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Why I Support the CAUS

James E Clarkson ( writes:

I have just finished making a contribution of $50.00 to the CAUS Appeal Fund. I am doing this even though I am a disabled police officer, let go after 24 years of criminal investigations experience because of bad knees. I live in a state where there is no disability pension for police officers.

I have studied the field of Ufology extensively for 30 years. I have been a Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network for 14 years though these opinions are mine alone.

I would like to explain my reasons in the event that it helps to strike sympathetic chords among any other CAUS readers.

First, I can truthfully say that even after dealing with 24 years of an endless parade of folly and misery, I still care deeply about people and about this country in which we are fortunate enough to live.

So what? So why be involved in CAUS? Because it all rests on the question of integrity. You have to live your truth whether you are an individual or a nation. Perhaps for the most well-intentioned of reasons, we stopped doing that after WWII.

We are told that our own government lied in the 50's about "some" UFO sightings. This was done for our own good, in the interests of national security. Oh really? To ask the favorite courtroom question that I heard used many times by prosecutors on witnesses that tried to fudge on the witness stand: "When did you stop lying?"

Isn't being a little honest like being a little pregnant, or a little dead? It's time that we quit apologizing for asking our leaders to tell the truth.

One way is to never surrender. Make the highest court in the land deny us access to the truth.

Secondly, I have had the good fortune recently to visit Roswell, New Mexico and to meet some of the people who know the most about The Crash and related events. There is simply no deception, evasion or anything but candor in their telling of what they know happened. I compare this to, "even though these happen to be the records of the world's first nuclear bomber squadron, some unauthorized person destroyed the records of all communications of the 509th Bomber Squadron from July, 1947."

Doesn't this sound a lot like:
Teacher: Where's your homework?
Student: My dog ate it.

And then there's the ever-popular Project Mogul, so unusual that experienced officers who had watched daily launchings of weather balloons didn't know one when Mac Brazel showed the remnants to them. (Not to mention the fact that those persons who first brought us the Balloon story just happen to be former employees of the CIA.)

Give me a break! Just quit insulting our intelligence. Tell us that it's secret, but for the sake of showing just a little respect for the people who pay the taxes that fund the Black Projects, quit LYING!

Supporting the Appeal is a lawful method of saying NO: We don't believe the lies! NO, we are not going to quit no matter how many Balloons and Dummies stories you invent, and NO, no matter what you say, we believe what we are told by pilots, police officers, military personnel, and regular folk who have had real encounters with extraordinary vehicles and beings.

Third, in 1993 I met a lady named June Kaba (Crain) from Ocean Shores, WA. She approached me after I finished a lecture in the local library and told me that she knew that our government had two perspectives on UFO's, one given to the public and the other based on their certain and secret knowledge about observed and recovered vehicles piloted by non-human entities. I asked her to elaborate; she would not, explaining that her former employers would come and arrest her.

Thanks to the Air Force PR campaign in 1997, I heard from her again. After the Balloons and Dummies story broke she called and said, "I'm 72 years old; I've outlived two husbands and survived cancer twice. What are they going to do? Shoot me, or put me in prison? I can do either one. The Balloon story was a damned lie then, and it's still a lie!"

I started visiting her and I admit, I became her friend because I admired her courage in the face of adversity and I treasured the opportunity to glimpse an important part of our history. She gave me her personal papers which proved that she worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base between 1942 and 1952. I have confirmed from the National Archives that the last document she signed was a reminder to abide by her security oath.

She told me basically this: that amongst the scientists and engineers where she worked, in secure laboratories doing classified research, it was common knowledge that our government had investigated at least TWO UFO Crashes by 1952, and further, that during many of the early rocket experiments, the personnel who returned to WPAFB related descriptions of multiple UFO's in the desert skies.

Admittedly, none of her accounts is the "smoking gun." But, I knew her as a friend and I am certain that she told what she knew, no more and no less. She did not embellish her story to make it more sensational. She knew that THEY KNOW that CONTACT is a FACT.

And WE KNOW that THEY KNOW that WE KNOW, etc. So let's quit kidding ourselves. We need every available legal forum to make it harder and harder for the liars to hide. The Appeal helps take the CAUS to the public.

Finally, the CAUS Appeal is aimed directly at breaching what is the equivalent of the Berlin Wall. We can get very discouraged because there has been so much false information in the field of Ufology from the deluded, the greedy, and the agents provocateurs. Or, we can help CAUS chisel more cracks in the Wall.

You just don't give up in the middle of a fight.

"We shall all hang together, or we shall hang separately."
-Ben Franklin


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