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Why Are There More Questions Than Answers?

Glen Hessling ( writes:

Is EVERYONE ELSE just a frustrated as I am? .........Well, hereís the situation as I see it!

Throughout recorded history, non human life forms have interacted with humans. These beings come from different places. Some are clearly extraterrestrial and have stated so. Some are other dimensional beings that have bridged the gap between dimensions. Others have been speculated as being time travelers. Evidence indicates beings inhabit underground facilities on our planet. In fact, out of the known handful of human species living on this planet, it is apparent we are the minority of a host of intelligent life forms making an appearance here. What these beings have in common is they require vehicles to travel in and are using technology far advanced over ours. In many cases these beings are millions of years older than us. All humans are going to have to deal with this fact! Peoples belief systems are irrelevant! As soon as everyone realizes we are not the center of the universe and we are the new kids on the block, only then will we make any progress in the UFO enigma.

Sixty years ago the United States Government was confronted with the fact they could not protect the people from these visitors, put a lid on the subject with every facility at their command. So stringent was their effort to maintain this secret, many sacrifices were made ultimately resulting in the detriment of the people. This policy is still in effect today but with a shift from Government control to the private sector thereby increasing their plausible deniability.

This whole political hot potato sends fear into our Government officials. The U.S. Air Force tells us fairy tales about crash dummies, time compression and says UFOís pose no threat to the U.S. at the same time UFOís retarget our nuclear missiles and fly in our skies with impunity. ( I still canít stop laughing! ) The major News media outlets are restricted from releasing UFO reports without permission.

Our civilian space agency, NASA is clearly being controlled and doesnít want us to know that all NASA missions have been accompanied by UFOís. And what the hell is going on on Mars? Why do our spacecraft photograph UFOís approaching and then our spacecraft suddenly disappear? Donít even try to tell me that all of our missing spacecraft are due to human error.

In the last month Iíve listened to scientists on the radio spewing their belief about no physical evidence to support UFO events. What rock do these scientists live under? Why arenít they being exposed to the physical evidence? Debris from the hundreds of crashed UFOís, alien implants that have been removed from humans, landing sites, etc. In the last five years the Air Force Officers and Men in Black havenít been able to keep up with the massive photographic and video tape evidence amassed. Hell, all these scientists have to do is look up into the sky, huge unknown black triangles with bright lights are floating over treetops all over our planet in numbers that are staggering

So it seems that our Government isnít talking, scientists arenít communicating, News media wonít report, evidence is being suppressed, the Air Force just plain lies to us, the general population is kept stupid, Congress is afraid to penetrate the vail of secrecy, NASA is hiding the truth and if that wasnít bad enough these alien beings posses technology so far advanced over ours we just donít understand how they do what they do. And why are these UFOís drawing pictures in our crop fields? What the Hell are they trying to tell us? Is anyone trying to figure that out? Why do I have so many questions and no answers? Is anyone out there paying attention to any of this?

One last sad thing to report is that so many people still think this is all bunk. In spite of the intensive indoctrination efforts through television and films to familiarize the population of the alien presence there are many that exist in their little circles of life surrounding themselves, oblivious of the world around them. Ridged in their beliefs do not allow for changes nor are they aware what they learned in school many years ago has been rewritten. I only mention this group of people as a reminder of what may be an intensive culture shock to those not informed as I have been for many years. Itís my belief this group is shrinking rapidly. This also is frustrating to me because I suspect that in this 21st century we are in for some very big changes in our perspective of the way things are. Many are of the same opinion, for better or worse, something big is going to happen, and soon. Maybe then, my questions will be answered.


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