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Humans & Aliens: Any Difference?

David B. Gomes ( writes:

Almost all creatures, great and small are both predators and prey, constantly defending against those who would eat them while attempting to find nourishment for themselves.

We humans are certainly the most destructive and currently the greatest predator, however we are not necessarily the most intelligent creatures on earth. Intelligent beings live in harmony with their environment, taking only what they need for survival, allowing a balance in nature, returning to the earth all that is hers.

We no longer live in affinity with the earth. We pen our cattle in tiny feed lots, carve chunks out of their ears, brand them with hot irons, stuff them with antibiotics, cut off their nuts without an anesthetic, artificially inseminate them thereby depriving them of natural selection or sexual fulfillment, as well as poking, prodding and milking.

To create that tender white meat for veal, calves are penned in tiny cages too small to stand in so that they will not be toughened by exercise. Chickens are not allowed to roam free but are stacked in wire cages by the thousands, debilled, and injected with antibiotics, stuffed with food so that they will lay continuously, or carted off to Kentucky Fried. Cattle, sheep, or pigs share similar fates. The more tender the meat, the less likely that the animal ever spent any time on an open range.

How does the alien treatment of the small percentage of alleged abductions compare with our treatment of animals under our care or our treatment of each other? They do a medical check up about 4 or 5 times in the adductee's life time. We cage our cat or other animals annually to take them to the vet to be spaded or neutered, for check ups, shots, pills, deworming, declawing etc. Dogs are tied outside on a leash and left in the sun, rain, or wind. Almost every other PET we keep in a small cage, often without sufficient food and water. What kind of trauma are we causing them?

Wild animals has been hunted to the verge of extinction, frequently just for a horn or a tusk, or annihilated like the buffalo because it was the source of food, clothing, and shelter for the Indians whose land we coveted.

My question is: What is the difference of being traumatized by viruses, cancer cells, cut up by surgeons and finally eaten by worms or to be abducted by aliens?

If we are cattle, I am afraid that the aliens have done a miserable job of improving the quality of their herds. They have not eliminated the old, the weak, or sickly. They have not genetically breed out the over aggressive, or thinned the herd to reduce overpopulation and environmental degradation. If they can take a victim out of bed through a solid wall, then why can't they simply remove the warheads from our nuclear weapons and delete the scientists that are creating the weapons of mass destruction? By the way, does the creation and use of these weapons constitute a benevolent activity? What about napalm? Land mines?


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