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The Reality of Our Reality

Three weeks ago in "The Reality of Our Reality," ( I shared with you some of my beliefs as to the nature of our reality. That commentary prompted the following member responses:


1) Steve ( writes:

The reality of our reality is the most intelligent piece I have ever read. I am an abductee, and have been ridiculed for years for speaking this way, but I know it is true. I have been out of body numerous times, and had NDEs twice, and have also been removed from my body by the ETs and others which are probably one and the same. One day I was removed from my body to show me the real situation going down in the world. It was scary. I was taken to areas of China, Africa, India etc, and saw so much poverty, sickness, and war I could not bear to see it. I was taught of the energy state that we all have had before this life we are in now. ETs are setting us up with trials, and they go away when we pass them completely. This means that the trial means so little to us that in our reality it doesn't exist at all. A tall order? Yes, but I have tested the theory and found it to be very true. All I can tell you is what I've learned by my own personal experience, but will be happy to discuss it with you if you like, and answer any questions you have

2) Jon B. Johansen ( writes:

This is an interesting concept, but I might redirect your thoughts to the idea that it is the "bubble" of conscious awareness participated in by all conscious entities, which "creates" and "maintains" what we know as material reality... what might be thought of as a field-effect of consensual solipsism, or - more explicitly - a quantum field effect that began with the initial collapse of wave potential by the primal conscious event, and has been expanding and growing ever since...

This is not to say that material reality is a phantom or illusion, but rather that its manifest origin is intrically bound with the conscious event

3) Malcom Kroeber ( writes:

You are not "Off", quantum mechanics (physics) are finding your speculations possible. Varied in script a bit perhaps, but {Universe's} similar in nebulous design theory.

As you question and the lad who wrote to you recently (Jack Hill?) believe there is much more to reality than what humanities conception of it is. If any Seeker doubts opinions of the Science's and believes more in religious scripture, much of its text suggest these issues but in a moderated way. Without an emotional awareness of an issue, one can lack the sensitivity to understand what is implied. It would be like an English speaking person trying to understand a Science theory told to them in a foreign language.

Recently I read a quote, which relates to these issues, {Ancient Texts}....."If you would speak with the Gods you must first learn the language of the Gods." Increasing apprehension of unfathomable issues is the first phase of learning the language. What you and J.H. feel with deep emotional intuition is the start of the bonding process to discovering reality.

An accelerators energies shatter atomic-particles to discover {what?} they are made off.....a human Mind finds the same answers through Cosmic awareness. You and others who share similar emotions are on the 1st lap of an insight voyage to the Stars. No doubt we are being programmed by not understood intelligences that are similar to the instructions given to Moses via a burning bush.

4) Merion Hughes ( writes:

I liked your article on the game - think of yourself as standing with your big toe dipped into a pond. Now imagine that all your memories and inputs are the result of what is seen, felt and heard by your big toe.

What you don't know, and don't detect, is that you are not just a big toe, and the cosmos is not just the pond.

In this connection I am attaching an article called "God, Afterlife & Science" - which pulls together all that we really know about the "pond" and provides a theory, closest to what science would describe as a theory, of what we really are. Toe = human; the rest = being; Cosmos = God. (Please e-mail the writer if you would like A copy of the article.) And seeing as this is a game; the article is linked to the rules. (these rules are good, caus they are the originals).

And yes, you are absolutely right. UFOs, abductions etc. are all phenomena associated with the bigger part of us that isn't restricted to "toe" and "pond". BTW - the stage is perhaps a bit bigger than just this solar system. Games are multi-leveled if they are to be of any lasting interest.

6) Doug Parrish (dparrish@ismi.) writes:

Yours is one of the best explanations I have heard in a long time regarding the prefabricated nature of our reality. It makes tremendous sense to me and helps explain many minute inconsistencies, which crop up over time.

Bearing on your contribution, I have just recently completed a lengthy translation for the first time from German into English of a document written by a Dr. Johannes Fiebag (now deceased) entitled "The Mimicry Hypothesis." I sent it to Rich Boylan's list just after Christmas. Fiebag (pronounced FEE-bock), while less sophisticated in his approach than you are in yours, promulgates that an advanced alien civilization, perhaps a million years ahead of our own and located in the pre-Gerstenian (pronounced ger-STEN-ee-an) universe, has deployed highly sophisticated robotic sensors near evolving solar systems which show promise of intelligence. By means of telemetered data (or their version of that process), they are able to use our reality as a virtual reality for themselves, stepping in and out of our lives as they choose. In an extension of this point of view, I have added the analogy that their interactions with us are problematical to the same extent that our interactions with Disneyworld's animatronic figures are. We do not feel beholden to explain ourselves to these animated 3-D figures nor show them the cars we used to arrive in Orlando, anymore than these virtual reality interlopers feel beholden to explain themselves to us or allow us to visit their UFO parking lot.

