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I now share with you several commentaries by CAUS members concerning the controversy I created when I suggested that some people should consider unsubscribing from the CAUS-L mailing list. Though most member responses understood my motivation (see examples below), there were abut 20 e-mails that objected to my remarks. Interestingly, all but three were abusive, derogatory and riddled with profanity. I guess the truth does in fact sting some people.

With today's commentaries I am putting an end to any further discussion of this topic. But first a few comments for those of you who still do not understand where I am coming from.

I believe that if some people will not support the CAUS (in any way they choose) for something as elementary as an appeal of a lawsuit against the DoD, how can I rely on them for more difficult challenges? We are being denied our right to information. We are being denied our right to the truth. And in order to obtain these fundamental rights, CAUS needs the support of people with conviction and determination. I only suggested that some people consider unsubscribing. Some people took my remarks personally...for reasons known only to them. Interestingly, only about 15 people have unsubscribed themselves in the past few days. But its now time to move forward but first...several member commentaries from people who appear to appreciate what I am talking about:


Hi Peter,

Just a quick word to say that I fully understand and fully support your position on support for CAUS. I think you made your position clear in a firm but compassionate way. As ever, some will hear what you really said, some will only hear the voices in their own heads.

Wishing you the best,
Michael Lindemann, CNINEWS



It is unfortunate that you must expend so much of your energies in this direction. Hopefully everyone will now understand and either shit or get off the pot.


Steve Gill
MUFON Orange County

====================================== Peter,

I was very surprised at the differential in the size of your mailing list and the number of financial contributors. If someone had contributed one dollar toward the appeal goal, they would have been included in your tally. Anyone who has a PC and is interested in the matter at hand can afford one dollar. When you included in the definition everything else (all the non-financial activities) you effectively ended the discussion! But I've learned that there will always be some people in the crowd whose behavior is impossible to predict - those whose irrational responses befuddle the rest of us.

It's easy to imagine those who would be offended at your earlier broadcast saying "What an arrogant slob...". These are the web browsing individuals - the ones who listen to Art Bell for entertainment purposes only - who like to get information from various sources for free. I enjoy listening as well, but I also need to get involved. There are some issues that beg for involvement. To me, the possibility that the human race is being clandestinely visited, with the knowledge of the worlds governments, and that these visitors may have been involved in the evolution of our race - excuse me, but this is slightly important. This issue has just about had me obsessed for the last ten years, and has come to be the most important object of my study and spare time.

I don't blame you if you want to trim the fat. If you ran a staff of ten people who did all those your task for you, and you showed up at the office occasionally, then I would be offended too. But the fact that you put in the hours yourself demonstrates your committment and you can say anything you damn well please. That is the epitome of involvement. You're the only guy I see who is out there playing David, putting your reputation on the line. People forget that's what Ken Ring did. It's what John Mack did. I'd like to see those mail list subscribers take an issue up like you're doing.

By the way, thanks for doing it. I'll continue to do what I can. Keep your attitude of quality rather than quantity.




It was because of your email message that I mailed in my donation. It made me think - Am I offering lip service here or do I really want to contribute in some tangible manner? Well I mailed a check. As for the infinitesimally small group of those who have made this their anti-caus rallying cry - let us not waste anymore precious time trying to reason with them. Wish them well in whatever course their lives take and let CAUS move forward. These are exciting times and we should not let our attention and efforts be diverted from the real issues.

Greg Jones


Mr Gersten:

Don't the members realize that at a time when you need resolve and determination, all this is distracting and strength-sapping foolishness. For all these many years it has been a one-man show and one of the few times you have asked for help, we get defensive and petty. It is time to put this divisiveness aside and move foreward to the real goal.

Don't get disheartened, Mr Gerstern, for if you give up the fight, who will step in and take up the battle against the government, I doubt there have been any volunteers. I, for one, want to know the truth about these triangular craft and Ufo's. You have my support.

Bev in SE Ga.


I can't tell which fight is gonna be the hardest for CAUS to win. Is it " The Appeal" or "The Healing of Hurt Feelings"? Come on People, if CAUS didn't send you a personal email to ask you un-subscribe don't be so defensive .... unless you feel you really haven't brought anything to the table, and if that's the case just remember the old saying "The Truth Hurts"!

Lets get on with our fight for the right to know about the true nature of our contact with other intelligences. I'm sure Peter and the rest of the CAUS members would much rather have him working on his arguments for the appeal then wasting our time w/ this stuff !!!

Eddie Koeller

Have a wise Wednesday and the skies!

Peter A. Gersten



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