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Saturday Commentary--Dear Victoria

On this Saturday, CAUS shares with you some of the responses to Victoria Alexander's article 'What Would Freud Say?' Mrs. Alexander's article was written two years ago but rejected by MUFON for publication in its Journal. Last week she shared it with CAUS.

1) Dr. Helmut F. Lammer ( writes:

I feel "honored" to be worth a reply by Victoria Alexander after the insignificant period of two years. Given the length of her article and the substantial number of quotes, I can understand what took her so long. It´s just unfortunate that in all these two years she could not spare the time to read MY article "Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB" (December 1996) carefully.

It is obvious that Mrs. Alexander wrote her recent response under the false impression that I try to explain ALL alleged alien abduction cases as kidnappings by covert military personnel ("hundreds...[even thousands] of women who are victims of unwanted military surveillance...," Victoria Alexander, March 1999). Nowhere in my article did I state such numbers. To the contrary I stated that "only some" abductees report such events.

Furthermore, if Mrs. Alexander believes that in a budget as huge as SDI (several tens of billions of US dollars), there is no chance to transfer funds to black projects, then I urge her to study the literature about the funding of the Manhattan-Project or she should read Tim Wiener's book "Blank Check - The Pentagon´s Black Budget," (New York, Warner Books, 1991). All these projects have been accomplished within the US governments budgetary structure, and no one knew!

That the US government budget structure "cannot be fooled" has been visibly proven by the "Iran Contra" affair!

Contrary to her belief, the core of the investigated MILAB cases have first been reviewed by professional medical therapists before they were included in my work. Many of the normal psychological problems Mrs. Alexander has quoted in no less than 4 long pages were already considered by several professional therapists. Although such psychological conditions can and do happen, they in no way can be used to explain ALL MILAB or alleged alien abduction cases, as shown in our forthcoming book "MILABS!" ( Illuminetpress, spring 1999).

Again Mrs. Alexander reads things into my article which simply are not there: When I mentioned "triangulation of radio devices" by "three satellites or specially equipped helicopters" I in no way mentioned GPS! Triangulation techniques exist as long as radio waves are being emitted that's almost a century for ground based devices and several decades for satellite systems. Satellite triangulation is not necessarily confined to the GPS era.

YES, Dr. Lammer believes covert military operations can track and tag abductees without a hitch - IF they carry an implanted biochip or electrodes. That such technology exists for decades now can be checked in the public literature.

For instance the German government developed a brain implant for remote monitoring of physiological parameters in people for heart attack prevention or other medical purposes (Bochdansky, Alexander: Ein Chip im Kopf schlaegt Alarm, Modern Times, Austrian TV2, January 9, 1998). This bio-telemetric brain implant has the size of a rice grain (0.8 x 2 mm).

Of course for monitoring alleged alien abductees (eg. location via triangulation) one would not have to use satellites - three cars or fixed installations (such as Handy-phone antenna masts) would be perfectly adequate. Such systems are already operational for keeping track of criminals on probation.

I recommend that Mrs. Alexander asks her husband John B. Alexander about the work of Mrs. Debra Spencer (Wide Area Continuous Offender Monitoring, SPIE Proceedings, Vol. 2938, 166 - 177, 1996), who should be familiar to him from the SPIE conference 1996, where he was one of the Chairmans.

While we are writing about "Offender Monitoring" it must be wishful thinking by Mrs. Alexander that such people like Colonel Khaddafi, General Noriega and Saddam Hussein carry implanted devices. Otherwise what reason had she to compare them with alleged alien abductees.

A note on her comment about the lack of continuous overhead reconnaissance from space platforms during "Operation Desert Storm": this has to do with the laws of orbital mechanics and not with possible other applications for such satellites. If Mrs. Alexander has applied her version of "basic logic" to my article and concluded my theory "flawed at the most fundamental level," hers must have been "FUZZY" logic!

Mrs. Alexander shows a sad lack of knowledge of "state-of-the-art" technologies, if she considers triangulation by satellite impossible before 1989. However, despite her shortcomings in the field of physics and aerospace science, it is amazing that she combines such diverse talents as expert psychological knowledge, equivalent to the level of professional medical doctors with decades of experience as well as detailed insight into the science of tracking transmitter devices.

Coming back to the title of Mrs. Alexander´s reply "What Would Freud say?": Dr. Freud was an innovative man ready and willing to navigate and explore uncharted waters against strong opposition. I think Freud would say: "I don´t know, but - lets find out !!!"

2) Dave Bodner ( writes:

This is in response to the posting "What Would Freud Say?", as forwarded via CAUS and IRAAP. Victoria, my thoughts are closely aligned with your take on this situation. Although I cannot claim that I totally follow all the angles you present, I do think we agree on the basics. But my summary below is from a different vantage point, and I hope you will find it useful and supportive.

