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Commentary--A Young Man's Confusion

On this Saturday, CAUS shares with you some recent correspondence between CAUS and a young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, in search of the truth:

1) From R.T.:

Please post "as is" and not excerpts. That's all I ask! Thanks.

I'm a Stanford-bound college student pursing a double major in mathematics and computer science. I average a 4.05. I've been published in the local newspaper, I receive high praise from my teachers, friends, associates and employers. I'm 18 years old. Last year, I received a medal of honor from Congress member Vic Fazio for being one of "California's most talented art students" specifically for Creative Writing. While I don't have dozens of years backed with a plethora of credentials, I have a voice and hope to be heard. As I'm reading the numerous reports and opinions regarding the alien abduction phenomena, I only see a one-sided, extremely slanted view. As Evan Peelle, who has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Michigan commented, "Gray's are oppressing, violating and harming people," and that, "they often cause physical and/or emotional damage and pain." Everyone on this mailing list hears horror stories of gruesome, often dehumanizing, alien abductions that are tantamount to rape. But no one on this mailing list seems to hear what I'm about to debate.

Peelle may argue that the "Gray" race has managed to convince me that they are benevolent and might even stipulate that I'm being controlled to try to convince all of you that they are entities working in our best interest. I'm not trying to attack Peelle, but am merely debating her opinions. Peelle's particular line of thought, along with many others, is that the alien beings violate free will and therefore they cannot be benevolent.

They perform dozens of various medical experiments on us against our will; their approach during abduction often instills absolute shock and terror in us; they paralyze us, manipulate our memories, track us like animals (we are animals) throughout our entire life.

Imagine yourself a very young child, around two or three years of age. You're in a room with white walls, a table and a chair. Tall figures wearing white coats with shiny metallic objects wrapped around their necks are scurrying about. One of them approaches you, pulls out a long needle and stabs you. You cannot possibly comprehend that you're getting vaccinated and you're in a doctor's office. You only feel pain, fear, and confusion. Similarly, when someone is abducted, they only feel pain, fear and confusion. Even after, they are confused and often suffer some long term emotional pain. But you're not a child, you can think like an adult -- so that scenario shouldn't apply? Or should it?

Even if the aliens tried to explain themselves, tried to get your permission and cooperation, I'm sure there are some things you would outright refuse. How about letting them borrow your sperm or egg to create a hybrid alien/human? Would you agree to an anal probe? I doubt you'd let them stick a needle through your eye so they could implant a small device deep in your brain, would you? If these beings had to get your permission, you'd be sitting around the operation table with your lawyer negotiating the details of the experiment.

From the aliens' perspective, there are six billion human beings. What is personal distress to a handful of them? What if they don't view humans as individuals, but as organisms a part of a whole? A tree is a part of Earth, its trunk deeply rooted in Earth's dirt. All trees are a part of Earth. Trees and dirt ARE Earth. In fact, every thing on Earth is Earth. Why should humans be separate entities, somehow 'above' being a part of Earth? We are Earth.

But as we are a part of Earth, we're also destroying Earth. Look at us! Nuclear weapons of mass destruction, pollution, greenhouse, waste, overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, et cetera. We're systematically and efficiently killing Earth and therefore ourselves. It's as though humans make an effort to destroy Earth. We put nuclear waste deep into the Earth's crust, explode nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, dump toxic materials into the sea ... we manage to destroy every part of our ecosystem. We force other organisms into extinction while slashing and burning precious rain forest. We're a disease stricken, extremely hostile primitive fungus growing on Earth, depending on how you look at it. I'm not talking about the beauty of the individual, but as a whole, humans are children dirtying their sandbox.

Aliens might be interested in what makes the human so destructive. I really don't know what the aliens are doing to us, but I have hope that they are working in nature's best interest, the planet's best interest. Why should we put ourselves above every other organism on Earth? Is it better to let the human race continue along its present course? In fifty years almost all of our natural resources will be depleted. Nuclear warfare in fifty years also seems imminent, as third world countries arm themselves with nuclear power. Do you think aliens are going to passively sit by and watch a beautiful planet self-destruct because some organisms on it have a dispute? NO!

To all those who have been abducted, you may be shaking your heads at me. Would it surprise you if I told you I've been "abducted" ? I prefer that the aliens "brainwash" the experiences out of me. It's not important, I'd rather NOT remember it. I'm afraid of being abducted because I'm human. It's not wrong to be afraid. We generate our own fear. They're not making us "afraid" or "fearful" -- we're masters of our own emotions. Their experiments are not pleasant, but try to focus on the bigger picture.

You can either think the aliens are acting for the greater good or the greater evil. But I think human nature is the greater evil. The individual is beautiful. Love is beautiful. Art is beautiful. Many, many experiences in human nature are absolutely beautiful. What humans are doing to Earth -- that is the greater evil. Ultimately, you should consider both possibilities to the alien abduction phenomena. Nothing in history is ever completely one way or the other. The truth usually lies somewhere between two radical views. Likewise, the truth probably lies somewhere between the greater good and the greater evil scenarios. Consider this before rushing to judgment. Aliens may not be as evil, deceptive, manipulative and cold as most portray them.

2) CAUS replies:

You write that "You can either think the aliens are acting for the greater good or the greater evil."