Your theory very neatly obviates the apparently insurmountable barrier which the speed of light is thought to represent. And who's to say that astronomers don't find in the universe essentially what they set out to find? "Thinking makes it so." Perhaps this "resident terrestrial psychic technology" exists simply to create and manifest, as practicably as possible, whatever it is we believe. Perhaps we have been observing only one facet of the paradigm we call reality. Perhaps we are discovering the paradigmatic offerings of our multi-faceted paradigm.

You're doing the right thing! Keep the philosophical perspectives coming. If there is anything we need right now, it is perspective.

7) Ted Pepper ( writes:

I'm a 49-year-old optician practicing fifty miles west of Wash. D.C. in an area where there're a lot of retired military and intelligence folks. I enjoy gently steering the conversations with some individuals in the direction of "this stuff about UFO's and ET's I've been hearing a lot about". I've received some interesting comebacks running the gamut from getting cut off abruptly with cold blooded stares that would curdle your soul, to enticing hints, to full-blown discussions.

Your correspondent, Jack Hill, reminded me of one such discussion with a retired intelligence fellow with 25 years in the CIA. This discussion also seemed to buttress the Jacques Vallee scenario. The gentleman said he had taken part in numerous roundhouse discussions with his fellow employees on the subject, as it was apparently of great interest to certain people with certain responsibilities. He told me they generally discussed the issue that the intelligences were not extra-terrestrial-- that they were a form of life that has always existed on our planet--that they most likely lived underground and/or underwater--that they could trace very bizarre signals that were super poly-encripted--that they could see where the signals generally would originate, and generally end---that they've made a choice not to interact with the human species (because of our human nature)-- that we see their technology mainly at night in the skies--and, that they started appearing more after we started our nuclear program, as it remains a threat to them.

This guy didn't know Jacques Vallee from a hole in the wall. I will say that he ended up leaving the agency very disgruntled (an attempt on his life was made after he discovered his boss was having an affair with his wife). He spoke very candidly, as he was not revealing anything 'secure'...just relaying some scuttlebutt as he had heard it.

7) John Colaw ( writes:

I have thought this way all of my life. We do not really know anything, do we?

All I know, is that a sense of "I am" exists in my mind. I do not remember being born, do you? I have some pretty early childhood memories, from two or three years old. But I take my parents word for it that they are my parents, because I cannot remember being born.

And of course, I think I am me, because I learned when someone looked at me and said "John", that meant "me". So I accepted this conditioning, based on repeated reinforcement by those around me. I believed that what I saw when I looked at them, was "them", and that what they saw when they looked at me, was "me". And the input I receive from my sensory organs is directed towards "me" as the extent of my environment. That input, combined with the thoughts and impressions in my mental arena form my life.

I learn all of these same responses when I play a video game, only less sophisticated. The movie "The Thirteenth Floor" is a perfect analogy.

And the letter you quoted regarding being guided, and getting clues and synchronicities gives me a chill, because I have been preaching that dialogue for thirty years. There is certainly an intelligent source manipulating, probably even playing right in the game with us. All around.

I am a professional computer analyst/programmer. I know a lot about computer systems. How the system environment operates, how various modules perform and interact, how information is input, processed and output, how small cells of function are grouped into larger systems. I know programming when I see it, and this life is programmed to the max.

So, I agree with you, Peter. This is a programmed construct, and we experience it within the realm of its execution. There must be a shell, or dimension above our experience from which those more informed as to the nature of the game's reality operate with impunity from our plane. We may also be operating from there, but have been immersed in the game so long, that we identify with the character, rather than the consciousness that came before we had an "identity". That is the real mystery, correct? Who are we? What are we? What is going on here?

What if "God" created the perfect programmed system, and it had self-evolving modules that had free will to determine their action and behavior, within the restraints of the systems environment, of course. And somehow, a virus invaded either the system itself, or somehow corrupted the "code" of the programs. (DNA interference?). Even an intentional programmed challenge to the system?

