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Member Commentary--What Would Freud Say?

Due to the re-aggravation of an old back injury, Art Bell canceled his live radio show Friday night. My appearance has been postponed until Monday night at 10:00 PM PT.

On this Saturday, CAUS presents a commentary by Victoria Alexander, the female energy behind the man known for his work with non-lethal weapons and allegedly a present member of MJ-12....her husband, John Alexander. Victoria has written extensively about her controversial opinions about certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon...and today's commentary is no exception.

by: Victoria Alexander

This article is in response to the criticism that was raised over my initial comments (MUFON Forum, February 1997) regarding "Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB" by Helmut Lammer (December 1996).

At this time there is absolutely no incontrovertible proof that aliens are abducting, experimenting on, sexually abusing, and mating with humans to produce a hybrid race. Ongoing fast-track advances in genetic engineering clearly indicates that physical intercourse (or simulated impregnation) to produce "hybrids" is extremely inefficient and unnecessary. As we have seen with the preliminary work in cloning, Earth's scientists do not even need sperm or ova to reproduce offspring. Yet we are asked to believe clumsy, archaic procedures are conducted by a technologically superior species.

Presently, all we have are stories. Either alien abductions are true physical events, or they are not. If aliens are here intermingling with humans, it would be the most significant event in the history of the planet. If not, then what are these stories?

I propose that the "abduction experience" in some way enriches the lives of abductees by either purging their troubled psyches, or allows them to undergo an "arthritic sci-fi shamanic jaunt" (without the burden of leaving the comfort of bedroom and home). They undergo a self-described horrific ordeal, which sets them apart, identifies them and, regardless of angry denials, makes them special, either to investigators, researchers, the media, or their circle of friends.

(In anticipated response to the claim that when abductees refuse to "go public," request anonymity, do not pursue a book contract, or appear on TV shows, this in any way automatically anoints the story truthful. I submit that writing to a researcher, having a prominent UFO personality read one's diaries, letters and poems, to be counseled and comforted by interested parties for hours, and discussing one's entire life in detail is enough satisfaction already and quite flattering, without the taxing demands of a book deal or an appearance on The Jerry Springer Show).

We cannot ignore the uneasy fact that throughout the past few years most of the current literature on alien abductions that has been presented by John Mack, David Jacobs, Edith Fiore, et al. contains a strong sexual component. If these alien sexual episodes are not taking place in physical reality, then they certainly should be classified as "sexual fantasies."

The field is flooded with details of human/alien sexual encounters. Significantly, David Jacobs explores the sexual nature of abductions quite thoroughly in his book, Secret Life, Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions. Several of the abductees Jacobs interviewed "report that [sexual] arousal occurs through manual genital manipulation during Mindscan." (Page 106.) The following few excerpts are from well-known books in the field. They are by no means the only references I could have chosen. Obesity, severe and constant medical problems, and sexual dysfunctioning are all given ample and florid coverage. Does the abduction experience itself produce such an exacting array of damaging side effects? Researchers would like us to believe this is so. However, is it possible that a life plagued by these conditions produces the alien abduction experience, not the other way around? Have aliens become the scapegoats for life-threatening and ostracizing obesity, failed relationships and marriages, sexual inadequacies, lifelong medical problems, and chronic masturbation, etc.? There has been much emotionally based consternation about my generalizing comments about alleged dysfunction relating to abductees. Let me provide some substantiating facts in the words of abductees themselves and the researchers who champion their experiences.

"The psychological ramifications of all this can be profound-leading to guilt, shame, distrust, and other psychosexual development disturbances, as well as resulting sexual dysfunction. These abduction events can influence sexual attraction and behavior. Some woman abductees report that they prefer men who are small and dark, or they like powerful, dominant men who make love to them and then "just walk away." Sexual fantasies for women may include odd science fiction themes. Some men and women who are psychologically accustomed to frequent violation, pain mixed with "pleasure," and the inability to move on a table report fantasies involving masochism and bondage." Page 252 from Secret Life, Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

"Barbara eased her huge body into my Danish black leather reclining chair and burst into racking sobs. "I've been real sick. It's all this weight. Three hundred and forty-seven pounds! And now I have panic attacks all the time." "She gave me a "laundry list" of her many physical problems, including heart attacks, hemorrhaging, a hysterectomy, allergies, headaches, seven surgeries to repair a bad break in her leg and torn muscles in her knee, and borderline diabetes. As she settled back more into the chair, she described other, psychological problems: a lifelong claustrophobia that had worsened during the past twenty years, and, more recently, the panic attacks. Her stormy marriage of over thirty years was an ongoing source of unhappiness and stress. "I'm sure it's all tied in with my 'iceberg' . . . a lot of anger and hatred that I hold in. I put on a smile and go on with life." Pages 40-41 from Encounters, A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

