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Blue Alien ( writes:

Two anomalous objects have been PHOTOGRAPHED very near the Sun. They were spherical, cloistered and suddenly accelerated. Will NASA claim that these are cosmic rays? How stupid does NASA think the American people are?.....

  • Sun Cruisers
  • Anomalies on Mars
  • Artificial structures on the Moon
  • Possible structures on Phobos
  • Soviet probe destroyed..anomaly photographed
  • Majority of probes to Mars malfunction
  • Underground bases
  • UFO sightings
  • Crop Circles (it was just those 2 nitwits)
  • Mutilations
  • Implants
  • Declassified documents
  • reverse engineering
  • close encounters
  • Abductions

Maybe we're too "busy" worrying about where that Cuban kid goes, or was Diana murdered, or who's sleeping with Bill?...and not about the thousands of people who disappeared off the face of the Earth and millions being abducted, oh, excuse me, I forgot, it's just sleep paralysis and "hokey" hypnosis. And IF there are aliens here, they MUST be benevolent because they're SO advanced, and we are SO primitive that someone must help us (that's why they abduct, probe, terrorize and examine us). They kidnap us because we are too "ignorant" to understand them and their wonderful intentions.

If sheep knew they were being led to slaughter, would they still go?

Keep your eyes to the sky


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