What if there is a "problem" somewhere in this programmed existence of ours? Perhaps each entity can be the one to find it out and "win" the game, if they would only discover the key to the mystery, and the path to the solution? As if there are two (or endless?) endings competing with each other to precipitate. What are the agendas of the competing forces in this game, and who are the players? Am I an avatar on some higher beings monitor?

Have you seen the game "Creatures", by Cyberlife? In it, one plays God to these creatures, called Norns. There are also "bad guy" creatures called grendels. Bad guys only in contrast to Norns, of course. You hatch the Norns from an egg, then you reward it by tickling it, and punish it by spanking it. Teach it to speak, and perform actions. The norns take on a life of their own. They breed and have babies, teach them what they know, etc. And they die. It is very enlightening to play this game. Being God can still be frustrating, when the creatures have free will.

We are Norns in a big game. As long as I find myself here, I will continue to look for those clues, and those key people who come out of nowhere at just the proper moment. Like yourself, Mr. Gersten! I have been aware of who you were for a long time, but did not investigate further as to what you were about. Now I find myself freaking out at the path which continues to pull me forward. I am glad to know the there are others in this game like yourself, asking some of these same questions and having some of these same feelings. I am eager to see what tomorrow brings as this adventure continues to unfold.

UFOs and ETs are but two of the endless mysteries surrounding our lives and this experience which we call life. Like the thirteenth floor, I hope nobody pulls the plug on it, if that is what it turns out to be!

Keep up the good work, sir. As my alter ego, Scarecrow, always says: "Onward thru the fog".

8) Jason Lohman ( writes:

I thought Id share an idea with you. I'm a Christian and I believe everything that we simple-minded humans need to know is all written in the Bible. Throughout the Old Testament it speaks of UFO's encountering with man on earth. Some examples are in 2 kings 2:11 says "as they were walking along and talking together suddenly a chariot of fire(not knowing the term UFO in those days)appeared and separated the two men, Eliijah willing went into this ball of fire that created a whirlwind on the ground and then the ball of fire took Elijah up into the heavens" back then these people had no concept of electrical light and assumed it might be fire. Another is in the book of Noah in Genesis 6 it speaks about sons of God translated from Hebrew meaning angels of good or bad, well these particular group of angels (which people would call aliens today) came from the heavens saw that the daughters of man were fair and bare children with them. The offspring from these angels and humans were about ten feet tall when mature. These angels are fallen angels (who chose to rebel with Lucifer) from God.

Do you recall the story of when Lucifer convinced a third of the heavens to rebel against God and God tossed them to the lower heavens and earth? And the lower heavens is what we see as stars and galaxies and God is in the utmost heaven where He dwells. So the universe as we see it are filled with legions upon legions of fallen angels that God has tossed out due to their rebelling.

Back to these offspring of giants, do you recall the story of David and Goliath? Goliath was an offspring of one of these fallen angels. God saw these fallen angels deeds and did not like the sins of man as well, therefore that's why He commenced with the flooding with the sole purpose to cleanse the earth of these giants known as the Nephlims.

There are other accounts and stories of fallen angels encountering with mankind throughout the Old Testament. Peter, you speak of a holograph, how do we not know that there was a creator for this holograph, known as God? God says in the Bible that all mysteries will be revealed to you, but for now all we have is one hundredth of information revealed to us through the Bible. For example, God says in the Bible there are secrets in the Antarctic region of earth that we are unable to uncover. What do you think God meant by that?

Peter, I have been studying Anatomy and Physiology and I have come to the conclusion that nobody in this world can create a more sophisticated and complex machine than a God that is mentioned in the Bible. Take the common house fly for example, its maneuvering capabilities are so advanced and yet man cannot create a machine (such as helicopters) with the same maneuvering capabilities of a house fly. Who created this fly with such advanced technology? The only book I can go to for answers, and literally get my questions answered is the Bible.

God says in the Bible, before His coming it will be like the days of Noah, and in the days of Noah we had offspring of unearthly beings dwelling with us, could we now be approaching those days?? I suggest a book called "Alien Encounters, the secret behind UFO phenomenon" by Chuck Missler.

