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Member Commentary Week--ET What Are Thee?

From e-mails CAUS has received concerning its dialog with R.T.(A Young Man's Confusion-CAUSupdate 5-29) it appears that a lively debate has begun...which CAUS will continue. So on this Monday, CAUS begins a week of Member Commentaries...ET What Are Thee?

1) writes:

This was one of the better CAUS Updates. I know I would enjoy talking with RT. His discourse with you about the Aliens is one of the more intelligent and reasoned I have seen so far. Until his last paragraph, in which he reversed himself, I was in total agreement with his analysis of the purpose of the Alien visitations. As much as I support CAUS (and I most emphatically DO), this nagging little voice keeps telling me that the Aliens cannot be all bad. RT's argument states it nicely. My main reason for being fully in support of CAUS is that maybe through it we can learn the truth. Whatever that truth may be, I believe we are entitled to know it. If the Aliens are committing crimes, they should be held accountable. There can be a distinction made between understanding a motive and agreeing with it. I remain unconvinced that the Aliens are evil. Just because I don't understand what they are doing or why, doesn't make them evil. I'm also not convinced that there is only one race of alien involved. It may well be that there are several races, some with more lofty ideals (by our standards) than others.

RT's final paragraph rather stunned me. I find it difficult to believe that he could carry on a well-reasoned correspondence with you over time, and then, suddenly, have one face-to-face meeting with a Gray Alien and do such a total about-face! Could it be that the Aliens don't WANT us to like them? Perhaps it offends their consciences to do experiments on a species that likes them (much as it pains us to have to do painful things to our pets, for their own good. How much easier it is to dislike what we hurt, or, at least, not to have any emotional baggage concerning it). Sounds to me as though RT was given something akin to a posthypnotic suggestion to argue against liking the Aliens!

I am not convinced at all that he really means it! I try to put myself in his place, and imagine what it is like to look into the cold black eyes of a Gray, and remember the experience consciously. I cannot. I do look at pictures of them, but mostly I feel neutral, or a kind of kinship with them. A part of me recoils in fear at the thought of getting up close and personal with one, but a harmless snake will give me that feeling, too. I do enjoy the debate on this subject, but until CAUS wins its battle, that is all we CAN do: debate. I'd like to believe we all want the same thing: truth.

2) writes:

You had an excellent debate which illustrated the viewpoint of two major camps of people on this planet in regard to the alien abduction abuse situation. If you'll allow me, I'd like to comment on this issue as well.

There are a number of assumptions here that don't jive with me. First, that by committing heinous acts to "a handful" of people on this planet (which by the way, has actually added up into the millions), that this somehow counteracts the global environmental problem. That doesn't make sense since these are two totally unrelated issues. The process of abducting people for various unethical means (like breeding, slavery and experimentation), often traumatizing them in the process, has no impact on ending the nuclear weapons threat, alleviating air pollution, or ending the coral reef "bleaching" problem that is killing off the oceans' food chain at its base.

Secondly, there is the assumption that the aliens abusing us are somehow designated to be "in charge" of this planet and its people. By what justification are they the ruling authority in this system? By their technology? I think not. Just because a group of humanoids have advanced space flight and energy based weapons capability does not automatically make them better, wiser, or more principled.

The crux of judging them then is not by their technology, but by their spirituality, or rather, their lack of it.

"Judge them by their fruits."

Not by their technology.

Eventually there is going to be a Rebellion against those forces that have abducted and abused people from this planet for thousands of years. In the Star Wars films, art imitates life. There really is an oppressive galactic empire and this planet will remain victimized by it until we can fight them off and become autonomous as a people.

"The first casualty of every war is the truth."

That Rebellion will not succeed (or more accurately: will continue to fail) through conventional military means since the Space Race aliens have a much greater technological prowess. The solution in defense must come from a source that the Space Races lack.

SOL Mysticism suggests that the ultimate solution in ousting hostile aliens from this system will come from individual rarefied spiritual development that will be fully actualized after one leaves the flesh and unites directly with the White Light of God; this is the only potential telekinetic military advantage that we have in defeating them.

Thank you both for your intelligent and well-thought out commentaries on the alien issue.

Keep Radiating That Spiritual White Light!

3) writes:

I enjoyed this debate, and appreciated both sides of the argument, with exception to the inferred statement that these alien beings are somehow "enlightened."

When the Spanish explorers came to the New World, they were technologically superior, but far from enlightened. Their sole purpose for exploration was based on GREED. And to this end, the let nothing/no one stand in their way. They too "implanted" their "subjects" with bacteria, killing thousands. They too committed assaults of a sexual nature upon them. And when they were thru, left the areas they had visited without so much as a thank you; just went back to their "ships" and hastily departed.

I see nothing whatsoever "enlightened" about such behavior. Just "different boys" with "better toys."

At least we pet our dogs and cats and try to console them as we take them for their "shots."

4) writes:

In answer to RT's post, I think this young person is very bright and makes a lot of sense. How many times as youngsters were we told: we are doing this for your own good and someday you'll thank us for this. We, the human race are being prepared for something and no one I know has a reasonable explanation as to what that is, or could it just be for our own good again. We need intervention here because we are in a self-destruct mode and I see no escape without direct intervention. We have to stop listening to the lies of Government and start paying attention to what is going on right over our heads. They will never tell us the truth because it would only expose more liars involved in the cover-up. As an abductee I would like to tell this person not to give up and to pursue the truth at all costs for this could make all the difference in the world as we know it for truth is stranger than fiction and I for one will stand by you in this search. Regards PS If you haven't supported the CAUS and you are reading this then please make a donation for the truth.

5) writes:

Thank you for allowing this dialog to be shared among the other members of CAUS. It gives words to the innate feelings that I and I'm sure, others have about the issues of Abduction and the government cover-up and possible duplicity. At first your arguments reminded me of a certain group active in ufology which believes in the ultimate good intentions of these visitors. A blind faith that supposes that since these visitors are so technologically advanced, ergo they must be advanced ethically and morally. Some in this group even choose to discount or discredit the abduction phenomena because, I suppose, it doesn't fit in with the image that they project onto the "benevolent" purpose of the ET presence. The bottom line is-we are not lab rats... (and maybe we don't need to treat lab rats the way we do anyway).

More Member Commentaries on this subject tomorrow.

Have a memorial Monday and of the skies!



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