My background is in the physical sciences, Electrical Engineering in particular. If I did not myself have 2 sightings many years ago, which I do not believe to be explainable in any ordinary sense, I would dismiss this entire UFO thing as so much fluff, an excursion into the "land of twaddle," as Carl Sagan was wont to say.

You say that there is no incontrovertible proof about the abduction scenario. That is perhaps much too modest, at least in a truly scientific sense. Plain and simple, there is NO proof. We all have heard the arguments pro and con on this thing about proof. But, in the final analyses, science is a process, and that process does not rely primarily on opinions, but evidence. The physical sciences depend on physical evidence. That the "proof" of abduction relies on other than scientific proof places it on very shaky ground.

Are we to view the abduction scenario as real through the application of faith, based on voluminous stories? The scientific community views established religion in much the same light. So, is abduction like a religious concept? Is the entire UFO thing another aspect of this religious perspective?

Of course, science could help more in uncovering such evidence, if there is any to be uncovered. But science must strike a working balance between those things which are barely possible and those things which show promise. It is a tough process, and it often produces the wrong answers. But it always has been a process having the tendency to converge to the truth. Many great concepts have had a tough time getting through the scientific process, and that makes them all the more solid when they do survive that process. Is the abduction scenario, or the UFO thing for that matter, making it through the process? It really hasn't even begun, but there are many who think such things should be openly discussed. Viva this forum!

Several years ago I took on part of a project to quantify the abduction stories. My initial thoughts on abduction, at the start of my involvement, was that it was either hallucinations or some aspect deep in the human psyche that Freud would indeed have been interested in.

After more than 3 years of transcribing tapes of experiencers, my views did not change. I believe them to be honest people with problems and/or deeply internal insights. Many of the folks I transcribed I have since met, along with other experiencers that I've met without having "sat-in" on their sessions. Ordinary people, some not so ordinary, several now personal friends. There are stories there that are important, but not science as such.

I think the abduction scenario should be separated from UFO investigations. For many reasons of practicality. The data, if true, on either, should lead somewhere; lets try not to follow two precarious paths at the same time.

For many years the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the SETI program, was viewed by many scientists in a similar light. Lately, SETI has achieved a tentative standing as something that scientists do as part of the scientific process. It is a good example of a concept ready to be explored, having withstood at least the preliminary rigors of the scientific process.

What would Freud say? I think he did make some comments on the UFO scene, something to the effect that we were in on the beginnings of an archetype. I think that archetypes been around a long time, but we are just beginning to discuss it in the open.

3) Katharina Wilson ( writes:

Debunking "Victorian" Style by Katharina Wilson copyright 1999

Anyone who has been involved in the field of ufology has come across various people claiming to offer their own distinct views about what they believe is occurring to UFO witnesses and people claiming abduction. While they would like to have you believe they are highly qualified and indeed "special" in their own right, most are not. The case of Mrs. Victoria Alexander is no different.

Victoria is the wife of John B. Alexander, a Ph.D., retired colonel, and a science advisor for Robert Bigelow's NIDS: National Institute for Discovery Science. Mrs. Alexander has recently circulated - by way of the Internet - a disparaging article about abductees and those who research them titled, What Would Freud Say?

Mrs. Alexander begins by letting the reader know that she is responding to criticisms made about her own criticisms regarding Dr. Helmut Lammer's article Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB. What the reader of her material and of this article should understand is that she has not chosen this time to merely respond to criticisms from years past, but rather, to attack Dr. Lammer's work on the eve of the release of his new book titled MILABS![1]

Although she waits until her last paragraph to inform the reader, she thanks her husband - not "John," but "John B. Alexander, Ph.D." for his ", review, and insightful contributions to this article." It makes me wonder why "John B. Alexander, Ph.D." did not add his own name to this article. Perhaps it is due to his close affiliation with Robert Bigelow and NIDS; an organization and an individual who are no mystery to ufology. Indeed, in the not-so-distant-past, Robert Bigelow has helped MUFON, CUFOS, the Fund for UFO Research, Budd Hopkins, John Mack and others, funding various investigative UFO projects. Probably the most well-known are the two Roper Polls that measured American's "Unusual Personal Experiences."[2]


In Mrs. Alexander's article What Would Freud Say? she states, "There has been much emotionally based consternation about my generalizing comments about alleged dysfunction relating to abductees." She then goes on to provide no less than three pages of quoted material from several researchers (Mack, Hopkins, Jacobs, Fiore) and her favorite abductee to publicly badger, Debbie Jordan.

I compare what Mrs. Alexander has done with her debunking article to going through a police file of reported rape cases and omitting everything about the victim except their description of the most lurid details of the sexual nature of the crime. It is indeed "Freudian" to place so much focus on the sexual nature of abductions. There are many other events that have been reported by abductees, but just as she did two years ago, Victoria is still obsessing about the sexual aspects of the phenomenon.