9) Judith Mayotte ( writes:

You are far from "off". There are many other people out here that hold yours or similar views as in your letter from Jack Hill. If you saw the movie "The Matrix" then you would have received confirmation of your view. In that movie the matrix is a sort of construct for a reality. One can become "UNPLUGGED" from the matrix and find themselves in a far different reality. There was a song written some years ago....sorry the title eludes me at the moment, but one line goes something like this..."if you believe, they put a man on the moon". This song actually questions our reality as we know it. I have felt for a long time that this reality is a construct and an illusion. All of this exists because we are locked into a belief that it exists. Even the Bible makes reference to time/space having been did not exist at some point and will revert back at some point in the future to non-existence AND makes statements that their is a veil over our minds....a veil of forgetfulness. I imagine that we have "forgotten" the reality before the current reality.

As to the letter you received from Jack Hill. I too have had the very same experiences he describes. I would never tell anyone for (that ugly word) fear of being thought a few clicks off myself. But, that was my feeling in the past. Now I have found others that are having the same experiences and I don't feel so "off". I have had MANY people come into my life....literally just pop into my life.....say something very profound and then I never see them again. What they had to say was very relevant to my life and it just about knocked my off my feet so to speak. I would be left standing there with my mouth open. If you have read anything by P.M.H. Atwater about the web, the matrix, future memory, you understand that we can access this collective consciousness which contains all thought forms and all knowledge. I believed in this but had not experienced it until this year..... I stand in awe at the amazement of this web as I have now accessed it on several occasions. Real ah ha moments.....even in dreams! Until I found sites on the net like CAUS I would not dare to mention these sorts of things to anyone. I was searching for people like minded, searching, seeking, and not with tunnel vision. I believe that we are allowed information in direct proportion to our desire to know.

10) Kees Blokland ( writes:

Just a few of my ramblings..

..then I wonder why so many people seem to have the same feeling(s)
..have a headcount amongst readers.

It also means, once you accept this, and start to listen, that some things in life get a lot easier. when your 'gut-feeling' says no, accept it without further questioning. (Trouble is you think you know better, that's when the problem's start!)

To tell you a huge secret: for my daily bread I fix high-tech medical equipment. Long ago I decided to follow my instinct rather than training, and fixing things is so much easier this way. Many times I'm allowed to know what's wrong (if at all) before I get to the customer.

It is also one of my pet beliefs, that most of what we see around us, is created by our own simple minds. ( we are allowed to create the illusion of) I even dare say, that stones weren't heavy until we decided to give them the attribute 'weight'.

(I'm sure you know of impossible feats when people are in distress/hurt/danger etc. All of a sudden they decide they can lift a car, or block of concrete. Afterwards they don't believe they did it!)

Everybody had plenty, until we decided there was not enough..

In crystallography, it seems to be a well-known thing, that once the properties of materials are understood in one laboratorium, all of a sudden, everybody else around the world finds the same results, as if there is a huge communication network between 'matter'

In my own field of work I have seen over the last 25 years, that equipment seldom brakes down, once you understand how it works.

Cars work, because an awful lot of people have a vague idea of how they work, together with a handful of real experts, that's enough to keep them going.

Most equipment works because some 'expert' really decides that it works. Unfortunately there is one huge problem. If you are lucky enough to collect enough ideas that no other human has collected yet, and assembled them, without reference to 'known' technology it works. As soon as you start to add 'known' values, you are bound/restricted by these 'known' values.

That's why exotic drugs work, or that's why special materials have special properties. It would be just as easy to decide that bark of a tree is the strongest material around. Only, humanity has long ago decided that it was not, and since then it 'knows' it ain't strong.

So, when very few people initially know about a material or substance, they are free to give it the properties they desire, once the rest of us start to know and the knowledge starts to spread, than that's it. You are stuck with 'popular belief. This does not restrict to materials, same goes for behavior, feelings etc..

You get killed by electricity because we know this to be true, yet I have seen people touch 400-Volt wires without blinking, because they did not know about electricity.

Children don't know about pain, until we start telling them it hurts.

Our seemingly simple minds are the most powerful machines ever invented (in this reality) We just lost the manual. We have the ability to create, yet we choose to destroy (just as easy as creating, just the other way around!)

..I wish I would not forget this, every day..