"Far more commonly reported is alien control of sexual activity between two humans aboard their craft. The aliens bring the abductee into a room, and there on a table is another human of the opposite sex. Abductees report that the other person seems "out of it." The aliens make it clear that they want the abductee to have intercourse with the other person, so the abductee either duly climbs up on top of the other person and intercourse ensues or she lies on the table and intercourse is performed on her. If an orgasm is created, the Beings often stare into the abductee's eyes during it. It must be emphasized that this is not a sexual fantasy situation, and most men and women feel that it is an uncontrollable and traumatic event. One man tearfully said that he felt like he was raping a woman when he was forced into having intercourse with her." Page 198 from Secret Life, Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

"After [Victoria] had been hypnotized for ten minutes and we had come to the end of our work on her weight problem, I followed a hunch and asked her subconscious mind if she had had any close encounters with extraterrestrials. Her "yes" finger popped up immediately." Page 153 from Encounters, A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

"I wish you could have known me ten or fifteen years ago. You would never have recognized me now. I had been plagued by depression and anxiety for as long as I could remember. When I was sixteen, my parents took me to see a psychiatrist. I had about five visits with him in a year and a half. He wasn't much help. My self-image stank and I had the biggest inferiority complex in the history of the world. Between that and the depression and anxiety, you'd think I would have seen him more than five times in a year and a half. At various times in my life, the problems I was wrestling with manifested themselves in physical symptoms. Colitis, spastic bowel syndrome, obesity, nail biting, hyperventilation, gastroenteritis, reflus esophagitis, palpitations, and the list goes on. All this just complicated my life even more. I'm sure, as I was growing up, most of the doctors I saw for various health problems thought I was one pitiful little girl. And I believe many of them probably wondered if I had been the victim of some kind of abuse while I was growing up. I guess, in a way, I was." Page 193. Debbie Jordan in Abducted! The Story of the Intruders Continues . . . by Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell

"Beginning when he was eight, Scott was taken repeatedly to physicians, especially neurologists, for the evaluation and treatment of frequent throbbing headaches that had begun when he was six, and some sort of "spells" or "seizures" that were poorly described as attacks of "strange feelings," "spacing out," or "confusional episodes." He was initially described as "a restless eight-year-old boy." The headaches were diagnosed as "atypical migraine" and treated with mild analgesics (painkillers). An initial electroencephalogram (EEG) during this period was read as mildly abnormal, followed by others that were normal. But over the next several years Scott was treated with substantial doses of several anti-convulsant medicines that had little effect." Page 94 from Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack, M.D.

"A lot of times I wished I could go out, but just didn't feel well enough to get dressed, let alone dressed up. Three times in one week I went [to] the local emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. Of course, I wasn't having a heart attack, but I was having massive anxiety attacks. It's pretty bad when the local hospital employees start to call you by your first name when you walk through the door. I started having irregular heartbeats that became so bad that one night I wound up in the cardiac intensive care unit. That condition was diagnosed as "nervous heart syndrome." I was put on a couple of different beta-blockers, and the condition is now under control. Basically, I was a mess." Page 17. Debbie Jordan in Abducted! The Story of the Intruders Continues . . . by Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell

"Many abductees with whom I have worked, including several not written about in this book, experience a kind of ecstasy which, as in Carlo's case, can reach orgasmic proportions as they feel themselves open through their experiences (or the reliving of them) to a divine source or creative center of being in the cosmos." Page 408 from Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack, M.D.

"Her overweight condition seems to be the result of a hormonal imbalance. She began menstruating regularly at the age of seven, the beginning of her pubescence. By the age of ten she had grown to her present height, 5' 3 1/2," and was under treatment for high blood pressure. At the age of fourteen she was operated on for gallstones, and her gallbladder was removed. She has suffered from hepatitis, and almost died from pneumonia which presented all the symptoms of what is now known as Legionnaires' disease. She has had her appendix removed and once spent two weeks in traction because the two extra vertebrae in her spine somehow fused. Very early in 1983 she was hospitalized with asthmatic attack. A lung collapsed and she was treated with an intravenous bronchial dilator; she suffered an apparent allergic reaction to the medication and spent the following two weeks in the hospital. After the traumatic events of the summer of 1983 Kathie began to exhibit symptoms of heart arrhythmia . . .." "Hypoglycemia, hyperadrenalism, high blood pressure have all been chronic problems, and allergic reactions to certain medications have compounded her difficulties. Kathie has not been spared her share of what used to be called "female problems." When she had her appendectomy the surgeon also removed some cysts on her ovaries, and though a hysterectomy was contemplated, it was finally not performed." Pages 77-78 from Intruders. The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods by Budd Hopkins

"Jerry felt intense embarrassment as she told me that the leader pushed her legs into a pulled up and apart position to "check me, and he brings a light, this really bright light, and I'm thinking what are they going to do. I don't like this. It's just, really, it's okay to, you know, poke at me and everything, but I don't like that. That's my private area, and I don't think they should be doing anything there, and I don't think my mom would like that." At first they were "just looking" inside her vagina, but them "they put something in there" that was "kinda like when I get older, the gynecologist, you know, kinda like that." Page 136 from Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack, M.D.

