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Gwenn H. Wycoff ( writes:

(In response to the CAUS e-mail from a publisher looking for articles on ET contact)

You make the assumption that contact with ETs has never been made, which is not accurate. I read a military report one time where there are 110 different ET species that visit the Earth monthly. I can look at the sky at night and point out to anyone which lights are stars and which are ships, and after I show it to you, you can see it yourself.

In March 1997, several extremely large craft were seen by hundreds of witnesses over Phoenix. If you search the net, you'll find these credible accounts posted. I think one Bill Hamilton did a spectacular job describing them in detail.

The military keeps denying that there was anything other than weather balloons -- doesn't this sound familiar? How is a respected magazine ever going to be able to publish anything when the government is so carefully organized to insure that this data stays away from the "professionals?"

Anyone with any credibility is discredited by people who make it their living to discredit anyone involved with this subject.

What you're asking for is nearly impossible, as those of us who have had contact endanger ourselves if we go too public, and then are mocked or disregarded. I could tell you stories that would be utterly fascinating -- about different species on other planets and how people on other worlds live and what is known and not known about Earth, but main stream media just isn't the forum.

There seems to be 3 kinds of contact, one in remote areas where there are no witnesses, those of us who can travel to other dimensions -- but it cannot be proved -- and those with top security clearance, try getting them to talk!

When you get into ET stuff, you get into "other dimensional" physics, which is exactly what your government doesn't want you to know. You tread on thin ice on this subject.

Good luck in your hunt. I just hate to think of anyone promoting the idea that contact has not happened, it is such a lie.


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