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Member Commentary--Contact & ETs

On this Saturday, CAUS members share their thoughts about contact & ETs:

1) John ( writes:

The scenario of the scientists arriving by helicopter and "abducting," examining, and electronically tagging a buffalo is a human practice I have long thought parallels and lends credibility to reports of aliens abducting humans.

I am a civilian pilot and flight instructor with some engineering background and several thousand flight hours. I also have an interest in science and technology in general, and astronomy, space travel, and optics in particular. I have never seen anything in the sky I couldn't explain, nor have I had any missing time or paranormal experiences.

I quickly recognize supposedly "convincing" UFO photos and videos I've seen on TV and elsewhere as standing lenticular clouds, shiny aircraft surfaces reflecting sunlight, ceiling lamp(s) reflected in a window pane, military jet afterburners at night, aircraft or motor vehicle lights (at times badly out of focus) or some other phenomenon that is of human or natural origin.

But, even though I've never seen atoms or subatomic particles, I still believe they exist. Moreover, the concept of "life forms possessing a technology so advanced that we can't even comprehend it, let alone duplicate it" is not nearly as big a leap of faith as "seemingly solid matter is really mostly space, punctuated by particles so small that our best electron microscopes see only the interference wave patterns that imply their existence."

The best illustration to date, as far as I know, of the vastness of the universe, is the opening scene in the movie, "Contact," or maybe the short film, "Powers of 10," that has been shown in city planetariums or science centers. "Powers of 10" starts 1 meter above a couple having a picnic on a blanket in a park, and over the course of a few minutes, backs away to the edge of the known universe. Each "check point" along the way is 10 times farther out than the previous one. The Earth, and soon, our entire solar system, quickly recedes into the distance and disappears from sight early in the journey.

Anybody who could see either of these films, and still believe that the odds are that the sub-microscopic speck in the cosmos we call "Earth" is the only place where life happened to evolve intelligence and technology, would have to be so narrow-minded as to be able to see through a keyhole with both eyes.

Even if "they" are out there, could "they" ever cover the vast distances to interact with us? With our current technology and by our current understanding of physics, it is highly unlikely. What is always "assumed" is that the ET has found a "loophole" (or is that a wormhole?) in the laws of physics as we understand them, and has the technology to greatly exceed the speed of light, and/or travel in time. Is this too much to believe?

A few decades ago, a common remark intended to discourage people from trying something was, "You could no more do that than go to the moon." There was a time when people thought there was an impenetrable sound barrier. There was a time before that when people thought that if you went faster than 60 m.p.h. you couldn't breathe.

As correctly pointed out on one of the UFO documentary type programs on TV, there are stars BILLIONS of years older than our Sun. If they have planets, those planets got quite a head start on us in their evolutionary history. What would civilized life forms be like that had that much of a head start on us? Some of them may have evolved well beyond even our normal sensory perception, let alone comprehension.

Increasing evidence is that planets orbiting other stars are not rare. Present technology only allows us to detect extra-solar planets of "Jupiter-mass" and larger. The way extra-solar planets are currently detected is by measuring the "wobble" of a star, which is caused by the gravitational pull of the orbiting planet. The more massive the planet, and the closer it is to the star, the more it makes the star wobble.

An Earth-mass planet, orbiting a Sun-like star, at a distance that would allow Earth-like temperatures, would not make a wobble that we can currently detect. Actually seeing an extra-solar planet has been compared to trying to see a lit cigarette along side of a car headlight 100 miles away.

So, what we cannot yet determine, is how rare are planets that are the right mass and distance from stable enough stars that conditions would allow life to start, let alone evolve technology, before becoming extinct due to natural causes.

However, as our technology improved over the last few decades, many more and smaller moons were found to be orbiting the outer planets in our own solar system than were known when I was a kid. It seems only reasonable that further technological improvement in extra-solar planet detection will reveal more and smaller planets orbiting other suns.

The point is, even if Earth-like planets orbit an extremely minute fraction of the total number of stars, that total number is so large that it would be ridiculous to think that something resembling "Earth" only happened once. There could easily be several civilizations millions or even billions of years more advanced than ours (as well as some ET pre-dinosaurs, and everything in between). If people from Biblical times (only a couple of thousand years ago) witnessed a space shuttle launch what was happening would be at the edge of, if not beyond, their comprehension.

Also pointed out on the aforementioned TV show is that a couple of billion years ago, the most advanced life form on Earth was a worm. How would a worm perceive or interpret a space shuttle launch?