In my Researcher's Supplement I went to great lengths to separate and analyze the different components of my experiences. After studying my journals, which contained over a decade of experiences, I found that only 3% of my experiences involved sexual intercourse. In other words, 97% of my experiences involved other things happening than sex with aliens or hybrids or whatever the debunkers feel like accusing us of.[3]

Indeed, this brings us to Victoria's criticism-of-the-week: "Have aliens become the scapegoats for life-threatening and ostracizing obesity, failed relationships and marriages, sexual inadequacies, lifelong medical problems, and chronic masturbation, etc?"

Has Victoria undertaken or referenced any scientific studies that would indicate a higher incidence of health problems with people claiming abduction as compared to a control group? No. She has not. Therefore, her question is pointless, as it was intended to be. Mrs. Alexander has taken particular narratives out of various books and has once again thrown them into the same proverbial pot to support her own assumptions.

One of the things all abductees can do is honestly report what has occurred to them. However, it seems that when they do they are attacked and their experiences debunked in every manner conceivable. Amazingly, after pages and pages of dissected material, Victoria makes the following request:

"I urge all men and women who have been harassed, abused and kidnapped by military personnel to publicly come forward."

Why in the world would any abductee take advice or honor a request from Mrs. Victoria Alexander? I am certain I am not alone in wondering what she has planned for us this time. Perhaps an attack with a "non-lethal beanbag propelling weapon"?

The truth of the matter is, we have come forward and several MILAB abductees have shared their information with Dr. Lammer. He published some of that information in his MILAB article, and much more is contained in his new book MILABS!.

4) WWM ( writes:

Mrs. Alexander has a creditable commentary on why aliens would use old technologies to produce hybrids. She doesn't consider the possible complexities of producing a species of mixed DNA. We don't know what would be needed to produce a hybrid. I doubt it would be as easy as cloning. Even a clone needs an animal to carry it to term. If the aliens cannot reproduce or carry the offspring a human might be the only incubator available. Or they may be using other animals to carry the hybrids and then removing them at the appropriate time. Cattle mutilation might have something to do with this. We don't know or understand the need for abduction, or the experiments so the more information gathered the better. When considering the children who are abducted and the impact on them we might get a clearer picture of what is going on. Has anyone focused on the stories children relate? They may be imaginative but they would probably give us a more focused view of the objective.

Adults analyze too much and bring in to many issues. Unless that is what the aliens want. Each individual develops an emotional reaction to the experience. The person is stimulated emotionally by the experience. We know from reports the visitors do not express a full range of emotions. We also know that sexual intercourse is one of the most intense emotional experiences. The loss of a child is an intense form of grief. The feeling of being trapped and unable to move or defend oneself. Is all of this connected to the abduction scenario. Is this the objective? Are they seeking to improve their ability to feel emotions? Are they studying our emotional reactions so they can create a hybrid that feels positive emotion but not violent emotion? They do understand fear. If so they are wasting their time and that could be why it is taking them so long to complete their studies. It is impossible to have only good emotions. Our whole emotional makeup is based on opposites. To feel great joy one must know sorrow.

Well, that is my two cents worth for today. It may explain why older people are abducted and the very young. They would need a complete record to

5) Sandy Shaw ( writes:

Thank you for providing an open forum where people can express their views -- no matter what those views are. As one who has had the 'Visitor Experience' I found, however, the views of the Victoria Alexander truly insulting. She hasn't the faintest idea what she is talking about, as she has never undergone this experience. Until one does undergo this amazing experience, they should refrain from judgments and conclusions about others who have. She is talking from a point of truly no foundation. This kind of conclusion is insulting to those of us who have undergone what is at once a frightening yet extraordinary experience which no one would choose to have. But through personal growth and enormous amounts of time searching inwardly (and privately) for answers, I for one have come to appreciate and no longer fear this experience, whatever it is. I can tell you, however, it is NOT what Victoria Alexander presumes, and such statements from a bystander have no validity, no foundation, and only serve to put those of us who are members of this very unusual club in an insulting light. I have none of the 'conditions' that she speaks of, have never sought any kind of help (3 other family members are also abductees and none of us have spoken of it outside of our family), and it began LONG before -- YEARS before -- we had ever heard of it or had ever read about anyone else's experiences. We thought it only happened to us. I am a healthy and happy and very well adjusted woman of 47 who has raised 2 fantastic children. I am not overweight, sexually messed up, lonely, looking for recognition, nor screwed up mentally or physically. I do not suffer from paranoia, have never been abused by anyone at any time, and do not feel I am chased by anyone. She is way out in left field. I have come to appreciate what has happened to me and have integrated the experience into my life and am using what I have learned from it to try and do what I can to make this world a better and healthier place.

Again, thank you for having this platform where all can speak. But her comments really pushed me up against a wall where I felt very defensive of not only myself, but all of those who live have experienced this extraordinary phenomenon.



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