No need to think. There is evidence that infers it is for something other than the greater good of humanity...though not necessarily a greater evil. The acts reported by abductees amount to crimes which, if committed by human perpetrators, would be prosecutable. ETs should respect our laws, separate and aside from whether humans respect their own laws. They are the '"enlightened: ones according to why aren't they acting with respect for our lifeform. And personally I do not care about the motivation of aliens. I alone will determine what's best for me....and not a lifeform which, by its very name, is presumably hostile. Trust is the key...and I see no reason to trust any alien lifeform that remains hidden in the darkness of the night. I see no respect by '"them" for us. Do you?

And what is the truth about alien kidnappers and alien serial rapists. Are they above our laws? What is their code of ethical behavior regarding other lifeforms? And we are not talking about history...we are talking about the now. People are reporting nonconsensual invasions of their home, their families and their bodies....and you want to find a benevolent explanation. I suggest that one should determine another lifeform's intent by its actions. Where have you learned that this type of behavior is benevolent? Abuse is abuse my friend. Why do you interpret another's experience for them and in a way that is inconsistent with the reported behavior of the perpetrators? It would appear that we have trouble enough interpreting own experiences, let alone thousands of other peoples.

You write that "Aliens may not be as evil, deceptive, manipulative and cold as most portray them." Well, then my friend, do they just act that way for some benevolent purpose?

3) R.T. responds:

I didn't think my posting would incite an offended response. You seemed to downplay my opinion in a multitude of rather demeaning statements. I support the CAUS, I was not trying to spread an anti-CAUS opinion. I've even donated money to CAUS and offered my programming expertise free of charge. To reiterate, this was not a personal attack on you or CAUS. This is an opinion, my friend. And let me further clarify my opinion, point by point. I take it my posting will not be forwarded to those on your mailing list and that you are painting a one sided picture to members of CAUS. This greatly disturbs me, as all opinions should be weighed in order for a clearer opinion to ultimately emerge. We're searching for truth, right?

I agree, ETs should respect our laws. But they don't and they never will. They have an objective, or several objectives, and those objectives will be met without regard to human laws or morals. I'm arguing: why would these creatures take such drastic measures unless it were absolutely necessary? Unless issues of morality and legality could be disregarded, would their venture ever succeed? They are the enlightened ones, yes -- that's exactly why we don't understand that what we perceive as pain and violations of free will are for our own good.

You may not care about the motivations of these aliens, but they don't care about what's best for you as an individual either. Why should they? If Earth as a whole is at stake, you are but one among billions. The law is a vehicle to minimize anarchy, maximize personal freedom and individuality, and create an environment in which all citizens can peacefully realize their potential as humans. What these aliens are doing, in secrecy and behind the shield of darkness, directly violates human rights, laws of ethics and morality. It's frightening, it's scary, it's a "necessary evil." Humans, relative to a mouse, are enlightened, are they not? When behavioral psychologists ingrain some 'learned behavior' in a mouse then physically destroy a portion of the mouse's brain to try to erase that learned behavior for the purpose of discovering the physical origin of memory -- we can safely assume that the mouse had no idea of the scientists' objective, and that the mouse was most likely experiencing fear, discomfort and pain. Abductees are the mouse. Their code of ethical behavior regarding other lifeforms is to preserve it at the cost of violating a fraction of a percentage of the lifeforms threatening other lifeforms.

We should be thankful that they erase our memories, that they come at times most convenient for us -- when we're sleeping and/or not in daily routine. You never hear about abductions from the workplace, do you? Or abductions during an important speech? I would say their timing is quite appropriate and least disruptive to our daily life.

First off, I'm not interpreting another's experience. I'm offering an opinion as to why that experience is taking place. I'm not saying it's not a horrific, terrifying experience -- it is. But I am saying it is necessary. The "reported behavior of the perpetrators" is subjective and biased. The reports are coming from the "victim." Is there a third party there viewing the situation, providing an objective, unbiased account of the encounter? The motives behind their behavior might justify their behavior.

But I still think the government should stop lying to the public that these alien encounters aren't occurring. They are interacting with us and its overwhelming obvious. My quarrel is with the government and not the aliens. This is why I support CAUS.

4) Several days later CAUS received the following e-mail from R.T.:

I've decided I don't want any of my statements published to your list. Please respect my wishes. You may be wondering why such a change of heart. The other night something happened, I felt scared and at that moment I reflected back on all the emails and bullshit I was sending you.. wondering how in the world I managed to believe that. I would've kept on believing it, had it not been for a renewed visit. I don't know if this makes sense to you. It does when you're scared shitless and totally helpless. You win! Congratulations. Thanks for an interesting debate.

I still think my debate had some validity, in that I argued the point as well as anyone could argue that point. Eventually the debate boiled down to a matter of belief systems -- and those belief systems were overturned when I was actually faced with the situation. Seeing an alien stand next to your bed, cold and callous, disrespectful of your free will, is the most terrifying experience one can endure. An alien race more advanced should be more aware; accompanying that awareness should be a greater sense of empathy and compassion. I saw none of it. I saw nothing but a reflection of my room in their black, glossy eyes.


R.T. granted CAUS permission to post the exchange as long as his identity is kept confidential. CAUS will forward any of your comments to him.

Have an enlightened Saturday and of the skies!



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