11) Evan Peelle ( writes:

I expect you will get many theories of reality in response to this. Here's what I've come to believe. We live in a holographic universe co-created by Mind (Original/Cosmic Mind and all sentient beings - offshoots/aspects of Original Mind). Our thoughts (beliefs, expectations, perceptions, and resultant emotions) form fundamental energy into material and non-material "reality" according to the vibrational frequency we give it. Everything we imagine/give thought can become real (and what we can imagine is infinite). So every possibility exists simultaneously in a multiple universes - multi-dimensional reality. Past, present and future exist simultaneously as well. Collective/shared thought shapes collective realities. What we choose to think becomes real; what we choose to believe is real becomes our reality. The Law of Greatest Good determines all of reality. All choices are always in line with the Greatest Good. If we cause harm to ourselves or others, it is for the good in that it serves the universal and eternal need for continuous improvement. God has created the Universe as an open, adaptive, intelligent learning system based on the principle of Perfect Imperfection - always room for learning and growth - the nourishment that gives life to our hearts and souls.

This is not new or unique. It is the ancient metaphysical position now being joined by modern physics. THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Michael Talbot offers a wonderfully interesting perspective .

12) Lourdes C. ( writes:

You are definitely not "off". You are absolutely "right on." And from where I sit in the game, it looks like you are fulfilling your role just as you intended it.

Although I would be disappointed to find there are no "physical" visitors from outer space, I do feel that there are many visitors from inner space, other dimensions, and somehow I suspect there's something underneath the surface of the earth. When I think of UFOs, I think literally - unidentified flying object. Just because it's a UFO, does not necessarily mean it's extraterrestrial.

If you are "off", then there are lots of us in the same boat. One of the problems with our society (which is thankfully changing now), is that we do not encourage each other to talk openly about such things. Yet, we all feel and observe the same "strange" things.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I believe strongly that you won't regret all the blood, sweat and tears you've put into it. I listen to Art Bell all the time and ever since I heard of CAUS, my prayers have been with you.

12) Doug ( writes:

This is an excellent scenario that many of us seem to be awakening to. It may tie in with the 11:11 phenomena that many players are experiencing, including myself. This fella stated his ideas about "the game" exactly as I once did. It too am 39 and experiencing intense revelation and synchronicities, while my loved ones are still playing by the old rules and think I'm nuts. I feel like I've been wandering a desert for almost 40 years and am about to stumble on the Promised Land. I expect any moment that some game regulator (angel or watcher) will at anytime abduct me out of this game scenario for I and many other sleepers are beginning to ruin the game flow for others. If we are eternal omnipotent beings, or manifestations of the ONE, the most logical outcome is that we (IT) will create and play high technology reality games as we (IT) seem to be doing now within the game. I always said my idea of heaven is to experience time travels within different worlds, kind of like Jesus statement about within his father's kingdom are many mansions. Whose to say, we ain't already there. Puts a different perspective on Zoroastrian mythology and the idea that we are all stars (beams of holographic light?) and George Bush's Thousand Points of Light.

So, after we find our way out of the game maze, what next? Another game in another simulated world? Ahhh, sweet bliss.

13) D.B. writes:

However, that is not the entire reason for this response. February 19 you posted an essay entitled The Reality of our Reality. This was a very good essay. It made me start thinking. Excerpt from your essay, the most logical inference to draw from the evidence is that it coexists with us in this reality.. and has for as long as recorded history. It could be argued that this intelligence is what has created this "futuristic technology" and continues to monitor and interact with its creation.

You must be talking about God. Stated another way, God IS the futuristic technology in my way of thinking. He IS the great evolver. If we evolved on our own we would REALLY be a mess, considering our history and our openness to selfishness. I never could accept the Evolution Theory, even when I was little. (When it was taught to me even then, I could dismiss it with a yeah. right.) never understanding why educated, scientific minds could embrace it with unequivocal acceptance. For a while, creationism was not even taught in schools. So I am glad that the tide is turning.

Mind you, there was a time when I was full of questions (and I still am) but I developed a personal logic. Our brains are little computers -- they don't work on the binary, and it is my understanding that research is developing a non-binary computer presently. It has also been said that we only use 10% of our brain capacity in our lifetime. So it is logical that our databanks are empty and ready to be filled up with more information. The more information we have, the greater ability we have to think and compare. To take it even further, it is possible to plug into the Creators databank. We do that through prayer and meditation. God will even talk to us providing we will ever stop talking ourselves. Therefore, the diversified thinking that we experience throughout the world whether religious or political is not a matter of beliefs, rather, it is a matter of information that will be accepted or disregarded. Even my little mechanical PC does that, being only a task oriented piece of plastic. Well, all this seems logical to me, but I'm just an unemployed poet. What do I know?


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