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Last Wednesday, I included the following e-mail from R.D. in the daily CAUS Highlights:

"If the government is withholding evidence concerning UFOs, particularly of extraterrestrial aliens, it may be in society's best interest to be ignorant of the details. It is possible that such truth has adverse consequences to society in terms of political, religious, and social stability. Your intention may be based on the apparently noble ethic of free and open society, but the truth you seek is, perhaps, a "wolf in sheep's clothing." I have studied UFOs for over a decade and have written college term papers on them, so I am not speaking hap-hazardly."

The following are responses from three members who take exception to the opinion that we should not be told the truth:

A. Roberts writes:

In response to the e-mail you received from R.D.: I expect the government to protect us from many things and rightly so, however the truth is not among them.

Warren D. Brown writes:

First: 10 years of research and writing college term papers does not mean one has a grasp of things. If I spent 10 years writing about something I knew nothing about would that make me an expert in the field?

Second: If the "Truth" will have adverse effects on society in terms of political, religious and social stability then that only proves that the masses have not been told any or very little truth all along about anything.

Third: "Truth" is never a wolf in sheep's clothing as R.D. says. "Truth" by its very nature is nothing but "Truth" and has no other property other than to enlighten those who don't know what "Truth" is. Therefore "Truth" is nothing but good. The hiding of "Truth" is what is evil/destructive. I think Christ said it quite correctly when he said "The Truth Shall Set You Free." Was He Lying? If He was then there is no "Truth."

Fourth: What R.D. and the rest of us should be more worried about is..... What are they (UFO's) doing here? Not why are they here. If one follows the simple journalistic approach of.... Who, What, When, Where and lastly Why then we would be on the right path asking the right questions after we had established that there is an agenda.

Fifth: It is true that many of us hold back the truth from others because we "FEEL" they can't handle it. Woe to those who hold back the truth.

Donna Bullock writes:

I get a little concerned when informed people are of the opinion that the unwashed masses should not be privy to information that they, themselves are aware. I feel they are saying that (I) am too ignorant to be able to decide for myself what is believable and should be considered, and what is not. Of course there are consequences to being informed because it does make a person think, but there is much in this country that needs shaking up and questioned. To deny information is much like the Japanese custom long ago of binding the feet of females. I have noticed that most people are not interested in aliens, they are too wrapped up with other things, but for those of us who want to know the facts, then all "secrets" should be revealed and available to us. I guess I just really hate the idea of other people making the decision of what I need to know or not know. That attitude fosters the birth of speculation, which gives rise to confusion and chaos.

I have been researching ets and the UFO phenomena for many years myself and have yet to draw conclusions. As far as I know, the jury is still out on this subject. There is stuff all over the web about people who claim to be representatives of alien races, each who claim to be originators of the human race, helpers and deliverers of the human race and each one of these claims has priority over the other. Hmmm. With all the websites, all the representatives and all 27 different varieties of alien species, what is the truth? So, RD, if you have answers, please share your knowledge; please don't wave your red flag in front of my face, tempting me with the promise of truth that never materializes.


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