Which brings up the next point. I've had second thoughts about the "buffalo abduction" scenario. It seems like we are being pompous in presuming to be able to figure out the alleged aliens' agenda, based on our own, human and cultural terms. Events or sightings that resemble UFO reports go back for millennia. What more could "they" possibly learn about us from their abductions and examinations that they didn't already find out back then? Possibly the effect on our bodies of pollution, artificial food additives, and other environmental factors that are different now?

Two other possibilities have occurred to me. One is that the aliens allegedly visiting now are a different species from the ones that previously visited. They may come from a completely different civilization, from a different planet and star system than previous visitors, and they may have only recently discovered us, so they want their own firsthand data. Again, though, this is presuming their agenda would be like we think our agenda would be, if the situation were reversed.

When I was a kid, I caught grasshoppers and put them in a glass jar with air holes punched in the lid, and some grass and a twig to crawl on. I'd keep them a few hours or a couple of days, then release them. I also remember once filling a jar full of June bugs and watching them crawl over each other. I was amused for a while, then I released them.

This may be difficult for the human ego to take, but, what if the reported aliens that abduct people are just "kids" and they're just here messing with us? Maybe a spacecraft, for an alien kid, is as common as a bicycle or skateboard for a human kid. Maybe their parents have outgrown such activities and have better things to do.

Maybe the alleged aliens responsible for people's reported negative abduction experiences are actually ET juvenile delinquents in stolen spacecraft.

Or, (only slightly less ego-deflating) what if abductees are merely the subjects of the senior theses of alien biology majors?

2) Jodi Haun ( writes:

Thank you once again Peter for standing up for those of us who have been abducted and probed, and are monitored against our will. Those among us who have never experienced the humiliation and the degraded state as an aftermath of an abduction have no ideal of how painful this can be. And to live in the constant fear of.....what and when next? For those among us who have never seen the total helpless terror in the faces of our children as they are allowed to see and experience these kidnappings with us. They honestly have no ideal as to what they are talking about! And then to be told by our abductors that we have no right to object, that all the rights belong to them, is a very dehumanizing and degrading. Not to mention the infuriating knowledge that they can do with your children as they wish and there is not a damn thing that you can do to stop them. And how it feels to constantly question your sanity. And the utter shame that you feel after being probed against your will can only be compared to rape!

3) Evan Peelle ( writes:

I have been receiving your update for about a month, and am so impressed that I felt compelled to contact you not only to thank you, but to offer help.

I thoroughly agree with your approach. I know the "Grays" very well and they know me. They don't like me. I help people liberate themselves from the tyranny of the "Grays." I will share with you some of what I have learned.

The Gray's are oppressing, violating and harming people. They use people in any way that suits their own purposes, regardless of the harm they cause. They can manipulate virtually any aspect of a person's life -- health, thoughts, emotions, relationships, finances, etc. They often cause physical and/or emotional damage and pain. They have been known to try to intimidate through infliction of pain (torture) and have even caused death. They often work in families, taking children as well as parents. They typically follow people throughout their lifetimes, and even beyond that. The greatest concern though is that they control people's minds. They wipe out or change memory, they implant thoughts and beliefs, they command obedience, and they have even convinced some people that they are benevolent. While there are others ("Grays" as well as other types) who are benevolent, the "Grays" who act against free will and cause harm are definitely not.

The "Grays" are emotionless beings who do not experience love or compassion. They do not have ethics that uphold the Universal Law of Free Will. They are scientists who view us as lab animals. They experiment with us and are indeed breeding with us -- preparing to take over this planet because they need it.

So this really goes beyond the individual abduction cases; it is also a collective, global concern with practical political, ethical and strategic facets. Ultimately, it challenges the survival of humanity on Earth as we like to experience it.

But the Earth is well protected. And as always, the greatest good will prevail, whatever that may be. We will all be OK.

I suppose at this point I should explain "where I'm coming from." I work with abductees through hypnotherapy and/or counseling. I work with a woman who was a lifelong abductee and we have liberated her from the "Grays." She has become a "channel" for beings from other dimensions including different types of ETs - "the Protectors," the "Grays," etc. We are guided by a group of spiritual guides who prefer for now to be called "The 12."

I have a doctorate from the University of Michigan where I studied psychology. I specialize in transformation -- individual and collective. Knowing how what I say can be taken, even in this arena I still have the need to say that I am a "normal" person and not a "quack."


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