"For men, impotence and difficulties with ejaculation are common. Some become obsessed with control. They try to control every aspect of their bodies, including ejaculation. Some men masturbate excessively, unconsciously trying to keep the aliens from having their sperm. Others have a feeling of shame and guilt when they are sexually active. . . " Page 252 from Secret Life, Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Of course, not all abductees are overweight, psychosexually incapacitated, or suffering from a life tormented by illnesses. Yet, with few exceptions, this is the alien abduction foundation. These abductee-pioneers laid the groundwork and introduced a scenario that offers a myriad of psychological benefits. The experience is indeed being reshaped and redesigned to fit a person's peculiar emotional needs, whatever that may be. If you doubt this evaluation, please consider that the highly respected abductee, Betty Andreasson Luca, whose abductee experiences were profoundly spiritual, was never anally probed or brought to orgasm by curious aliens.

Regarding the phenomenon now known as MILAB (Military Abductions), Lammer's paper is flawed at the most fundamental levels. He reports as fact unsubstantiated claims without offering any investigative evidence. Further, he demonstrates a lack of the most elementary knowledge of the technologies involved in his hypothesis. When basic logic is applied to his article, Lammer's position totally disintegrates.

Throughout Lammer's paper, he consistently attributes technical capabilities far beyond the state-of-the-art. He believes everything he's told by MILAB's, assuming such technology has been perfected, employed and has been operational for decades. While abductees have been reporting their experiences over long periods of time and in some cases from generation to generation, the first operational GPS satellite was not launched until February 1989. The 24 satellites of the GPS constellation was not completed until June 1993.

Interestingly, our government chooses not to use these highly advanced technologies for detection and surveillance against known adversaries; but rather, to monitor the everyday, inconsequential comings-and-goings of people who believe they have been chosen by aliens as breeders. According to Lammer, authorities use three satellites to find or keep track of abductees. These "tracked lives" are, in reality, filled with numbing mediocrity and bone-chilling repetition. Believing the US government is monitoring your every move is not only comical, it's delusional.

When reviewing the after-action reports from Desert Storm, commanders complained about the lack of continuous overhead reconnaissance from space-based platforms. (I guess the satellites were busy monitoring abductees.) We sent F-111 bombers to get Colonel Khaddafi and missed; launched an invasion of Panama to get General Noriega and couldn't find him; and finally employed Stealth fighters and cruise missiles to hit Saddam Hussein and didn't do it. Hussein, as of this writing, still enjoys the fruits of his dictatorship of Iraq, much to the embarrassment of our international image. However, Lammer believes covert military operations can track and tag abductees without a hitch. What's wrong with this picture?

Further, Lammer displays abysmal knowledge of the US government's budgetary structure. To imply that in the eighties, SDI funds were diverted to harass abductees belies the fact that there were abduction reports prior to that time. SDI was a high-visibility project. Lammer makes illogical assumptions about omniscient capabilities supported by unlimited funding.

In summary, Lammer's conclusions are totally unsubstantiated and therefore, unreliable. He juxtaposes scientific sources with junk logic and tabloid-style journalism. The MILAB hypothesis supports a psychological explanation. If veridical evidence for physical abduction exists, it is incumbent on the victim's to report it. If psychological help is needed, get it.

Society applauds and encourages individuals to come forward and report domestic abuse, rape, child abuse and sexual harassment (in the workplace and the military). We support people who fight drug dealers in their neighborhoods. We recognize the peril these individuals put themselves in by coming forward. In these cases, violence in not a mere threat, but a likely outcome.

However, we allow abductees to be absolved from publicly reporting gross injustices against them by our military personnel. If indeed there are hundreds (even thousands) of women who are victims of unwanted military surveillance and criminal activities, their impressive numbers will prevail. To effect change, they must stand up and present their case to the public. If law-abiding, high-functioning, taxpaying citizens come forward with their allegations and provide credible testimony, they will be listened to. Or have we forgotten the fact that we live in a democratic society with laws against kidnapping and medically experimenting on its citizens?

I urge all men and women who have been harassed, abused and kidnapped by military personnel to publicly come forward.

In furtherance of the comments addressed to me in the MUFON Journal, I intend to avail myself of Katherina Wilson's gracious suggestion (see Wilson's April, 1997 response to my letter) that I contact her husband by email to discuss her sexuality, though aren't there Internet chat rooms already set up for that kind of stuff?

I'd like to thank my husband, John B. Alexander, Ph.D., for his support, review, and insightful contributions to this article.

And though CAUS has no opinion on the views expressed by Mrs. Alexander nor endorses her theory, I wish to thank her for allowing CAUS to post her commentary.



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