the white rectangle. It was just silently hanging there in the sky. Yael told me that she was quite certain that it was not a condensation trail. The sharp edges and lack of movement convinced her that it was highly unusual.

Alas Trader Joe's Market did not have the desired pancake mix. Ten minutes later, a slightly less excited Yael called me again. This time she was at another store some 2 miles southeast of her original location. The object had apparently moved further to the South. She now described it as being smaller and closer to the horizon. Despite her moving towards the object, according to Yael it appeared even more distant. Again she reported that no movement was detected. The portion of the object closer to the sun was more brilliantly lit. The object was a pure white rectangle with no distinguishing aircraft markings.

I was delighted about her having a sighting, but was still hungry. My stomach demanded, " Give me pancakes!" In my gastronomic agony I forgot to ask her to try and get other potential witnesses to confirm what she was viewing.

When Yael returned home victoriously, (yes the second market had the correct batter), we celebrated her anomalous sighting with a batch of delicious blueberry pancakes. After eating my full, I showed her a famous video of a rectangular shaped UFO filmed in Britain over 20 years ago. "That's it!" she exclaimed. "That's what I saw."

Yael is convinced that object is the strangest thing she has ever seen in the sky. Was it a mere coincidence that her sighting transpired after I had just spoken to a fellow UFO researcher? Perhaps the "whoever-they-are" (as Yael calls the ETs), like pancakes too.


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